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[Konohagakure, October 10, 11 PM…]

It was raining, and on October 10. Despite the foul weather, everyone was at the festival celebrating the death of the Kyuubi and the Yondaime Hokage…it was a happy sight, parents passing candies to their children, games were being played, so many things were going on that a bald and blindfolded old man with a thick mustache and short beard was not noticed in the crowd. So many things were assaulting the old man's senses that would have been pleasant…were it not for the fact that he knew something was also wrong about this picture. Being blind for so long had given him the ability to pinpoint very subtle details around him—a useful trait given the number of swords strapped to his back. Right now, under the mask of happiness and celebration, the old man heard the sounds of feet running around en masse—an angry mob was chasing what appeared to be a little boy around the streets of the village known as Konoha; and as of this moment, the old man knew where he had to go now…

Naruto had been running around town for the past few hours now. Being the target of so many attacks had made him an expert free-runner, and coupled with his inhuman stamina, he was practically uncatchable. The mob was starting to close in; as he looked behind him, he could notice the crowd was waving around a lot of weapons and torches…and it would seem that life really hated him at this point because this time there were ninja in the mob, throwing kunai and shuriken at him. Thankfully, all these attacks have also trained his reflexes, and so he was able to dodge everything thrown at him in mid-step.

It was here that he found himself turning into an alley—yeah, it was clear that life really hated him now, due to the fact that the alley ran into a dead-end. Once he turned, he only saw the futility of running. The mob was closing in…and there was nowhere to go. It was here that he slowly started backing up out of fear…before he accidentally stepped on a can and fell on his back. And then, hell had begun as the crowd rushed on in, and began its onslaught, stomping on him, some members of the crowd even went so far as to punch him in the face. He managed to muster up the strength through the pounding to let out an anguished: "What did I do?" Even through the beating, he could hear what they were saying very clearly.







And this was among the clearest sentences he could hear. Naruto tried to crawl away, but someone threw a sword at his left shoulder, severing the deltoid muscle and the humerus at the ball joint, followed by several kunai and shuriken penetrating his arms and legs to ensure he did not escape. The crowd moved out of the way for one the ninja among them to drag him out. The look of utter hatred in their eyes was clear as one of the ninja pulled the sword out slowly, causing him more pain, saying "To hell with my brother…I'm doing what's right for Tenten whether he likes it or not!" before he cut off Naruto's left arm. Another ninja then held a kunai against his throat. "This is more than you deserve for killing my girlfriend you monster!" Upon finishing that sentence, the ninja dug the kunai into the boy's neck to penetrate the jugular vein. He then watched with glee as the demon started bleeding to death due to openings in his jugular and subclavian arteries…

The old man was horrified at what he sensed…true, the boy's body housed a demon within, but that did not mean that he was the demon incarnate. Before he could think anymore on his anger at these ignorant people for killing and mutilating an innocent child, he felt something pulse from the body. No, it couldn't be…but then again, it was worth it just to see if what he was sensing was true…

[Naruto's Mindscape…]

Deep within Naruto's mindscape, one would feel as if they were in a sewage system given the darkness surrounding them and the pipes crisscrossing the ceiling and the walls. That was what was going through Naruto's mind as he examined his surroundings…his exploration was cut short as he heard the sound of chuckling down the corridor of the sewer. He followed it to the L-junction and turned left to find the source of the laughing. It was here that he turned and found himself looking at a dead end with a large cage to the left.

Naruto looked at the doors of the cage, and found that they were held in place with a single slip of paper that said 'seal' in kanji, and he heard the sound of breathing heavy in the air. "You kit, come closer," said the voice, the silky smooth texture of it compelling him to take one cautious step towards the cage, "closer…" The second he took another step, this took him a few inches to the front of the cage; it was then that he noticed that it had become dead quiet…before the sound of his screaming filled the air as a naked arm shot out from between the bars of the cage, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, and pulling him off his feet and into the darkness, all in the span of about two seconds.

The second he felt that the hand had let him go, Naruto felt himself fall flat on his stomach. As he started to let himself up, he noted that there was nothing around…all he saw was black…black…in all directions, he could see nothing but black as far as the eye can see. His adrenaline rush had not yet subsided after the arm pulled him into this darkness, and he could feel it spike even higher as he heard laughter come out of nowhere. Out of fear, he could not help but let out a nervous "Hello?"

