Chapter 2-Uncovered

"Stark!" Heath called from upstairs. Stark jumped a little at the sudden sound. "What's up?" Stark called back, hoping he wouldnt come down in a towel. "I'm kinda hungry and I..."

"Lemme guess: You cant cook?"

"No!...Not well at least. I was wondering if ya...know how to?" Stark could hear the embarrassment in his voice and he couldnt help but smile. "Yeah I do. What do you want?" Stark smiled and walked over into the kitchen. "Really? Right now, I would be having pizza! As good as it is, I gotta stay in shape! Would you mind makin' some steak, mash potato's and chicken?"

"How do you take your steak and chicken?"

"Steak, bloody, med-rare and chicken boiled."

"Alright I'll be done in a couple." Stark called, removing a pack of steak and chicken from the freezer, and a pack of potato's from the fridge. Heath had came downstairs already and simply leaned in the door way, watching Stark jump from the sink to the stove, in his mother's 'Kiss The Cook' apron. Heath couldnt help but stare at the shorter brunette. Heath fancied about this and a lot of other moments with Stark. But instead of cooking dinner, Stark would be making breakfast for them. And instead of wearing a dark blue shirt, Stark would be wearing one of Heath's shirts, it hanging loosely on his small figure.

Heath was in love with Stark. 'Now or never!' Heath took a deep breath and slipped his arms around Stark's waist. "Jamessssssss." Heath purred, dipping his head to Stark's ear. "H-Heath?" Stark stumbled, shocked at the use of his first name along Heath's actions. "How 'bout we skip dinner and go right to dessert?" Heath turned the stoves off with one hand while keeping the other on Stark's waist. "Wha-what do you mean? L-like lemon pie?" Stark stammered, trying to ignore the fire trail Heath left on his skin.

"Better." Stark could hear the smirk in his voice as Heath ran his tongue down his neck. Stark let out a small moan along with a shiver. "Something much much better." Heath growled, his nervousness gone and replaced with pure lust. "H-Heath! What about dinner..?" Stark gasped. "Like I said, lets skip it." Heath picked Stark up and threw him over his shoulder. "Heath!" Stark yelped like a small girl. Heath laughed. "Not funny." Stark's face flamed as he gave up trying to escape Heath. Heath smiled as he kicked open his bedroom door and threw Stark on to the bed.

"There." he clasped his hands together, closed the door with his foot and then climbed on top of Stark. Heath took in Stark's blown wide pupils, hazy with lust, his half open mouth, and his beautifully red face. Heath gulped and softly start to kiss Stark's soft lips. Stark wrapped his arms around Heath's back, pushing his body full-flush against Heath's.

As their lips continued to dance perfectly together, Heath pushed Stark's body apart from his just enough to slip his hand over Stark's chest. Heath smirked as Stark stiffed up and moaned as he continued to rub Stark's already hard nipple. "He-Heath!" Stark brought his clenched fist to his mouth and tried to muffle his voice. "Oh no no no! None of that." Heath pinned both of Stark's arms above his head and trusted his clothed hard on against Stark's. "Ahhh! N-no!" Stark trusted up with Heath, trying to get his hands to cover his mouth. "Say. My. Name." Heath panted, thrusting against Stark.

"Nhhh...Heath!" Stark threw his head back, tears spiking his eyes from pure pleasure. The control Heath had turned him on even more. Heath quickly made work of his shirt and pants. "Have you ever...?" Stark asked, as Heath was unbuckling his pants. Heath stopped and looked at his lover's unsure and worried face. Heath moved to tower over Stark again, their faces only inches away. "No. Your my first and hopefully my last. Have you?" Heath said softly, stroking Stark's cheek. Stark blushed deeply and said "No. I'm glad to be your first and I'm glad your my first and I'd love to be your last." Stark's heart, as well as Heath's, hammered against his chest. Heath kissed Stark softly, reassuringly. "I trust you." Stark whispered as he wrapped his arms around Heath's neck. "Thank you." Heath whispered back, running his hands over Stark's chest.

"Heath..." Stark mewled, arching up and clawing at Heath's back. "Jamesssssss." Heath purred as he ripped Stark naked like the day he was born. "So cute, so sexy, so mine!" Heath repeated over and over nipping, sucking, biting, and rubbing all over Stark's body, making sure to wipe away all the cover up. Heath loved every inch of Stark and he did not want any part covered.

