AN- Only two really long chapters(Sorry!) /|\-.^ I've become really crazy with this couple and I've read very few about them and I wanted to write one! So here= This is what happens when I'm bored P.S-Grammer mistakes sorry again!

Chapter 1-Everyone

'I have to stop! Heath, Zoey and her gang has been asking what wrong with me...I've been too obvious. He's just so..Heath.'

"Stark!" Heath called to his best friend, whose was leaning on the ouside wall of the Tulsa's House Of Night, for the umtheenth time. "Huh?" Stark looked up at the chesnut haired human. "Dude, your like an after school special... Are you pregnate?" Heath asked, with a serious expression. "Oh please...Oh PLEASE!" Stark yelled, spoting the other teen's died serious face. "I was just asking." Heath shruged, smiling. "Hey! Why would I be pregnate? Do I look like a bottom to you?" Stark growled, punching Heath lightly in the arm. "For me you do." Heath smirked and Stark turned away, blushing and mumbling something that sounded like 'Dumbass...bastard..'

"Hey." Heath said as a sudden thought come to mind. "Does Zo and the gang need you today or can ya finally come and prove how good you are in football?" Heath folded, both his hands behind his head, leaning on a tree and giving Stark a nice veiw of his toned, tanned stomach. "I think she needs me today..." Heath scoffed something close to 'That bitch..'

After Zoey broke the imprint with him TWO SECONDS after drinking from him with Erik, he and Zoey havent really been close. Zoey tried to apolgize but that just ended badly..

"Heath please!"

"Stop burning my footballs, you hoe!"

"Then stop throwing them at me and I'm not a hoe!"

"I'm not throwing them at you. You walked on the field and I'm ingnoring you."

"Please Heath. I didnt mean to.."

"Cheat on me? Oh it's okay Zoey. Oh wait NO IT'S NOT! You couldnt even wait 30 minutes before going to bang someone

after drinking from me?"

Soon, Heath ran out of footballs. The only reason Heath came around the House Of Night anymore was for Jack, Stark, and the rest of Zoey's crew...with the exception of Zoey herself of course. Everyone liked Heath and the only person who objected to the visits were Zoey. Mostly cuz now that everyone knows he's bi he comes around and tells everyone his weird, kinky, yet funny sexcapades.

"How 'bout this? You go ahead to football practice and today, no matter what, I'll walk you home." Stark promised, smiling and blushing as Heath's face lit up. "On one condition that you have to stay with me for eight hours." Stark raised an eyebrow. "Well cuz my parents are out and I'm gonna be really lonely." Heath shot the puppy dog eyes and Stark was a goner(not like he wouldve turned it down anyways ^^). "Fine. Meet me here after practice got it?" Stark looked at his watch then smiled at Heath. "Got it! See you later and remember: No matter what!" Heath jogged backwards, smiled, waved and turned around, running to practice. Stark walked off to the Nyx statue, a small smile still lingering on his lips.

"Looks like Arrow-boy has a certain pretty boy human on his mind." Aphrodite vocie breaks through Stark's thoughts.

"Looks like a certain bitch is PMSing." Stark turned to Aphrodite's small mixed smile/sneer. "Maybe, but all I need is a Snickers." Jack, being the adorable, helpful blond cutie he is, pulled out a Snicker bar from his pocket and handed it to her. "Here you go." Jack smiled. "Thanks Cher." Aphrodite laughed, snatching the candy bar and eating it in two bites. "Looks like you've got somethin' to look foward to, Darius." Erin giggled as Darius coughed and blushed. "Heath's not stopping by?" Damien asked, a bit disapointed. "No not today. He has football practice." Stark smiled wistfully, then he snapped out of it. "Where's Z and Stevie?" Stark asked, not seeing his Ace or his High priestess. "Zo said her and Stevie Rae are gonna be late. They're looking for some sage but since Zo's grandma's is out of town, it's really hard to find." Jack replyes

"But that is the least of our worries.-"

"What we're worried 'bout is this crush ya got Heath." The twins giggled. "W-what?What crush? I dont have a crush on Heath." Stark stammerd, blushing. "Oh yeah and Aphro-hoe isnt a bitch." Stark turned to Aphrodite. "Gulity as charged." she shruged. "Heath's my best friend. Nothing more, nothing less." Stark looked around at everyone's disbelieving face. "Jack you believe me, dont you?"

