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Chapter 5: Dirty Little Secret- All American Rejects

(LPOV) Luz

The tears ran down my face as I fled the house. I didn't care how I looked, who saw me, or what Leah would think when she woke up. All that matter was getting away from Seth.

How could he have said that? I thought. He knows nothing of what I've been through! I kept running, faster and faster, as if I could out run those memories, I could stop them from coming back and leave them behind forever. Finally, I couldn't go any further, and I threw myself at the ground.

It had to have been at least an hour or two, and I had no idea how far I'd gone. I also had no idea where I was. I heard a soft growl and looked up to see a silver wolf staring at me. (A/N: I know Jake isn't silver, it isn't suposed to be him.)

I banged my head against a rock hard. Oh, I was so smart. First I freak at my cousin and run off into the wildness with absolutely no idea where I'm going, and then I run into a wolf that probably has some kind of mutation making it huge. It looked like the Big Bad Wolf.

I really don't want to be dinner for this guy, I thought.

To my surprise, the wolf just looked me over a couple times and disappeared. I sighed in relief and lay back on the ground.

It's actually really comfy, I thought as I rubbed my face against the thick moss. Maybe I over reacted, I reconsidered what Seth had said earlier. I don't think he meant to hurt me, he was just annoyed.

Maybe he didn't mean to, but they're monsters-

Shut up! I ordered that nasty part of my mind. If they found out the truth... well let's just say I'd find out how much they resembled those monsters I had in mind. It would be ugly.

"It hurt." I whispered, "but the truth would hurt more." Seth knew better than to do that. He knew after Boston that Alex was not a discussible topic. Unwillingly, I though back to that day, that day when I lost everything.

(Flashback) (Still LPOV) Luz

"Alex!" I called, wandering down the alley. He had told me to meet him here today. I wasn't surprised that we were meeting in a location so secluded. After Mum and Da had disowned him, they could never find out that I was still meeting him.

Of course, we didn't need to worry about them following me now. They were dead. Someone had slit their throats and drained their blood. The police had ordered me not to leave the house; they had even put a watch on my house to ensure that I didn't leave.

Of course, I still snuck out to meet with Alex. I didn't want him to get hurt by the murderer that came after our parents. At lesat that's what I told the police. They didn't have to know the real reason, and they probably wouldn't believe it anyway.

"Alex, where are you?" I was starting to worry. He was never late. I leaned against the grimy wall and started to read the graffiti. I will refrain explaining the extreme detail of what some guy was calling some girl who broke up with him.

I didn't know why, but I was getting a yucky feeling in my stomach. You know that feeling you get right before you throw up? That plus… hunger. It was a foreign feeling to me.

I knew that something was wrong with Alex. Some people might call it "twinsense" (which would be weird because we weren't twins) but, I called observance. Something was wrong. I didn't know what, but there was something.

"Al-" I cut myself off with a scream.

This was the part that I had never told anyone about. Well, almost anyone.

My brother was walking towards me. He didn't look like himself anymore, he walked like he was stalking something, and his eyes where bright red.

"Luzy," he said. His voice made me shudder. "You shouldn't have come. I can't control it. It… tastes so good." Then he lunged at me.

I didn't recall much of what happened after that. All I remember was seeing a wolf throw him into a wall moving impossibly fast.

I left after that, not knowing my brother's fate. When I returned home the house had been burned down with the only people that still took care of me inside, the cook and housekeeper.

After that they didn't know where to send me. Finally, my aunt Sue offered to take me in. I was eleven then. I spend the next three years hiding what really happened from eveyone, even myself. Now Seth had brought everything back.

(Back to Modern Day) (LPOV) Luz

Alex had always been mean to anyone who wasn't me. My parents, Seth and Leah, people at school, and that was why Seth had said that earlier about me becoming more like him. It still hurt to see how much people had hated my brother. He wasn't a bad person; he was just a little difficult to get along with.

I started to pulled myself up. Then there was a noise that was a cross between a growl and a snarl. I snapped to my feet in an instant. In front of me stood a huge red wolf and it looked really annoyed.

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