a/n: It's been a while since you've read this I'm sure, so I'll remind you that Daniella just told everyone she and Blaine had intercourse at some point, and Larry is a model for Sebastian and Kurt's blog/magazine who messes around with Sebastian. I just didn't want you guys confused when their names come up.


Enjoy every one.

"Still upset that I made Blaine's eyes roll back in your bed when we fucked or is it something else you're upset over?"

Blaine couldn't stand the smug look on Daniella's face. It was just as bad as it was a couple years back when he made the mistake he made with her in the first place. Jessica's face when Daniella bragged to her; the look of hurt Blaine noticed whenever he'd look in his ex-girlfriend's eyes—all of it was so similar. Now, Jessica wore the same exact face. It must've been because all the memories were crashing back down, Blaine thought. And he couldn't blame her. It'd been a really low point for him and their relationship as a whole. Daniella and Jessica were best friends up to that point, and though Blaine tried not to have regrets, sleeping with Daniella and breaking his girlfriend's heart was easily one of them.

Nobody's reaction matched that of Kurt's, though. Not Cooper, who actually had a clue to what was going on. Blaine told him back when they were on one of their failed reconciliation attempts. Not Sebastian, who didn't know what was going on, but was clearly entertained. Tristian just looked overall uncomfortable for his best friend and Blaine couldn't blame him at all. But Kurt… Blaine could tell that he was trying to piece together exactly what was going on.

As the applause finally died down, Rachel stepped close to the microphone and began to introduce herself. It was only then that Kurt looked away from his boyfriend; the sharp look on his face dying down a bit as he focused on her. Blaine looked to the stage as well, past Daniella who was now sipping from her cup with a smirk. He glanced back at her when she turned to face him and the long haired girl gave a show smile and a trashy wink, definitely proud of herself. Luckily, Rachel's voice served as a distraction from the things Blaine definitely wanted to say right now.

"Hello everyone! As excited as I am to be here, singing my first official solo performance in front of so many beautiful people, I am probably a lot more nervous. Just, bear with me."

The audience applauded some more and Cooper shouted out something totally encouraging for his 'Cookie'. Finn did too, standing up and clapping like a seal with a proud look on his face. He made the girl blush until Cooper dragged him back into his seat.

Jessica took a deep breath and walked over to an empty seat beside Cooper, trying to focus solely on the girl on stage and not on the one a couple seats over.

The applause died down. The music began. Rachel looked out over at her family and friends. Blaine tried to give his older sis a supportive smile but it didn't go that way, he imagined. Hopefully it did, even though it felt two parts artificial and two parts forced.

Rachel stood at the microphone and her face changed a little when she saw a few of the faces at their table, but Cooper and Kurt, and even Sebastian were offering her strong smiles. Finn's grin almost made her laugh. She was so happy he could make it. That was enough not to deter her. With a glance backstage to Santana, she smiled at her neighbor who gave two encouraging thumbs up and finally began.

All along it was a fever
A cold sweat hot-headed believer
I threw my hands in the air and said, "Show me something,"
He said, "If you dare come a little closer."

The waiter came over to take orders. Blaine shook his head no when the man looked at him, handing his menu back over. He felt much too sick to even slightly enjoy himself tonight. Kurt glanced at him as Sebastian's "friend" ordered, all before facing a smirking Daniella who had her complete attention on Jessica. To say Kurt was pissed off didn't even begin to cover it. Angry, yes. Confused, yes. Hurt, of course. It did hurt when you found out your boyfriend slept with someone that works for you and didn't bother to say anything. Especially if there was nothing left between them, right? Kurt didn't get what the big secret was, and it'd be a lie if he said his mind wasn't full of doubt.

Round and around and around and around we go
Oh now tell me now tell me now tell me now you know

He heard the waiter ask her if she was ready, and that's when Kurt spoke up. Blaine looked away from the burgundy decorated table and listened as best he could with Rachel's loud singing in the room.

"She's going back over to join her friends," Kurt said to the club's employee, loud enough for Daniella to hear. He smiled at her as she gave him a questioning look, trying to figure out what the man was thinking. "I'll speak with you in the morning regarding your employment, Daniella. Enjoy your night."

Sebastian smiled when she looked offended and somewhat disrespected. It was clear to see that she was hoping to stick around for the fall out, and probably even be Blaine's rebound had he gotten drunk enough and needed one. But, she was wrong it seemed, and Sebastian enjoyed the stupid look on her overly made up face.