"Sorry Stark but..your head over heels in love with Heath." Jack started to giggle like the twins. "W-Love?" Erin asked, supressing her giggling. "Yeah. If it was only a crush, Stark would've told Heath long ago when Heath told us that he was bi. But Stark has a fear that Heath will push him away, causing his heart to break so Stark decides to stay Heath's best friend, not pushing anyfurther and just wanting to be close. That is love. A crush is once you know they like your gender you go and tell them. In Starks case, Stark is Stark and wouldve told Heath if he had a crush. Arent I right?" Damien smiled at Stark, holding his boyfriend close. Everyone looked from Damien to Stark who...had a smile on his face?

"Right as always Damien. But you guys can not tell Zoey! I dont think she'd like it if-"

"I wouldnt like what?" Zoey's cheery voice chimes in behind Stark. "Shit!" Stark jumped, turning to Zoey, whose carrying a bag a sage with Stevie Rae next to her. "Y-you scared me..." Stark sighed, placing his hand over his heart. "Sorry Stark. What wouldnt I like?"

"Ummmm the new pair of boots I brought you?" Stark laughed nervously. "Oh thanks so much!" Zoey flung her arms 'round him. "No problem." Stark said looking at everyone else giggling (the twins, Jack, Damien & Aphrodite), dissipointed (Darius), and confused(Stevie Rae) faces. Stark sighed and Zoey peeled away from him with a worried look. "Are you ok?"

"'Course Z." Stark smiles. " Heath didnt come?" she asks. "No. He had football practice." Stark couldnt help the smile that blossomed from hearing Heath's name. But the smile wears off as he starts to feel Zoey crushing hurt. "I wanted to try and apologize again..."

"Zo it isnt your fault. Heath knew you couldnt be wholy his." Jack patted Zoey on her arm, even though him, along with everyone else,was think the samething.

'But damn!'

Stark opened his mouth to speak but quickly closed it. "Like Jack said, Heath knew what he was gettin into to. It's not your falut." Stark spoke in a pained,careful, voice, choosing his words. While Zoey heard that everyone else heard what he was actually saying.

'Heath had no idea what you were doing and you just continued to drag him along! It's your falut he spent days and night crying and hurt!'

A soft hand fell on his shoulder and Stark turned to see Aphrodite's small, understanding smile. Stark sighed, letting his fustration out. "Thanks you guys." Everyone nodded and mumbled their thanks. "So are we ready?" Stevie Rae smiled. "Yeah. Lets try this out." Jack lit the bag of sage while Zoey, Stevie, Damien, and the twins got into their circle. Stark stood in front of Damien, with his bow and arrow in hand, aiming at a hanging target above and behind Zoeys head. "Zoey, I still dont trust this.." Stark said with unsurity surrounded his vocie. "Dont worry. You'll be great." she smiled a bright smile. "I guess.." Stark spoke with a bit more confindice. Damien, Stevie, Erin, Shancee and Zoey called their elements, forming a bright circle and a small muticolored flame appearing above Zo's head. Stark took a deep breath and focused on the target. Stark let his arrow go and watched as it passed through the flame above Zoey's head, not burning but instead shining a bright white and striking the target in the middle with such force it broke.

"That was amazing! With this Kalona is as good as dead!" Stevie Rae cheered as Jack smiled and picked up the bulleye piece of the target with the arrow still plunged in the wood. "Yeah I guess it was.." Stark smiled then quickly looked at his watch. "Fuck! Gotta go!" Stark quickly grabbed his cover up, smacked it over his tattos and before anyone could say anything, Stark was running to the schools front to meet Heath.

"I'm here!" Stark called to Heath, who was leaning where he was ealier. "Glad you could make it." Heath chuckled at Stark's panting form. "I...promised...didnt I?" Stark smiled. "Yeah ya did! Lets get going!" Heath smiled, grabbing Stark in a headlock.