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Chapter 13

Harry wandered through the halls of the school/mansion. As usually, his night was interrupted by nightmares of abusive relatives, an evil megalomaniac, and death.

Luckily, he hadn't had any dreams that showed him what Voldemort was doing, but all the same, his past haunted him.

He had woken up at five that morning from a nightmare he did not wish to relive. Harry knew that no matter how hard he tried he would not be able to fall back asleep. Instead of fighting a hopeless cause, he decided to explore a bit.

He stayed out of the basement, the stuff down there was cool and all, but it reminded him that even in his sanctuary, the threat of battle loomed.

Logan had explained to Harry about the x-men and their adventures. Logan also explained to Harry how Magneto seemed to hold to the same principles that Voldemort did. Except that Magneto wouldn't kill other mutants, Voldemort did not hesitate to kill other witches and wizards. Harry prayed to every God and Goddess he could think of that Magneto and Voldemort would not meet.

Harry's early morning musings were interrupted by the sound of a piano. The music was so soothing that before he knew what he was doing, he took off down the hall towards the music. He continued down the hall and until he came to a small room. The door was open and he slowly looked inside. There sitting on the bench in front of a grand piano was that green kid from a few days ago. Anole.

He was so focused that Harry was sure nothing would disturb him. Either way he was careful not to make a sound.

"Beautiful isn't it." he heard a voice to his left say.

Harry jumped and turned towards the voice. He visibly relaxed when he knew the owner of the voice.

"Hey J" he said quietly not wanting to disturb the beautiful music.

The other young man moved to stand by Harry and watch Anole thorough the doorway.

"He does this every morning. He doesn't sleep very well and this helps him relax."

Harry looked over at J. "Do you sleep?"

J shifted around. "Well he is my friend and I like to check on him and see if he is okay."

"And that involves you getting up at 5 in the morning to follow him?"


Harry smiled, "I'm just giving you a hard time."

The conversation trailed off and the two boys stood in silence listening to Anole's beautiful music. Harry glanced over at J and caught him staring at Anole with a strange expression.

"Oh I get it." Harry said suddenly

"Get what?" J said but he was still looking at Anole.

"You like him."

J's eyes widened and he turned to Harry.

"Wha-what makes you say that?"

Harry grinned up at J. "It's like you said yesterday. I know that look. Apparently it wasn't because of your sisters that you knew that look from, you knew it from personal experience."

"I don't know what you're talking about." J said quietly and unconvincingly.

Harry just smiled. "You should talk to him. There's always the possibility that he likes you too. You'll never know until you tell him."

And with that, Harry turned and walked off down the corridor.

Harry wandered aimlessly until he found himself outside. He always seemed to end up outside but he figured that it probably had something to do with his new creature status. Arawn had told him how the Cwn Annwn tend to claustrophobic and prefer the open air.

A soft footstep behind him pulled him out of his thoughts. As a natural response, he sniffed the air to figure out if the noise came from something threatening. However, when he determined the owner of the scent he smiled and turned around.

"Hey." Harry said tilting his head up to look on Logan's face

"Good morning." Logan said moving forward and gently kissing Harry on the lips.

"How long have you been up?" Logan asked.

"A while."

Logan frowned. "You need sleep."

"I don't sleep very well. My nightmares make sure of that."

Logan pulled Harry close and hugged him. Harry wrapped his arms around Logan and leaned into his chest. The warmth of Logan's arms and the steady heartbeat from Logan's chest comforted him.

"Professor Xavier wanted to see you and your friends."

Harry nodded. "Did you tell him?"

"Not really. I just told him that you and your friends had something important to tell him."

"I should probably go wake up Luna and Hermione."

Logan gently kissed him. "I still have classes to teach."

Harry frowned a little bit and pressed his lips against Logan's. "I'll see you after."

Logan's eyes followed Harry as he walked back into the school. Logan felt a kind of emptiness as he watched Harry walk away.

Honestly, this was a strange feeling for Logan, this complete devotion and unending feeling of love for another person. He had been on his own for so long, he wasn't perfect and he definitely knew that Harry deserved so much more. Yet for some strange reason their soul choose each other and now Logan was blessed with such a kind and loving person to spend the rest of eternity with.

As Harry got to the door to the building, he turned to look at Logan. His mate. Harry would never tire of that word. He finally had someone to love and care for him. He had someone that would never hurt him and never abandon him. His mate could have his pick of any woman, or man, this world had to offer. And when this was just forced on to him, he didn't have to accept. But for some reason he choose to accept the bond and choose Harry.

Across the yard, green eyes met brown. Harry smiled lovingly at Logan, gave him a small wave and then disappeared into the building.