Once he calmed down a bit, he began to analyze his situation…and the person that was laughing. It was clear that the voice was female, and yet it had a silky texture to it…as if her voice and the voice he heard before were one and the same—the latter being of a lower pitch of course. As he thought back to the arm that grabbed him, he noted that it was thin and muscular…containing a large amount of hidden power, and yet it also looked dainty…almost as if it belonged to a…

"I was wondering when you'd show up," said the voice, causing Naruto to look around and find the source of that scary, yet sultry voice, "although I was hoping you'd come and see me at a less troubling time than this, but it's good to see you all the same." The adrenaline pumping through his blood was running on overtime. He was utterly terrified of that voice, and yet he was also drawn to it even more as he tried to find the person whose voice that belonged to. Before long, he felt and heard something tear his shirt off from behind, causing him to look around for the perpetrator. Next thing he knew, something ripped it out from in front, revealing his malnourished body…now he was getting really scared. Once the adrenaline was at its peak, he saw a pair of arms wrap around him…one arm snaked from under his right armpit and grabbed his mouth, the other running the hand down his stomach and both pulling him backwards into something soft squeezing against his upper back as it pressed him against something firm and hard, causing him to turn red enough to put tomatoes to shame. Yes, this was most definitely a woman, and a very strong one at that, especially given the voice that let out a throaty sound of pleasure as he was gently pressed into the chest and stomach muscles of this woman…and apparently, judging by how smooth the surface was that he was touching, this was a very much naked woman if her large breasts were any indication. He was just plain terrified…that a woman like this would even be here as her breath was brushing against his ear—terrifying, and yet hot at the same time. "P-please don't hurt me…I'll do anything…just don't hurt me…"

"You need not worry about me kit, I mean you no harm," she said after moving her mouth closer to his ear, letting the words riding on her breath overload his senses, as they grazed the surface, "In fact, I think you need to get a well-deserved rest right about now, I'll explain everything later…when you're here on your own terms…"

Before he could ask any more questions, Naruto felt as the woman began to caress him from behind—running her hand up and down his stomach while the other one let go of his mouth to push his head gently to see the face of the woman that was touching him; this was an image of beauty he would never forget…her head was heart-shaped, and her face had high cheekbones, and her long hair was the color of fresh blood and her savage-looking eyes were of a brighter shade of red. All thoughts were thrown out the window as he watched this feral beauty slowly lick the tears of terror off his whisker-shaped birthmarks. He never did understand why it always hurt more when he was slapped on the cheeks, neither did he understand why it felt good when somebody stroked them—that weird white-eyed girl seemed to like touching them, and for some reason, she seemed to know to be extra gentle with them. It was then that he started feeling the hand on his stomach wander downwards and stroke him in his nether-regions while she moved quickly from licking his cheek to outright kissing him…something about her and the way she touched him seemed to comfort him…the way she kissed made him feel safe…it made him feel sleepy…

As he slept, the woman gazed upon his body. She was disgusted at the people of this village…their beloved Yondaime Hokage had asked one thing of them; ONE THING! And what did they do? They spit on his sacrifice, and the sacrifice of his wife! Her last container! How dare they do this to him! Well now that the boy was resting, she could now get a little taste of freedom to satisfy her craving for it…and while she's at it, she may as well get some vengeance. But now that the kit was dead, she had only one option to take control of his body and save his life—she never wanted to do it, as a matter of fact, she absolutely refused to do it. But all things considered, she may not have any other choice but to bring the curse upon him to ensure his survival and to punish these ignorant humans…

"I hope you can forgive me for this later kit, but there was no other choice. I refuse to let you die my love, and I absolutely refuse to let those fools get away with what they did to you…and the second I have my freedom, your beloved jii-san and I will be having words…"

[Real World…]