"You can't let me go because I did your boyfriend, Kurt."

Blaine saw Cooper stand up as if to escort her, and he heard Kurt say something else, but he wasn't really focused. The only thing he could pay attention to was the sense of relief that washed over him. He didn't know what he expected from Kurt, really, but him banishing her from their table was definitely one of the best things that could've happened. Jessica waved goodbye as her ex-best friend walked off and Blaine gave a nervous smile, happy that that was over. But it really, really wasn't over.

The table ordered. Cooper got something very alcoholic, as did Tristian whose fake I.D. was always on call. Rachel was doing amazing, Kurt noticed, and he smiled, clapping along with the audience after she held an incredible note. Finn seemed to be the only one oblivious to his surroundings, completely captivated by Rachel and the entire moment. As the waiter walked off with the menus, Kurt turned back to look at Blaine. The teen had been staring at the stage with a blank look on his face, playing with his tongue rings, though once he got acknowledgement from Kurt, his eyes found his quickly.

Not really sure how to feel about it.
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can't live without you.
It takes me all the way.
I want you to stay

Kurt parted his lips to speak but shook his head no, turning back and facing the performance. Blaine was a little confused but cleared his throat, looking up as well.

It's not much of a life you're living
It's not just something you take – it's given

Round and around and around and around we go
Oh now tell me now tell me now tell me now you know


Kurt heard Blaine's voice and ignored him.

Blaine looked at Jessica who rolled her eyes away. He shook his head at her attitude and took a deep breath, moving closer to his boyfriend.

"Kurt… babe—"

Kurt turned around again, folding both hands on the table and looking at Blaine's brown eyes as best he could in the dimly lit bar. "Yes, Blaine?"

And it was here that Blaine realized this was going to be a long night. Yes, Kurt was pissed at him. He didn't really blame him but he was hoping this wouldn't be one of those situations—okay he knew it would… which was exactly why he refused to say anything in the first place.

"Are you going to say something?"

Blaine noticed the annoyance on his boyfriend's face as he nodded his head yes. "Can we talk for a minute?"

Kurt's expression was blank but it looked like he wanted to show something. "I'm trying to watch your sister's debut. You should do the same."

He turned back around and Sebastian smiled at Blaine, earning him the angriest glare he'd ever gotten from anyone. He shrugged though, facing the performance as excuse to stare at Tristian, something Larry didn't fail to notice. Blaine then looked at Cooper who gave him an obvious face, but the teen only stood up and left the table.

Rachel smiled at the patrons who adored her. Her nerves had pretty much gone completely as she owned the stage. It felt like she belonged here. When she noticed her younger brother walking to the exit, she wondered if everything was okay. A glance over to Finn made her forget that as the older boy smiled back. Hopefully everything was okay.

Ooh the reason I hold on
Ooh cause I need this hole gone
Funny you're the broken one but I'm the only one who needed saving
Cause when you never see the light it's hard to know which one of us is caving

Not really sure how to feel about it.
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can't live without you.
It takes me all the way.
I want you to stay, stay.
I want you to stay, oh.


Blaine leant across a brick building across the street from the club. The teen's mind was all over the place He didn't want to think about how upset Kurt would be with him. They'd just gotten to a place where they were both happy again… finally able to see each other and able to go out on dates. To spend time with one another, basically. He'd see Daniella when he'd go to pick up Kurt and yeah, she was a sneaky bitch, but she was the same way in high school. He fucked up back then and he wasn't doing it again. He'd matured somewhat since he was 16. People would tell him that he should've told Kurt, but in his mind that was idiotic. The last thing he wanted was to give his boyfriend a reason to doubt him.

A man walked by in a wrinkled suit, coat in his hand, and tie loose around his neck. He looked at Blaine and asked for a light, scowling when Blaine didn't have one. The drunken man continued down the street, cigarette in hand, and Blaine shook his head at him, placing his own against the building and looking up at the night sky. He didn't notice Kurt exit the club across the street because of where his focus was, and definitely wasn't expecting him to.

As Kurt walked out of the bar, he looked around to see if he could find his boyfriend. He doubted Blaine would take the car and leave him there and got confirmation of that when he saw it still parked across the road. He also saw his boyfriend staring up at the dark sky; his leather jacket open and hands shoved in the pockets. Kurt sighed and shook his head, pulling his scarf tighter around his neck and walking over.