Harry made his way through the halls to Luna and Hermione's room. He knocked and waited. Nothing. He knocked and again nothing. After the third knock, Harry just decided to enter the room on his own.

The covers had been thrown off the bed sometime in the middle of the night and Luna and Hermione had migrated into the middle of the bed and were sleeping curled up together, for warmth of something.

Harry walked over to Hermione's side.

"'Mione." He poked her face. "Mione"

Hermione shuffled away from his hands and mumbled something.

"You have to get up." He touched her shoulder and shook her again.

"Fine." Hermione grumbled and didn't move.

Switching to a different tactic Harry went to Luna's side and started poking her.

Luna stirred and turned to look at Harry.

"You girls have to get up. The headmaster wants to talk to you."

Luna nodded and stretched. Her leg touched Hermione and Luna realized the position that they were in. She stiffened and quickly rolled away, blushing.

With Luna's departure from the bed, Hermione's heat source had gone away.

"Harry why did you take away my warm pillow?" Hermione grumbled trying to roll into a ball.

"You're pillow was Luna."

Hermione opened her eyes and looked over at Luna, who was grabbing her clothes for the day.

"Oh, sorry about that Luna."

Luna waved it off and walked into the little bathroom without meeting Hermione's eyes.

Hermione looked up questioningly at Harry and he shrugged. Hermione just wrote it off as being tired and got up out of bed.

Hermione crawled out of bed and walked over to her bag to pick out her clothes.

"So why are you here at this ungodly hour?"

"It's only 7."

"Well there's a time difference."

"And in the London time zone it is 12 in the afternoon."

Hermione rolled her eyes "Whatever."

Harry sat on the bed and watched Hermione. She was halfway dressed; she was wearing a pair of jeans but only had her bra on.

She held up two shirts in front of her and turned to Harry.

"Which one?"

Harry shrugged. "I have no idea."

She huffed and said teasingly, "You're supposed to be my gay best friend who gives me fashion advice."

"That's a stereotype."

She raised her eyebrows, "Do you think I care? You're ruining my expectations from life."

"Looks like you are just going to have to deal with it." He said laughing. Hermione wadded up one of the shirts and threw it at him. Harry's seeker reflexes kicked in. He caught the pillow and threw it back at her.

She was hit in the face and she turned to glare at him playfully. "No fair, it was supposed to hit you, not me."

"You threw it at the youngest seeker in history. People are expecting me to grow up and play professionally."

She grumbled, "It's still not fair."

Hermione pulled the other shirt over her head and straightened it out at that moment Luna walked out of the bathroom, all signs of her previous embarrassment gone.

"Good morning Harry. You're looking very Nargle free today."

"Umm…Thank you, I think." He replied nervously. "Anyways Logan told me that Professor Xavier wanted to talk to us. He didn't say anything but Professor Xavier does know that it is important."

The girls nodded and Harry walked out of the room.

Together they walked to Professor Xavier's office, Harry leading the girls through the maze of hallways.

They arrived at the door and Harry raised his hand to knock. Right as his hand touched the door it swung open. Hermione jumped in surprise and Luna just stared at the door in confusion.

"Oh right." Harry said. "I forgot to tell you that Professor Xavier can read minds and possess low level telekinesis.

Hermione stared at Harry. "And you didn't think to tell us earlier?"

He shrugged. "It didn't cross my mind."

She huffed "You're such a guy."

Harry just shrugged and motioned the girls inside and shut the door behind them. He turned from shutting the door and saw that the girls had taken both of the seats that were in front of Professor Xavier's desk.

Harry took his wand out of his back pocket and looked to Professor Xavier.

"Do you mind if I conjure another chair?"

Professor Xavier nodded. "Be my guest."

Harry conjured a basic chair, pushed it in between Luna and Hermione, and sat down.

"Magic must be very convenient."

"Yes." Harry and Hermione said at the same time as Luna said, "I don't know."

Professor Xavier looked at her questioningly.

"My parents were both magical and when I go home in the summer, while I am not allowed to use magic, I am still surrounded by it. These two however return home to Muggle, h non-magical households where there is no magic."

The professor nodded in understanding and then cleared his throat.

"I was informed that you two had a specific reason for your sudden visit."

"Well you don't beat around the bush." Harry said calmly.

The professor smiled softly and nodded. "I have found that it does no good to avoid the elephant in the room, especially if it is as important as Logan made it out to be this morning. What he correct in its urgency?"

Hermione nodded. As the one who had received all of this information first hand from Professor Snape, she explained the situation.

"The magical world is currently in the middle of a war, with our dear Harry here cast in a leading role. There is an evil dark wizard—"

"Voldemort" Harry said interrupting her.

She turned and glared at him. He raised his eyebrow at her questioningly. She glared for a second and rolled her eyes.