The mob was celebrating…they had finally killed the demon brat! Now they could really celebrate! Now they could really say to themselves that the Yondaime's work was done! Even the ninja responsible for the brat's death could not help but smile…up until they felt something…and then they turned and saw something they never thought they'd see: the demon brat was getting back up even after all the things they did…and even stranger still, he moaned in pain after a few seconds of managing to stand back up. What made everyone almost empty their stomachs in disgust was the fact that the moans of pain had ended as the demon brat had sprouted a new arm from the stump. This arm was a solid and bloody red and humanoid with five fingers tipped with razor-sharp claws, but the redness started soon started to expand all over the demon boy's body as his eyes starting to glow red. To add to his fearsome appearance, Naruto also started growing fangs from his mouth as his appearance made him look like a wild beast, as his whisker marks started to deepen in both color and intensity. He then looked at his hands as if inspecting something…what they heard coming from his mouth would haunt them for the rest of their lives, as instead of a boy's voice they were hearing, it was a woman's.

"Interesting…I feel so light in this body…as if I were a leaf on the wind, allowing those beneath me to watch how I soar." Before the boy could muse any further on his thoughts, he dodged a downward slash from the ninja swordsman, and used the momentum of spinning around to smash his fist in the occipital bone of his skull. Whether it was fortunate, or unfortunate that the man's death was so quick and simple, the other ninja in the group didn't know…but what they did know was if that punch didn't kill him, then the floor would have splattered his skull like a rotten melon given the momentum that getting hit in that area in the right time would have added. The remaining ninja were frightened by the turn of events…this was Higurashi Manten, a jounin ninja that was known for his top-tier skills in kenjutsu and the brother of Higurashi Hiten, one of the demon-lovers apparently.

Their attentions were then turned to the demon boy as he picked up the katana that Manten tried to kill him with to inspect the blade. He then gave a few test swings with his right arm, and nodded in approval to the blade. The voice coming from the demon's mouth would have caused some bloody noses to the perverts in the group…were it not for the fact that the demon brat owned that voice, and it didn't help the creepiness factor that there was a fanged grin on the boy's face as he looked at the crowd. "Show me what you've got."

The rest of the ninja shook off their fear, as their leader turned to face them. "Steel yourselves men! We outnumber the brat…I guarantee you, that demon dies toni…" before he could finish that sentence, the leading ninja felt a blade pierce his spine at section T6, and then penetrate his heart before his dying body was dragged down and back, and then kicked forward off the blade. At this point, the other ninja who were chuunin were very disturbed by the sight of the demon brat slowly licking the blood sprayed on his lips, and readied themselves to kill the demon boy before he could attack again; holding kunai at the ready to stab and slash as they charged into him—the fox demon's response was the blade turning a vile purple before he spun around, and brought the blade down from right to left mid-swing. During the attack, an image of a skull-like visage appeared before the ninja, before noticing the demon brat's disappearance. Once they started looking around, they found that their attention was caught by a whistle, and the demon brat was right behind the mob.

The voice was teasing…talking down the Konoha ninja as if it were superior. "If that's the best that Konoha can do to kill a so-called 'demon', then you're already doomed. As to the rest of you idiotic ninja that are still here, I wouldn't bother persisting…I've already killed you."

The rest of the chuunin heard that, and were angered by the words…and that was the last emotion they felt as they finally realized the truth in the demon's words the hard way. One by one, each ninja fell to the ground dead, apparently having been cut by an ultra-sharp blade as they all fell to the ground in two pieces. The crowd of civilians that was left behind was beyond scared now…this wasn't supposed to happen! The demon brat was supposed to die tonight! Not come back to life and get stronger! They needed to run before…"What's the matter? Didn't one of you something about 'finishing what the Yondaime started'? Well here's your chance to actually finish the job!"

At this point, the crowd had started to lose its nerve, and began to disperse until they were pushed into the alley by an unseen force after the demon brat shot a fist into the air. "Nuh-uh! I don't think so! None of you morons are going anywhere until one of you kills me! What, you all thought that I wouldn't know that you'd beat an innocent child to get to me? You're all a bunch of stupid, hypocritical pussies you know that? So who's the first victim?"

"That's enough now!" The voice that spoke from behind was very firm and wizened. Oh, the demon knew who that voice belonged to. "Stay out of this old man, these people have been asking for it for a while now, and I'm pretty sure you have a general idea of what's happening." The old man behind her simply shrugged. "I have a general idea of what's going on with the boy…and I know what you are exactly. For a demon queen such as yourself, you are very powerful, especially given your lineage."