He wasn't exactly sure what to think. He wasn't sure of what was right, but it was so easy for Kurt's mind to take him to a negative place. He absolutely hated that because he absolutely loved this boy.

Blaine looked up when he heard someone approaching. When he noticed it was Kurt, he licked his lips and stood up straight. A crowd of people came out of the building he was standing in front of; a restaurant of some kind, and went over to their cars. Kurt waited for them all to exit before turning to face Blaine; the boy's attention completely on him.

They didn't say anything for a moment. It was just eyes locked on eyes for the most part. Kurt's, Blaine could tell, were trying to read him. Blaine imagined his own were sympathetic and pleading. He stepped forward to speak when Kurt cut him off.

"So you had sex with my employee and you weren't going to say anything?"

Blaine closed his mouth and looked away, shaking his head. "I had sex with her years ago, Kurt."

The blue eyed boy said nothing.

Blaine looked over at him, removing his hands from his pockets and shrugging. "There's really nothing to say about her. She's nothing and she never was."

"She obviously is if your best friend 'slash' ex-girlfriend hates her and you always seem so uncomfortable whenever she's around, Blaine." Kurt crossed his arms and Blaine noticed the drunken guy still wandering around a few feet away. "You do know I noticed that right? I was just… I didn't think you'd actually fucked her."

"She's just some girl," Blaine stopped for a moment and looked up at Kurt. His boyfriend seemed hurt, to say the least, "she's just a girl that I made a mistake with in the past. I cheated on Jessica with her. They were best friends up until that point. It was stupid, I'd just turned 16, I didn't care about anyone other than myself and she practically threw herself at me. I fucked up and I admit that."

Kurt was quiet as he stood there. Blaine returned his hands to his pockets and continued.

"I didn't tell you because I knew you'd…. you'd get like this," he said, gesturing to Kurt.

"Like what? Upset?" his boyfriend asked with an incredulous smile. "I think I have a right to be a little bit upset, Blaine."

"There's no reason for you to get upset." Blaine told him seriously. Kurt smiled again though it was extremely forced… like he was trying to stop himself from crying.

"She looked at you like she knew… like she knew that whatever went down with Jessica, she could do the same thing to me!" Kurt gestured with his hands as his voice escalated. "I—That's not reason to get upset?"

"It won't happen."

Kurt looked off down the block. He pushed some hair the wind blew down in his face away and crossed his arms. "That's totally fair of you. I was just humiliated in front of people we care about as well as people I work with." He turned to look at Blaine and took a deep breath. "And to be frank with you, if the tables were turned I would've told you immediately."

Blaine still didn't say anything.

Kurt looked at him with a watery smile. "If I didn't tell you, you'd be pissed. And it's easy for you to say nothing will happen… I can tell it won't happen. You've been honest with me before, right? You've been so upfront. Of course you're being upfront now."

"If you don't trust me then what's the point of this?"

"You're not turning this on me, Blaine." Kurt told him. "I'm not the one who's been keeping secrets."

Blaine nodded looking around the neighborhood before walking off. "Fuck this."

Kurt stood there for a moment and watched. His anger had increased dramatically at his boyfriend's reaction and he hated that Blaine didn't get why he was upset... like he was just supposed to forgive at the drop of a dime. "And now you're leaving. Are you serious?"

"I'll see you at home."

Blaine stormed off, despite his comical limp, and headed in the direction of their place. He knew Kurt probably had a smug look on his face but he couldn't bring himself to care.


Blaine didn't stop. Shaking his head, he thought to himself, wondering why he even bothered. Nothing he did was right. He fucked up everything. And now he could understand why Kurt was so hesitant to be with him in the first place. He heard footsteps following him and then Kurt's voice a second later.

"You're real mature, you know that?"

Blaine rolled his eyes but refused to turn and look at him. "Yes, I do know how immature I am. And you knew that before you agreed to be with me."

Kurt stopped right behind him and looked at the back of his dark head. "Silly me. I thought you were trying to do better for us. I guess you're pretty much telling me I'm wrong."

"You think I'd fuck someone behind your back, Kurt. Forgive me if I don't want to be around right now."

There was quiet before Kurt smiled in disbelief and shrugged. "I can't think of any reason you'd keep a girl that I see just about every day—a girl you used to mess around with—I don't get why you'd keep her a secret from me. Your boyfriend, Blaine."