"This dark wizard is the reason why Harry is an orphan. His parents were killed and the Dark Wizard attempted to kill Harry too, but he failed. He disappeared for 11 years and then when Harry reappeared in the Wizarding world he did too. Since then he has been attempting to kill Harry. He heard about Harry's change and disappearance and viewed it as the perfect opportunity to finally attack Harry in a place he thinks Harry won't be safe. He had Professor Lupin followed and Professor Lupin's determination to find Harry inadvertently led Voldemort straight to Harry. He knows the location of the school and is planning to attack."

Professor Xavier frowned. "This is . . . inconvenient. Do you happen to know when this attack will take place?"

"We have about three days."

Professor Xavier hummed thoughtfully. "Do you have an idea of how many people are going to come?"

"We're not really sure at this time how many fighters he has" Hermione said, "the adults don't like giving us information but I listened in to one of their meetings and the adults think that he has about 30 Death Eaters. Which is more than the Order of the Phoenix can say. They only have about 20."

"Would the Order of the Phoenix be willing to help us?"

"The Order is mostly loyal to Dumbledore. I'm sure I could contact a few, I know there are some who must be mad at Dumbledore for his abandonment of Harry."

Harry looked down sadly. "I wouldn't place to much hope in that."

"Harry!" Hermione said sharply, causing Harry to look up at her. "Don't think that. There are plenty of people who don't blindly follow Dumbledore and would be upset at his actions. Dumbledore tried to keep everything under wraps as much as possible. He told the student body so that they would turn on you, but I'm willing to bet a galleon that he was monitoring and intercepting all of the outgoing owls that day. He wouldn't want anyone to know that he was just going to let the "savior" be killed. The Aurors are after you because Dumbledore has so much influence over the minister that it is not even funny."

"I know my dad would have been furious." Luna said in her whimsical voice. "We are completely loyal to you; didn't we prove that in 5th year with the article about you in the Quibbler?"

"Yes but—

"No buts Harry. There are still people out there who love you and will support you. I'm going to go write letters. Do you want to come with Luna?"

Luna nodded and stood up to follow Hermione.

Hermione reached the door and abruptly turned. "You wouldn't happen to have to have Hedwig would you?"

Harry swore under his breath. "No, I was attacked the first night back and I don't think she had arrived yet. She's probably up in the Hogwarts owlery upset and angry that I haven't visited her yet."

"Avalon Plaza is not too far from here."

Harry and Hermione tuned to look at her with confusion and Professor Xavier, who had been lost through most of the conversation, noted the other's confusion.

"Avalon Plaza is in New York City. It's like Diagon Alley except much cooler and modern. The American Wizards are more muggle friendly and embrace the muggle world and technologies. They don't like most British Wizards and they call us old fashioned. Which I have to agree is mostly true."

"So," Hermione started to say to get the conversation back on track, "You know how to get to Avalon Plaza?"

Luna nodded and Hermione smiled.

Hermione turned to Professor Xavier. "Do you mind if we take a trip up to New York City?"

"Neither of you are my students so I actually have no control over you, but sure. Can either of you drive?"

Hermione shook her head and Luna looked confused.

"Hmmm… Do you know if Remus can drive?"

The children shook their heads.

"Go find him and ask him" said Professor Xavier "And if he can drive, come back here and I will give you a set of keys for a car that you guys can drive into the city."

Hermione and Luna agreed and then left to go find Professor Lupin.

Harry banished the chair that he had conjured and moved to sit in one of the original chairs.

"Is there something further that you wished to discuss, Harry?"

Harry nodded and cleared his throat nervously. "I know that all of the people here have powers and are capable of fighting, but I don't want them to."

"I mean not the children." He continued, "I know that you cannot prevent the adults from defending their school and home, but I don't want children fighting. I know that children are headstrong and willing to fight for the things that they love but I don't want to see anyone die. The battles that I fought in have been relatively calm. Only a few deaths, but each time I face Voldemort the battles get bigger and longer and bloodier and I just don't want to see anyone die."

Professor Xavier nodded. "I understand. There have been more than enough deaths for one lifetime. I don't know if anyone has told you this but we mutants are split into two different factions, the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Mutants have been persecuted and attacked since our existence became known to the public. October 1962 the Cuban Missile Crisis."

The Professor's face got a faraway look on it as he began to relive the story.

"Back then there was a group called the Hellfire Club, led by Sebastian Shaw. Sebastian Shaw, working under the alias Dr. Schmidt was a part of the Nazi party and performed tests on mutants that he found in the camp that he was working at. Horrible tests. When World War 2 ended, he disappeared without a trace. He reappeared 16 years later as the head of the Hellfire group. He had decided that a nuclear war would kill all of the humans and make the rest of the mutants stronger. So he manipulated the military leaders of Russia and the U.S into placing the bombs where he thought would start a war.