"I'd rather you didn't refer to daddy-dearest anywhere near me old man, unless you want to see how much of him is in me. Anyway, those idiots have had it coming…and I intend to bring that punishment here and now for what they did to the boy."

The old man knew of her lineage…and to be honest, he couldn't blame her. The demon Kazan, or the Juubi as he was known in these parts, was not exactly a friendly demon…nor was he the kind and gentle sort, and that his 'children' all had resentment towards him. He also knew that this much violence would've drawn in more ninja by. It was then that GSD moved closer to whisper in the possessed boy's ear. "I know that, but if you want to make sure the boy stays in the Hokage's good graces, I would recommend that you relinquish control of his body back to him now—he's on his way. Don't worry, I'll have words with him while you're out, but in the meantime, I would recommend you allow the boy's body to rest—I understand why you did what you did, but you and I both know what would happen if an untrained body were to have sustained activity without a limiter."

It was then that the possessed boy realized the truth in the old man's words, and what needed to be done. Then he sighed. "Fine, but you make sure that while I speak with the boy, you talk to that stupid old man about getting him out of here. And if you intend to train him, you'd better take damn good care of him, are we clear?" Those were the demon's last words before the boy's skin tone began to change back to normal except for his left arm, which remained red and tipped in claws.

Before long, the Hokage appeared with several ANBU ready. As he looked at the scene before him, he was sickened at the deaths of several ninja, and the fact that yet again, civilians took advantage of the fact that he was busiest at this time to abuse Naruto. His answer to the situation was clear: "Hebi, take Naruto to the hospital and make sure that Dr. Hazama knows of what happened. The rest of you, take the rest of these civilians to Ibiki."

The ninja all let out their words of affirmation, and disappeared to do their jobs. "I suppose you are Sarutobi Hiruzen?" Hiruzen had heard, and looked behind to see a blindfolded old man in a dark cloak behind him. "Who wants to know?"

"I'd like to have words with you about the boy that your ninja just took to the hospital."

"Really? And who are you to ask?"

"Let's just say that I'm an interested party in the boy's welfare."

As he sensed the aura of the man before him, Hiruzen could see that he meant no harm whatsoever. He simply let out a sigh of relief. "Very well then, we'll talk in my office."

[Sarutobi Hiruzen's Office, Hokage tower…half an hour later…]

"So, we're finally in my office," began Hiruzen as he sat down behind his desk, "may I ask what you wanted to speak to me about in regards to young Naruto?"

"I'd like to take the boy with me on my travels," began the blind old man, as he sat down in the chair across from Hiruzen, "I figured it would do him some good to be out of this place for a while."

The look of skepticism was every bit as clear on Hiruzen's face as it was in his voice. "I appreciate the thought sir, but I don't think it would be a good idea that the boy leave the village mister…"

"Ah, yes, I must apologize for my lack of manners…to be honest it's been so long that I've been with other people that I've forgotten my name. I am known in some circles as GSD. But before we begin, I'd like for all eavesdroppers to leave the room…"

Hiruzen was surprised…for this old man to be able to sense his ANBU bodyguards, he must not be a small fish in this world. With that, the Hokage raised a hand, and made a gesture to all the ANBU in hiding to leave, causing four of them to materialize out of nowhere and leave, making sure to place a privacy seal on the door on their way out. "Very good, and you might want to let the gentleman outside the window in on this as well, as I have a feeling that this concerns him as well."

Oh he knew what he meant—but that didn't make him any less surprised. The man that GSD spoke of was very good at hiding after all. Hiruzen simply turned to the window with a sigh. "Well Jiraya, you heard the man, come on in." Upon hearing this, the man called Jiraya walked in from the window with a suspicious look on his face. Oh he has heard that name before…and Hiruzen made sure to ask him about it later.

GSD cleared his throat, and settled back down. "Now then, let us begin. I say that it would be a good idea that young Naruto leave on a journey with me to the outside world. From what I understand in my short time here in this village, the boy is not exactly loved…and I can sense your hesitance in this matter. Perhaps you can clarify to me as to why it is that you don't wish for the boy to leave?"

