Right, so I know it's been ages since I last published anything, and I won't give you a list of excuses because they really don't matter. I 'm not going to leave my stories and I fully intend on finishing both of them and maybe writing more. I have learned that I need to write non-stop until I finish something though or it will never get done. So what I'm going to do is rewrite both of my stories and finish them, then publish the story all at once after I am done writing them. I'm starting with Cwn Annwn first since this one is the longest and I almost had it finished. Then I'll start in on Make a Wish since I only have the prologue and the fist chapter written. I will be posting these stories separate from their original thread, though I will post a notification on here when I do so that anyone who wants to read it can. Thank you to all of the people who have read my story and added it to their favorites and followed it, even though I haven't posted in ages. You guys are the reason that I write and the reason I will continue to write. I'm starting on rewriting Cwn Annwn as you are reading this, so you guys should have it soon.