Blaine ran a hand through his curls as he turned back to face him. He tried to look into Kurt's eyes but his boyfriend gave him nothing to work with. "I told you why…"

"I don't get how you don't understand how bad that fucking hurts…"

"I was scared of this happening," Blaine said, gesturing in between them obviously. "What would've happened if I had told you that a couple years back, Dalia and I… we did what we did?"

Kurt smirked, rolling his eyes away. "Her name is Daniella, Blaine."

Blaine saw Kurt soften up and took a deep breath. "I honestly don't care what her name is because I don't care about her. Not only am I gay but I'm ridiculously in love with you and none of anything I did back then should matter—"

"It kind of does, Blaine. Your entire past makes you who you are and if you respect this relationship there wouldn't be any secrets. If I had known, things could've gone so differently…"

Blaine nodded. "So what do you need from me, Kurt? Should I just give you a list of the people I've been with?"

Kurt's face dropped as a car zoomed by them. His eyes moved to watch them go and he sighed, glancing back to Blaine. "Obviously you're missing the whole point of this—"

"What's the point?" Blaine interrupted, sounding exhausted. "It sounds like you want me to put it all out on the table and that's what I'm doing."

"My point is that if you want this to work, you can't act like a child." Kurt told him seriously. "If I wanted to be in a pointless relationship I would've went back to Charles a long time ago, Blaine. Back there in that club, I was embarrassed and it shouldn't have been that way. Honesty and some form of maturity needs to be a part of this relationship or I don't want this relationship."

Blaine looked down at the ground as he swallowed hard. "Ok."

They stood there for a moment; neither looking at the other, but both wondering where exactly this conversation was taking them. Honestly, the entire conversation was stupid to Kurt. It was stupid and insanely childish.

"Ok? …I'm not sure what you mean by ok…"

Blaine finally looked up and glanced across the street. People were exiting the club and others were entering, and he acknowledged the fact that his sister would probably yell at him for missing her big debut. "Can you... can we go home and talk about this? I don't want to have this conversation in the middle of a New York City block…"

Kurt finally faced him and their eyes met. He shrugged after a moment and as he thought about it. "I probably should get back to our friends and family… you might want to join me."

Blaine's only response was a look, trying to figure out exactly what Kurt was thinking. His boyfriend folded his arms over his chest and shrugged once more.

"Fine. Don't. I'll go back into the club alone and give your skanky friend the benefit of knowing she won."

"She's not my friend, Kurt." Blaine stepped closer before walking past Kurt entirely, "And you'd rather me join you inside because you care what she thinks… I couldn't care any less about the girl."

Kurt turned and followed him, the two patiently waiting for traffic to slow down so that they could cross the road. "Is that why you didn't tell me?"

Blaine took Kurt's hand out of habit and felt his heart break when Kurt tensed away. He shook his head and followed Kurt across the street. "I told you why, baby. I didn't want to fight."

Kurt nodded and walked towards the bar, turning back to his boyfriend for just a moment. "So whenever something happens with you, in attempt to 'not fight' you'll hide things from me. That's great."

Blaine rolled his eyes away and Kurt turned, walking back into the club. He stood there for a while, seriously considering just going home but knowing the only thing that'd do is put him in even more shit with Kurt. Fixing his leather jacket, Blaine shook his head and walked in as well.

He couldn't help but notice how pleased Daniella looked at how distant he and Kurt were for the rest of the night. It made him feel even worse, and Kurt's words of her winning came back to mind. He also saw a wide grin on Sebastian's face when Kurt ignored Blaine even further to the point it was like he wasn't there, but to be frank, Sebastian was lower on the totem pole than Danica was. Or whatever her name was. It sucked that their night went from what it did to what it was now, and Blaine was tired of the judgmental looks his older brother was giving him, but he decided to stop caring. He tried to explain himself, and Kurt chose to give him the cold shoulder. It was what it was.

Rachel and Santana were killing a song on stage and the band was really into it. Blaine hadn't listened much but he could tell everyone in the building was having a good. That would be good for Rachel. At least something positive came from this night.


"I can't believe you bought me flowers, Finn. They're beautiful. I had such an amazing debut and I'm thrilled you came!"

Finn smiled as they walked up the steps of the town house, a blush on his cheeks. Cooper slammed the car door shut before following behind Santana and the others. "You were amazing. I would've hated myself for missing this."