"The boy belongs here GSD," began Hiruzen, "that is all there is to it."

The blind man gave a slight smirk at that…as if he knew something. "Oh, and I suppose it doesn't have to do with the fact that the boy carries the Kyuubi no Kitsune inside his body?" Both the Hokage and the Sannin turned their heads to face GSD so fast, their necks almost broke from the force. "Don't be so surprised. I've noticed he was different from the idiots that tried to kill him—something I was able to deduce from being blind and able to sense chakra networks. I was able to speak to her and make her put young Naruto to sleep before she did any more damage using his body."

The looks on the two mens' faces was of clear shock. It was already bad enough that a secret of Konoha was seen through by a blind man, but to know that the Kyuubi was a woman really took the cake. It was then that Hiruzen regained his composure and began to speak. "Since you know, I don't think we can…"

"I'm not a fool. I know the consequences of revealing the fact that the boy is a Jinchuuriki, and I'm not aiming to do such a thing. But tell me, why make the boy's life an utter and unspeakable hell by telling the villagers about the sealing in the first place? Why keep him here when he could be doing so much better outside in the real world at the moment? He is after all, an ordinary boy, is he not?"

Jiraya took offense to the blind man's last sentence, and barely held himself back at that jab. GSD simply smirked, before he continued. "Judging from the reaction of your colleague, I'd say that the boy is far from ordinary then…but then again, this is an opportunity. You claim that young Naruto belongs here, but I've seen evidence tonight that says otherwise. If he is that important to you, then why have you not taken extra measures to protect him?"

Hiruzen was nearing the brim with guilt…he knew he should have taken extra measures. But all the same, it didn't help that he knew that GSD was right. "If I did, then it would've been seen as an act of favoritism…I've tried to do everything I could for the boy, but I can't seem to do everything. The civilian council overrides all my decisions…as it is, if it weren't for some of the elders and the majority of the shinobi council, he would have died the day he was born."

With a sigh, GSD knew that Hiruzen was an old man…true, even if that were the case, he should have done more to protect the boy. Nonetheless, he was adamant about his decision. "Then allow me to take the boy with me on my travels. During that time, I will be training him myself in my art. You get to set the limitations, seeing how much he really means to you."

The old Hokage still had his doubts, and was about to voice them when he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Sensei, I think it would be good for the gaki. If this man is who I think he is, then I think Naruto would be better off being out of the village for a while…at least until he has to participate in the academy." Even though the doubts were still there, Hiruzen could still hear the truth in his student's words. He'd seen Naruto's situation, and considered to himself how many times he'd been asked who his parents were…how often he had to watch Naruto end up in the hospital covered in many scars, asking why the people did this to him…so many things he could have done for young Naruto, and did not follow through. His answer was clear now.

"You can take Naruto on your travels…but under one condition: he is to be returned to Konoha by the time he is twelve years of age to enroll in the Ninja Academy. It was his father's last wish that he be a ninja of Konoha—I may have failed in his request that he be seen as a hero, but I refuse to fail him again in that respect."

GSD let out a light chuckle. Oh, he was liking this arrangement even more. "So I will be teaching the son of the Yondaime Hokage? Then it will be all the more interesting to have him as a student…and before you ask any further, I had simply put two and two together from what I've learned so far. We have an accord…I will return him to Konoha stronger than ever by the time he is twelve years old. There is no need to guide me to the hospital; I can sense the boy's chakra from here." With that, GSD got up and turned to the door.

When he was sure the older man was out of earshot, Hiruzen turned to his student…the question he had on his mind was clear in both his face and his eyes. Jiraya sighed and turned to his former sensei. "I've only heard rumors…I had doubts about their validity, but a small part of me has always believed in the possibility they may have been true. These rumors spoke of a blind old man walking around in the Shinobi Nations with a demonic arm. Nobody knows of his past, but what is known about him is that the man was practically a master swordsman…possibly even a grandmaster at the very least. Due to his old age, his skill, and his wise words, it is said that he taught his techniques to the original Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and several sages in Kumo among other students in the world—they even say Mifune of Tetsu no Kuni learned a few tricks from him. There was nothing that even my spy network had been able to find out about that old man that has been confirmed outside of the rumors surrounding him, nor was it understood why he was constantly travelling, but they did get a name from a few bandits that barely survived an ill-fated attempt to rob him; they said that the old man told them to call him 'GSD'."

