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In this story: Anderberry, badboy!Blaine (sort of), eventual Klaine. Extremely AU.

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Kurt Hummel loved living in New York City.

This was a fact. Just like the sky being blue and the grass being green. Everything about the lovely city appealed to him. The bright lights, the fast pace, the way that it seemed everybody had a purpose and a place to be, and don't get him started on Broadway. It was everything that he imagined it to be coming from Lima, Ohio a year ago.

Lima, Ohio. That was the place where he was born and raised by his lovely mother Elizabeth and adoring father Burt. The place that it took him no time at all to hate, once he realized how ignorant the people could be. The very same place that he couldn't get away from fast enough.

As he grew older, the people didn't change, but his life had drastically. He lost his mom at a young age, and yes it hurt him horribly, but the new people that came into his life as a result did help him to heal with time. Carole was one of the sweetest individuals he had ever met, and they 'clicked' from hello. Her son Finn wasn't terribly fond of the idea of having a gay step-brother but he had warmed up to him, and he and Kurt were really close now. Finn went off to California for college, starting his second year at UCLA, while Kurt began his second year at NYU. Needless to say, their parents weren't thrilled with them going to opposite ends of the country for four years, but both boys promised to come home as often as possible. For Finn, it wasn't that he had anything against Ohio like Kurt had, but it was just that he was passionate about football and had no intention of missing this opportunity.

It had been a year since Kurt came to New York, and in his mind it was the best decision he ever made- even better than swiping his credit card for that Marc Jacobs bag a while back. He had a great freshman year; 3.8 GPA, much respect from his professors, a great job that allowed him to pay the bills and satisfy his desire for designer fashion, and his own place with his boyfriend and their roommate… it all seemed too good to be true.

Maybe that's why Kurt was a little surprised when he got back from Ohio over the summer to start his sophomore year and things started to go downhill. His boyfriend, Charles, had to transfer to another school- that being Queens College, because of some unresolved dispute between him and a professor. He could be a bit of a jerk when he wanted to, and the faculty didn't take it kindly. With that, he decided to move to Queens, moving in with his sister so that he could be closer to his new campus. That left just Kurt and his other roommate Helen, who happened to be pretty close with Charles.

Now a couple months into the semester, Kurt and Helen came to the conclusion that they could not stomach the rent with just the two of them. They sat on the couch one night eating ice cream and watching How I Met Your Mother, trying to come to a conclusion about how to handle the situation.

"So what can we do, Kurt? I don't know if I want to move a new person in. I miss Charlie." Helen said sadly. She dipped her spoon into the tub of Ben & Jerry's and waited for the boy to respond.

Kurt sat up after responding to a text from his boyfriend. It had seemed that since Charles transferred schools they hadn't had much time to spend together, between classes and work. Charles modeled for different agencies on the side and had no problem getting money. His dirty blonde hair, big brown eyes, and chiseled face and muscles made him perfect for any modeling job. And to be perfectly honest, Kurt didn't understand how the hell he scored a guy like that. But Charles thought the world of him. Kurt was beautiful, his blue eyes sparkled whenever he thought about something he was passionate about like shopping, clothing, the theatre, his family. He loved the way he smiled, how his cheeks turned pink when he talked dirty to him, and most of all how he made Kurt moan when they'd run back to their apartment in between classes. He loved how Kurt was his and his only.

"I miss him too but we have to do what we have to do. I'll post an ad for a new roomie on the school website. Somebody out there is probably looking for a place. And we definitely need the money."

Helen nodded although she couldn't help but pout. She was in her third year now, but she loved living with Kurt and Charles together. Sure Charles could be a little bit out there, but they'd been best friends for a long time. And Kurt was perfect for him in her eyes. He could always calm the boy down when he was upset- and when Charles was upset it was a big deal. Things usually got thrown around or broken. He had a history of anger and ever since Kurt had come along it had subsided a bit. Now there was most likely going to be a new person coming along and what if she and Kurt hated him/her?

"Okay, then. Do what you must, Kurt."