The sound of Santana gagging sounded from behind them and Finn turned back on the step to glare down at her. Cooper smirked behind them.

"C'mon. Open the door, its freezing."

Rachel finally got the door open and she and Finn went straight up to their third floor flat. Santana went into her own, followed by Cooper and Kurt who neglected to go up to his and Blaine's place. Santana turned to face him with an odd expression resembling confusion, which was actually pretty accurate.

"Um? Can I help you, Porcelain?"

Blaine closed their front door before walking into Santana's place as well, curious to hear what Kurt had to say.

"Perfect. The other idiot is in here too!" Cooper smiled and grabbed his little brother by the shoulder, dragging him into the room. "Great. Now we can discuss whatever it is that you two lovely young men are too stubborn to discuss yourselves."

Santana placed her coat on the hook and turned back towards the boys; ignoring Cooper's eyes on her cleavage. "What's going on?"

"They got into a little spat."

"We're fine." Blaine said quickly, mimicking Kurt's actions and pulling off his coat. Kurt leant against the wall and turned to look at him.

"No we aren't."

Cooper turned to face him and Blaine tiredly licked his dry lips.

"Blaine slept with someone who works with my magazine before we got together and he wasn't going to tell me that she's been flirting with him."

One of Santana's eyebrows went up as she walked over to a seat in her lounge. Cooper waited for his little brother's response. It wasn't a very good one.

"Our problems don't need to broadcasted to everyone we know, Kurt."

"Oh, you mean like tonight when Daniella told the whole table she slept with you? You're right, it doesn't need to be broadcasted and it would've been nice had I known that!"

"The skank with the heavily applied make-up? Really Blaine? You slept with her?" Santana shook her head and turned to Kurt. "I'm not even sure how she got a job with your fashion magazine… she looks like a tramp and apparently behaves like one too."

"I fucked up and I told Kurt that I fucked up." Blaine tossed his jacket to the couch and walked over, leaning against the back of it. "This is being made into something much bigger than it is."

"But you wouldn't have if she didn't throw it in Jess's face, and that's what concerns me."

Cooper and Santana shared a glance.

"Do you question whether I'm faithful to you or not, Kurt?" Blaine asked with bemusement. "Do you honestly question my loyalty to this relationship?"

Kurt looked him in the face and nodded. "I question whether I'll be able to trust you, and that scares me."

Santana looked to Blaine. It was clear to Cooper than she was 5.4 seconds from whipping out a bucket of popcorn with how into this she was. Blaine scratched at his jaw and shrugged too, upset at what he was hearing but not enough to let it show. "Then if you can't trust me, maybe we shouldn't be wasting our time."

"Yeah, right." the elder Anderson said. It was more mumbled than anything, but the room heard his sarcasm loud and clear.

Kurt looked from Cooper to Blaine. He wore a sad expression as well, and there were slight traces of dampness behind his eyelids. "You'd rather break up with me than open up to me."

Blaine simply looked up at him, praying that it wasn't actually going to happen. Luckily, he had Santana's two cents thrown between the two of them before anything stupid could happen.

"You two do realize that you live together? How's a break up going to work?"

Cooper scoffed again. Like that was going to happen.

"I don't want to break up with you, Kurt."

Kurt and Blaine shared a quick bit of eye contact before the elder looked away first. He didn't want to break up either, especially over some girl who was more than likely irrelevant now.

She'd better be irrelevant, Kurt thought.

"I'm going up to my floor. Goodnight Tana. Goodnight Coop."

Cooper watched Kurt grab his scarf and coat, standing up straight off the wall and heading towards the door. He turned to look at his little brother as Santana said goodnight to her 'dear Lady Face', noticing Blaine's far off expression. A few seconds later, the door closed and the sound of Kurt's footsteps could be heard disappearing up the steps.

Blaine only stood there. Santana rolled her eyes and walked towards the kitchen. All Cooper could do was let himself smile, though. It was nice seeing his little brother in a relationship, and he could remember talking to Kurt all those weeks back when he was scared to 'mess things up' between him and Blaine, and now they seemed to be trying to mess it up over something incredibly stupid so they wouldn't have to actually get their hearts broken.

"Squirt, you two are fucking dramatic."

"Preach," Santana called out from the fridge, pulling out some ice cream and a couple spoons. Blaine shook his head, not looking up until Cooper walked over to the couch.

"Can you believe that?" Blaine questioned, trying to defend himself. "That girl means nothing!"