The look of bemusement was on Hiruzen's face as he looked back at the stack of paperwork he had been forced to work on. It was as if on Naruto's birthday, they were at their largest—likely those were requests to have the 'demon brat' executed or exiled. Well, if they wanted Naruto gone, then they got their wish for now. And when he gets back, the villagers would think twice before trying to kill Naruto again. Speaking of whom, he also had to see Dr. Hazama about his favorite grandson-figure. Afterwards, he had several things to do…such as talking to Higurashi Hiten about what his brother did, and his fate. He could only imagine as to the look on young Tenten's face when she learns that her uncle died because he was being stupid.

[Konoha General Hospital, 8:13 AM…]

Naruto had awakened to the color of white everywhere…oh he knew where he was. He'd been to this place more times than he could count, and he could only hope that Hazama-sensei was the one treating him. As he sat up, he began to inspect his surroundings even more. He then had flashes of what had happened last night—blood, death, his arm turning red and demonic…yes, that was all he remembered. He simply lifted his left arm up to rub his sinuses from the migrane when he noticed that it had changed color…and that his hand was tipped in claws. Perhaps what he saw was not a vision after all…"I wouldn't make any noise now," said a voice near him, causing Naruto to yelp in surprise, "it is rude to disturb people when they are sleeping."

Once he found the owner of the voice, Naruto found himself looking at an old man with an x-shaped blindfold sitting in the chair next to his hospital bed. Sure enough, next to him was that weird girl from that clan with the white eyes sitting next to the ANBU Hebi that had always helped him out along with Tora. He then turned to the old man with a determined look to protect the two of them if he had to. As if sensing this, the old man continued: "They're fine; they were asleep by the time I got here. But you, young man…are coming with me the second you get better."


"Because I've just received express permission from the Hokage to take you with me on my travels as my student. Truth be told, I was there that night you were injured. I know what you did then was in self-defense, but you need to get stronger to control it. That's why I asked the Hokage to train you."

Naruto had thought about it…there was no lie in the man's voice—no malice, no false sincerity…just the intent to help someone. As he continued to sit in the hospital bed, he also thought about Hebi…thought about Inu, the Ichiraku's, and the old man…he even thought about the weird girl with the white eyes that was always following him…these were people he was willing to defend. His answer was clear.

"I'll go."

The old man simply grinned. "Very well then, we leave as soon as you recover. But you must promise me, that whatever I teach you, unless it is on a mission, never use what I teach you outside of self-defense and to defend those precious to you. Am I understood?" At Naruto's nod of acknowledgement, the old man reached out, and tousled the boy on the head. "Then rest up. You'll need all your strength."

[The Gates of Konoha, 1:00 PM…]

GSD sat by the gates in meditation as he awaited Naruto's arrival…contemplating on how to begin the young boy's training. There were different paths a slayer could take, but wondered which one Naruto would follow. Before long, he heard the steps of someone walking up to him. He knew from the chakra signature who this was. "Are you ready boy?"

"I'm ready to go, dattebayo!"

Upon hearing the boy's spirit return, GSD stood back up and turned around. "Then let's not waste any time. I have much to teach, and we've a very long road ahead…" As the two of them walked out the gates of the village, neither Naruto nor GSD had noticed a pair of white eyes watching from behind a building overlooking the gates…as one Hinata Hyuuga cried a silent farewell for the young Uzumaki.

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Slayer Techniques Used:


Ghost Slash—Soul Bender

Ghost Step—Soul Bender

Wave Radiation—Asura

Songs Used:

"Splash" by Daisuke Ishiwatari from "Blazblue: Continuum Shift"—Naruto getting chased around

"Nine-tailed Demon Fox" by Toshiro Masuda from "Naruto"—meeting Kyuubi

"Bad Situation" by Toshiro Masuda from "Naruto"—Kyuubi counterattacks

"Departure" by Noriyuki Asakura from "Rurouni Kenshin"—Naruto leaves with GSD