This all led up to what the world knows as the Cuban Missile Crisis. The world believes that the Russian ship carrying missiles to Cuba received orders to stop and not cross the embargo line. This is true they did receive orders, but when the orders were sent to the ship, none of the Russian crew was alive to carry out the orders. Under Shaw's orders one of his men, Azazel, killed the Russian crew and they attempted to drive t over the embargo line, which he ship would have started a war. To prevent this I inhabited the mind of one of the Russians and had him fire upon the ship that Azazel had taken over.

To this day, only a few people know what actually happened. The rest of the world is content to believe that no missiles were fired and it ended peacefully. What the world doesn't know is that missiles were actually fired. They were fired at us, the mutants. We found Shaw's submarine and my friend Erik, who has the ability to manipulate metal, pulled it out of the water. The submarine floated out of the water while the Russian Navy and the American Navy watched with amazement. One of Shaw's men created a hurricane that caused Erik to drop the submarine onto an island and our plane to crash. I had read the mind of Shaw's right hand and found out that Shaw was trying to turn himself into a nuclear bomb. Erik entered the submarine to try to stop him. Shaw had built a room that was impervious to my mind reading. I had been guiding Erik to that spot mentally but the second that he entered that room I lost contact with him. Erik broke the room he had built but Shaw had built a helmet that did not allow my thoughts to penetrate his. Erik managed to distract Shaw long enough to take off his helmet. This allowed me to immobilize Shaw for a short amount of time.

Erik put on this helmet and blocked my thoughts. Erik as it turns out actually agreed with Shaw, to an extent. They both agreed that mutants are the next stage of evolution. They both knew that humans would not accept us and would attempt to eliminate all of the mutants. He was so consumed by anger over his mother's death that he killed Shaw. This changed something inside of him; he was not that same person that I…that I once knew. He was different. When Erik stepped out of the submarine, he tried to convince all of us to join him in his fight against the humans.

We were working with the CIA and had a member with us, a Moria Taggart. She was communicating with the director while all of this had been going on. The CIA was in communication with the decision makers of America. Both the Americans and the Russians decided that this was their chance to get rid of the mutant threat.

They fired upon us. All of us standing on the beach, who had just saved them from the next World War. They were confused and scared. They didn't know what to do with this new knowledge of these people who had powers that could kill them. At least that's what I told myself.

Erik stopped the missiles and turned them back on the humans. I tried to stop him by tackling him to the ground and taking off his helmet. I only distracted him for second. A few of the missiles exploded when I did this but he fought me off and continued to send the missiles towards the ships. Moria, the CIA agent, shot at him in order to distract him. He deflected the bullets. One of the bullets was deflected right into my spine.

This did manage to distract him. He pulled the bullet out of me using his power. He turned on Moria and started choking her with her own necklace. I knew that I had already lost him so I told him the truth that it was his fault that I was shot, not hers. I saw the hurt in his eyes and I knew at that moment that all hope I had of him giving up the notion that humans were evil was gone. He tried to convince me to join him but I could see that even he knew it was too late for us.

Erik left. Shaw's people joined hi, as did my sister Raven. We mutants split that day into the two different factions. That was also the day that my legs were paralyzed.

Since that day, we have been at war with each other. I've seen people die and I feel responsible for all of the deaths. He was broken, too broken. I couldn't help him and I've regretted it ever since.

So I know that you don't want people to fight because you will feel responsible for their deaths but you have to know that I can't actually control everyone."

Harry nodded. "I understand. I just don't want the kids fighting. I know that sounds hypocritical because most of them are my age. But I've been fighting with Voldemort since I was 11."

Professor Xavier smiled sadly. "I know. I won't let them."

"Thank You"

"Now you know how these people fight. I want you to lead a training session for the people who will be fighting. I don't want anyone to go into this battle unprepared."

Harry nodded and the two fell into a silence. After a minute, Professor Xavier cleared his throat.

"Well you should probably head off to your classes. Could you start you training sessions around 6 tonight?"

Harry nodded and stood up to leave. He crossed the room and laid his hand on the doorknob to turn it. He turned back to look at the professor.

"Do you hate him?"

The professor looked up at harry in surprise. "Hate him?"

"Your friend, Erik. Do you hate him? He betrayed your trust and took your sister away from you. I think that I would hate him."

The professor smiled sadly. "No I don't hate him. I blame myself for not reaching through to him and I blame him for being so set on revenge that he didn't see what was in front of him. But no, I don't hate him."

Harry nodded and then turned out the door.

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