"Then why didn't you say something?" he asked.

Blaine rolled his eyes and walked into the living room after him, plopping down on the recliner. "Don't tell me you're taking Kurt's side."

"I'm asking a damn good question, Squirt."

"You sure are," Santana said, joining them in the living room after she changed into a t-shirt and some sweat pants. "I'd love to hear the answer to this."

"I didn't tell him because I slept around on Jess… I don't want him thinking I will sleep around on him too." Blaine sounded frustrated as he slouched down in the seat. "My relationship with Jess and my relationship with Kurt… two different things. They don't even compare, and I'd never cheat on him. I just don't want him thinking he shouldn't be able to trust me."

"And what ended up happening? That same exact thing." Cooper accepted the spoon with a 'thank you' and dug into the container of ice cream, flipping through the channels as he spoke. "I don't think your plan turned out to be a good one after all."

Blaine looked up at the screen."

"Just go upstairs and have angry sex so me and your big bro here can listen in. Please and thank you."

Cooper hid his smile perfectly as Blaine turned to face them.

"Wait… what?"

"All that matters is," Cooper started, "the very thing that you didn't want to happen—the very thing that made you keep secrets from the person you're in love with, it happened anyway." Santana nodded her agreement and Blaine listened when his older brother resumed. "The last thing you want is for your boyfriend to think you're a liar. Dishonesty in relationships don't work, trust me I've been through enough relationships."

Blaine looked away, shaking his head as everything went through his mind. "He's so happy with what he's doing. Working for mom and writing this magazine… I don't want to do anything to ruin that."

After swallowing a bite of ice cream, Santana decided she'd had enough. "Listen curly," the girl sat up on the couch and faced an aggravated Blaine Anderson, "You have a boy that you love upstairs pissed at you because you're too stupid to see how stupid you are—"

"I'm not stupid—"

"If you make a mistake, man up to it." she said simply. "Tell him that you made a mistake. Explain your reasoning even though it makes no sense whatsoever, and let him know that you were afraid. I think he'd appreciate that more than all of the nonsense you were spewing a few moments ago."

"Exactly," Cooper chimed in with a smile. It was the type that made Blaine feel a little bit better even though he was still overall pissed off. "And don't try to belittle something just because you see it differently. To him this is serious and being in a relationship means you two have to respect each other's feelings."

Blaine nodded to him before looking away. Santana continued to watch him for a moment, spooning out a bit more of ice cream and holding it to her lips.

"He loves you," Cooper said surely.

Blaine stared at the screen. "I love him."

"Then I don't see the problem," Santana stated. "Go have makeup sex. And stop pretending you two are going to break up because you both know no one believed that bullshit."

Cooper laughed when Blaine smirked to himself and took another bite of the ice cream. "Go upstairs."

"I am," he stood up and stretched, accepting his coat from Santana. "Thank you. I'll see you guys in the morning."

"Ok bite size," Santana sat up and turned to watch him go. "Make sure the makeup sex is nice and loud, niño."

Blaine rolled his eyes and stopped short. "Can you guys really hear us up there?"

Cooper grinned. "Yes we can Mr. Power Bottom."

Santana snorted and Blaine smirked, shaking his head and leaving the apartment. He could hear their laughing when he entered the stairwell and smiled as well, realizing just how much he hated the both of them.


So what now? –Cedes

I don't know. He said he doesn't want to break up but I can't stay in a relationship where there's dishonesty. Blaine of all people should know that. Charles was the lowest of the low and he helped me through it… -Kurt

Kurt put his phone down and picked back up his notes as he waited for a response. He swallowed when he heard the front door close and then slowly but surely, footsteps approached bedroom.

I'm pretty sure the both of them are totally different. I could see that while he was here. You two should just talk maybe? –Cedes

Blaine stepped in the room and undid the belt to his jeans. He looked up and saw Kurt staring down at his phone as he pulled his shirt off, replacing it a moment later with a tank top to sleep in.

He just walked in. Hasn't said anything. I'm going to call it a night though. Talk to you in the morning, Cedes. –Kurt

Blaine pulled on a pair of sweat pants before walking over to the bed. The television was off and he grabbed the remote, looking at his boyfriend for approval first.

Goodnight, and good luck, babe. –Cedes

"Do you mind?"

Kurt looked up at him for the first time and shook his head no. "Go ahead if you want."

