Hello I am Cairo341. I am the monitor and advisor to Inika. A Human/Dragon hybrid created by

advance science. But I am getting of topic. I am sending you my reports on Inika from me observations

and from reading Inika's book that is owned by the Chronicler Igniters. These reports are about events

that will take place in your kind's future. The first few reports will take place in the summer of the year


Spyro and Cynder had saved the planet from tearing itself apart and heaving some time just trying

to be normal. But that was hard for the both of them. Spyro was having to keep an eye out

everywhere he went for his fans. Cynder also was also having to keep an eye out for fans and people

who still view her as the Terror of the Sky's but more of fans than anything else. But there adventure

was not over. When Spyro made the world whole again he unintentionally caused the release of very

dangers beings. _

: In a hidden location:

A machine activates its fail safe. Sensing the release of the beings it was created to watch over. It does

everything it can to recapture its prisoners. But its program was corrupted and all turrets were

damaged. It watches helplessly as the prisoners all escape. A signal is sent out of what has happened

along with a list of all the escapees. _

: At another hidden location:

: Signal received. Accessing data. Analyzing. ….

: Accessing Data.

: Analyzing….

: Analysis Complete.

: Activating Project Redeemer.

The computer searches through all its record on humans to find one suitable for Project Redeemer. It

comes across an old missing persons report from around the beginning of the 21st century. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Jonathan Andrew Wilson (AKA Drew Wilson)

Age: 19

Weight: 120-130 pounds

Height: 5 ft., 6 in.

Gender: Male

Description: White skin, Brown hair, hazel eyes, wears glasses.

Last seen wearing a gray shirt with the words growing old is mandatory growing up is optional and blue

jeans and a bracelet with a claw on his lower right arm, on his upper right arm is a tattoo of a gold

dragon. He was out riding his bike returning books to the local public library. He has autism so if

anyone finds him there are advices to be careful.

Side notes: The parents said that in the days leading up to Jonathan's disappearance he was acting

strange and spending a lot of time in the basement on their laptop. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The computer did a more thorough search on Jonathan and found his birth certificate along with his

records. Jonathan hardly ever used his real name he mostly went by Drew. Drew was just your average

21st century 19 year old on the surface, but when the computer went into his medical records there was

a genetic anomaly in his DNA. The anomaly didn't effect Drew in any way but it was huge for the

computer. It started to copartner the genetic anomaly to others on record. What it found was startling.

The anomaly in Drew was higher than any on record. As lest a hundred times higher than the highest on

record. Based on what it found it chose Drew to be the subject for Project Redeemer. It was preparing

the time portal to acquire Drew time location. It got a lock and was now trying to find a way to lore

Drew into the time portal. The computer did another search and found something of interest. There

was a game that was made in the 21st century depicting events than had recently happened. Base on

that it sent a drone with the time portal device to the location of the two charters from the game to

help lore Drew in. It then sent a signal out to one of the two moons now orbiting around Earth.

: Inside the moon:

"Sir I am receiving a signal from one of our out-post on Earth." Said a female as the signal was coming

through. "My God. Sir Project Redeemer has been activated." "Can you confirm that?" Ask the females

supervisor. "Yes sir Project Redeemers activating code has been activate." Her supervisor came over

and checks to see if this was the real deal. He and the rest of the human race know about Project

Redeemer and he hoped that what he was hearing from his signal spec was not true. But it was. Right

there in front of him was the classified code for Project Redeemer. "I'll alert the General." He said and

walked to the Generals office. When he got there he knocks on the Generals door before going in and

hoped she was in a good mode. The last person to report bad news was ship out to Pluto and they were

now scrubbing toilets for a living. "Jordan I hope this is importance." The General stated. "Ma'am.

Project Redeemer has been activated." The General was silent. She had read the file on Project

Redeemer and knew all the work that want in to it. "Do we know who the subject is?" She asks. "Yes.

The subjects name is Jonathan Andrew Wilson but he goes by Drew Wilson more than anything." Jordan

said. "Good return to you post. That will be all." As Jordan was walking out the General activated her

terminal. She looked at all that they had on Drew and found that he was one of her ancestors. "So

Drew we are related to each other. What else is the same about us I wonder?" _

: Drone carrying time portal device:

: Approaching the targets.

: Engaging cloak.

The drone was approaching the city of Warfang and activating it cloak to hide itself from the view of the

local inhabitants but it still stayed away from all major flows of traffic. It did not want to be found

because someone bumped into it. In its hands was the time portal device set for the time location of

Drew. The targets it was after were Spyro and Cynder. From the sensors in itself it was able to locate

then. But was a problem. Spyro and Cynder were not close enough to each other. They were in the

same building but in different parts of it. There were also different beings there in what the drone was

guessing to be a school. So it waited for when they were close enough to activate the time portal.

While it was waiting it used another one of its sensors to find the best place to intercept them. Based

on the electrical imprints the best place was in another building. The building was used as the targets

home along with other dragons that were older them and as a place where the locals could come to

discuss ways to help better their lives. But that was all in relevant to the drone all it was concern about

was how to get Spyro and Cynder in the time portal. It sense Spyro and Cynder were leaving the school

and heading through the city to their home. It followed then from above them so it would not loss

them. They eventually at their home and went inside. The drone track then by their electrical aura as it

tried to find another way in. It found an opened window and went inside to find then with the other

older dragons. They were all gather around a table eating. _ "So how was school to you today young dragons?" ask one of the older dragons. His color was green

on most of his body. On his head were two horns that curled back and down that along with the scales

on his chest and wings were a light brown and on the end of his tail was a mace that was the death of

many lives. This dragons name was Terrador and he was the Guardian of the Earth element. "The same

as always Terrador. Some of the classes I get and the rest I don't." Said one of the drone's targets. "I

agree with Spyro. Like with combat we get and element training." Said the other dragon the drone was

targeting. "All the classes are all importance Spyro and Cynder. Who knows what you will face if you

are not prepared for it. Why I remember one time I was ask to –"said a yellow dragon but was

interrupted by something hitting his head. "I don't think they want to hear your continuous babbling

Volteer. I think they were just saying how there under appreciate some of their classes." Said a light

blue dragon. He name was Cyril Guardian of Ice and the yellow dragon was Volteer Guardian of

Electricity. "I know that Cyril. I was telling them when I was asked to help explain how the war with the

apes was started before Malefor joined them." And he and Cyril want to have another one of their

argents they have a few times a week. "I still don't get how they find things to argue about. They sound

like an old married couple." Said a yellow dragonfly named Sparks. Spyro, Cynder, Sparks and Terrador

ignored then as they finished their meal and left Cyril and Volteer. "I have some things to take care of

I'll see you two after I am finished." Said Terrador as he walked under the drone. "Cynder you up for a

little sparing?" ask Spyro. "Want to make up for your embarrassment last time." Said Cynder. "That

was just luck." Said Spyro. "That was not luck and you know it." As Spyro and Cynder was talking about

their sparing match from when they last time the drone moved in to position to activate the time


: Moving to acquire targets.

The drone positioned itself in the path that Spyro and Cynder would have to take to get to the sparing


: Setting time anchors.

The drone silently fired the time anchors from the time device to stabilize the time portal and anchor

this side of the portal.

: Targets approaching.

"Let's go and see who is right." Said Cynder. "I couldn't agree more." Said Spyro and they went to the

sparing chamber to see who was better. They then walked closer and closer to the drone and the time



The drone activated the portal and Spyro and Cynder were sucked in to the portal and as they were

going through the drone fired a small silver device on Spyro.

: Time portal locater fired.