Stark loved that Heath's boyish, handsome outside contradicted his passive, sexual beast and it would be the biggest lie that it would go down in the Genius book of world records if Stark said it didnt turn him on. Heath kept one hand on Stark's slim waist while blindly fumbling through his bedside table for the-

"Got it." Heath grinned and turning away from Starks gaze. Stark's eyes flickered to the bottle of lube in his hand. "Dont worry. I wont hurt you." Heath smiled a bit at Starks face. "O-okay.." he said in a small voice. "Never." Heath mumbled kissing the tattoo he uncovered on Stark's forehead.

Stark's body was on fire as he reached down to his leaking member, wanting release. "Ah,ah,ah!" Heath pinned Starks hands above his head again, dropping the lube next to his leg. "Heath please!" Stark meowed, arching his back, his body begging for friction. "Guess a little tease wouldnt hurt." Heath trailed down and wrapped his mouth around Stark's leaking head, sliding his tongue around it.

Stark grasped at the bed sheets, trying not to cum as Heath bobbed his head up and down, his tongue swirling around skillfully. " close..." Stark huffed his warning and grunted in disappointment as Heath licked the slit and came off, giving him a kiss. "Why'd...I need..." Stark gave Heath the best pout he could but Heath just smirked. "The fun's just started baby!" Heath grinned. Stark watched as Heath looked from him to the bottle.

"Nahhh." Heath threw the lube to the other side of the room and placed three fingers in Starks face. "Suck." he ordered in a husky, rough voice. Stark just moan as he took the three fingers in his mouth, drowning them in saliva. Heath gritted his teeth, wanting to pound the red-tattoo boy with no prep. But he didnt want to hurt his love. 'Soon enough!' Heath deemed his fingers ready and pulled them out slowly. He smirked as he watched Stark open his eyes and a line of saliva connect Stark and his fingers. Slowly he bent down and broke the string with his tongue then claimed Starks mouth as he slid his finger in to the smaller ones puckered hole.

Heath swallowed Stark's muffled yelp/moan/scream as he continued thrusting his finger then added a second one. Stark broke away, squeezing his eyes tight, tears pooling. "Nhhhh...nmmmahhh Heath!" Stark arched at the pain mixed pleasure as Heath added another digit. "FUCK!" Stark yelled, digging his nails into Heath's tanned back. Heath gave an animalistic growl as he thrust his fingers harder until he found that one spot-

"HEATH!" Stark screamed, his vision spotting with black. Heath smirked as he looked down to find Stark had came. "Tsk Tsk... We're still not done." Heath trusted himself inside Starks heat, burring himself to the base. By this time, Stark was rock hard again and moaning like a bitch in heat. "Move..please for the love of goddess." Stark mewled, grinding back and still holding on to the male above him. Heath dipped his head to Stark's ear as he set a hard and fast pace of pounding his member in to Stark hot, tight ass. "Hold on." Heath pulled out, to the tip, then slammed back in, growling at the heat. "!" Heath grabbed roughly on his lovers hip, lifting his hips a bit slamming into him as straightened up.

"Heath, look I wanted to-" Heath's slowly turned his head to a shock and tearful Zoey in his doorway. Heath didnt stop and continued to growl and groan, slamming into Stark.

"N-No! Zo-oey! Dont lo-ok! Im so sorry!" Stark's gasping and shaking of his head made his speech understandability in and out but Zoey just ran away, leaving the boys to finish. Stark wanted to be sad but...the cock that filled him was giving him pleasure that was out weighing any other emotion. "More,more! Break me Heath!" Stark screamed, gripping the sheets, his knuckles turning white.

"Fuckin shit James!" Heath lifted Starks hips, now abusing his prostate with every thrust making the smaller male scream out as tears flowed down his cheeks from ecstasy and unbearable pleasure. "So close..." Heath panted as one of his hands trailed to Stark's neglected member. "Too much!" Stark gasped, throwing his head back ,his mouth opened in a silent scream as he and Heath came.

"*Huff huff* James..." Heath gasped as he dropped on Stark's cum covered stomach and rolled off. "Heath.." Stark recovered slightly, letting Heath pull him into his arms. "I love you so much...Always have, always will." Heath smiled, looking at his lover bask in the sex after glow. "I love you too Heath." James snuggled up to Heath's chest.

Ping ping*

"Got a text." James yawned. "Mmm-mm." Heath reached for his phone, still smiling, on his bedside table. Stark watched as Heath smile grew even bigger. "What?" Heath look at Stark then showed him the text.

Your father and I are going to be on expedition a little longer then we expected... We're headed to Egypt right now. We trust you not to have any wild parties and eat right. We'll be home in, maximum, 8 months. We love you Heath.

Ps- Please: no parties!


"Sooooo you mind living with me for eight months?" Heath smiled. "Of course!...You think Zoey'd be happy for us?" James giggled.

"I dont think so."

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