The next day after work, Kurt did just that. He left Saks where he was happily employed and hurried to the 6 train, heading downtown towards their four bedroom apartment. The fourth wasn't occupied -usually a spare for when someone came over and stayed the night. But then again the third had been that too because Charles and Kurt shared the same bed. The three of them had been doing pretty good paying rent for four people, so hopefully another person could do their part too.

After a quick shower, the perfectly coiffed boy posted an ad for a room at he and Helen's lovely place, stating the cost of rent and the security deposit. He made sure to include all the included utilities that drew him in like cable and Wi-Fi, the laundry room and the perks of being close to the shopping areas. Once he was done, he headed out for his evening class, hoping that someone would respond quickly.


"Oh. Hi. My name is Rachel Berry and I saw your post on the NYU boards… I just wanted to know if the place still available?"

Kurt rubbed his eyes sleepily as he sat up in bed. After looking at his clock he saw that it was a little after 7 in the morning. What the heck was this chick on?

"You do know what time it is, right?"

Rachel laughed nervously before responding. "I'm sorry; I just wanted to contact you before I got started with my day. I took an extra class and my time seems so limited. It's Kurt, right? I really need a place for my brother and I."

Kurt raised an eyebrow. "Brother? I'm sorry we were only offering one room…"

"Oh I'm sorry… I didn't know the fourth was being used-"

"Well, it isn't," Kurt began. "It's just that myself and my current roommate aren't one for a crowded place so we just leave the spare room open…"

Rachel waited outside for her younger brother who had started his first year at Lehman College this semester. They currently lived with their grandmother who had had just about enough of her younger brother's antics. Blaine was so smart and had this bright future ahead of him but behaved like a true dumbass, out partying with these people and clubbing with those, bringing random guys home and angering their grandmother. He was really stupid. Grandma said it's about time to go, and Rachel agreed. She deserved some peace.

"We really need a place, Kurt. He and I are well behaved," she half lied. Sure she wouldn't be an issue but Blaine on the other hand… "He doesn't go to NYU like I do but he is in school, pre-med… and we'll stay to ourselves and not bother you at all."

Kurt rubbed his temple. It couldn't be that bad. He had seen Rachel around campus and though she had no fashion sense she did seem friendly and didn't come off as a bitch like that Santana Lopez chick that had called to inquire about the place. "How about we meet this weekend and talk about it. Helen, my roommate and I will talk and maybe when you and your brother come over we can have everything settled?"

Rachel squealed as her brother jogged down the steps of their Brooklyn home. "Yes! Thanks so much. I know nothing is finalized but, but thank you. We can't live under my grandmother's roof anymore. I'm 19, he'll be 18 soon. It's just time to get out."

Kurt laughed understanding completely how wanting to be free felt. With him being 19 himself, having that freedom he craved for so long was exhilarating and fulfilling.

"I hear you. See you then."


Helen tossed a pillow onto the couch and made her way over to stand by Kurt who was on the balcony. "So are you ready to meet these two? What was it, Rachel and Blaine?"

Kurt nodded. "Yeah. I'm ready I guess. She seems sweet. He can't be too different."

The doorbell sounded and the two roommates made their way over to the door.

Once Helen opened it she smiled at the two, the girl with the long brown hair and bang trimmed neatly, outfit a little too loud for her liking, but she could appreciate the form fitting pink dress she wore. It was really cute. The multi-colored jacket though was just…. No.

Her brother had wild curly hair that was tight to his head. It looked as if you could pull a lock up and it'd be five inches long but once you release it, it'd be back down to an inch. He wore a black hoodie under a puffy grey vest and tight black jeans. He looked almost bored for a second, until of course he laid eyes on Kurt who stood in the door way with a friendly smiled.

"Damn." Blaine said, his eyes hungrily raking over Kurt's body.

Rachel elbowed him in the gut; an action that made him cough and scowl at her while Kurt and Helen raised an eyebrow at the two.

"Hello. My name is Rachel AnderBerry and this is my younger brother Blaine. It's a pleasure to meet you both."

"The pleasure is ours." Helen said. "Please come in."

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