Blaine nodded, turning it on to the same movie Santana and Cooper were watching downstairs. Kurt looked at the screen before returning to his notes for work and focused his attention there while Blaine climbed into bed.

He was a little bit shocked when Blaine ended up crawling over to him; the book and pen in his lap pushed away as Blaine's lips found his neck. Kurt rolled his eyes but the smile that made its way onto his lips was genuine, and a strangled laugh turned into a moan a moment later. "This is not going to work."

Blaine smiled against the skin as he placed another kiss there, moving across Kurt's Adam's apple and to the other side of his neck. "I'm sorry. You know that?"

"Maybe," Kurt bit his lip and looked at the ceiling as Blaine laid him down in bed, "maybe if this apology was genuine and you actually meant that then I'd forgive you."

Blaine sat up and looked down at him; a wave of sincerity in his eyes as they met Kurt's. "Kurt Hummel. I mean it. I love you and I'm really, really sorry I gave you any reason to doubt me and how much you mean to me."

Kurt laid there and stared at him for a moment, eventually sighing. "I'm not that dull. You at least have to tell me what you're sorry for."

Blaine nodded. "I can do that, gorgeous."

Kurt tried not to blush at the pet name and smiled softly at him.

"I'm sorry for not being upfront." Blaine began, "I'm sorry for being stupid. For getting mad at you when all of this could've been avoided in the first place."

"So you don't think we're a waste of time?" Kurt questioned skeptically.

Blaine shook his head no. "Of course not. I begged you for weeks to be my boyfriend and I could never regret it…" he smiled and Kurt did the same. "I was just mad that you didn't trust me, I guess. But I know it's my fault you didn't trust me and I'm sorry about that. Danica—"

"Daniella, Blaine. And I don't care. It's in the past and we're leaving it there…"

Blaine nodded.

"Just," Kurt took his hands in his and held them tight. "Just promise you'll always talk to me… please?"

"I promise. That won't happen again…" Blaine brought one hand up to his lips and kissed it. "I'm very sorry. I just want to know that we're ok."

Kurt nodded. "I'm sorry too. I screamed a lot… again."

Blaine smiled along with him and they laughed a bit. "I can't even blame you this time."

"I love you, though."

"And I love you." Blaine sat down on the bed beside him and licked his lips; both tongue rings on display. "We're not going to bed upset with each other, right?"

Kurt quickly shook his head no. "We're not."

"So we'll cuddle?"

Kurt laughed and nodded his head. "Yes. C'mere, lie down with me."

Blaine leant down to kiss his lips before the two got underneath their comforters. He felt a lot better when Kurt pulled him close and didn't miss the opportunity to wrap his arms around the boy. There was no way he was letting him go.


Dinner after the first Fashion Week showing had been completely annoying.

To Blaine, that was.

Rachel and Kurt were having the time of their lives, as were Cooper and Sebastian. They were used to Linda Berry though. Finn and Santana appeared to be trying to make the woman out, as she was with them. Blaine on the other hand sat back in his chair at the restaurant and listened to his mother speaking with the group, completely uninterested with all of this.

"By the time school starts again, you should be clear with interviews. I just need this one done. I also need to find a couple new models since Sebastian felt the need to sleep with one and my son felt the need to sleep with the other."

Blaine looked away from the group and at the waiter making his way through the cozy Italian spot they were at. He felt Kurt smiling at him and smirked, otherwise ignoring it.

"I know a great guy to replace Larry," Sebastian said with a charming smile. "He—"

"Thanks, but I should warn you that if you sleep with anymore of my employees, I'll sue you myself and I'll make sure you're unemployed at any place other than McDonalds. You don't want to go downhill at 18, do you Mr. Smythe?"

Blaine smiled and listened in now. "I think you should do it."

"And you," Linda turned to her son; her smile identical to Rachel's on display, "You are going to enjoy being one of my models. I imagine girls and boys alike will love the new bad boy on the cover of my magazine."

Blaine looked at Kurt who seemed just as shocked as the rest of the table was. Santana looked from Cooper to Queen Berry as they awaited an explanation.

"I'm not working for you. I thought we had this covered."

"You and cleavage here," she motioned to Santana, "will replace the people I've lost. I'll have a contract drawn up in the morning."

Cooper cleared his throat. "Mom, wouldn't you feel more comfortable hiring people who have experience—"

"Hush your trap," Santana cut in and turned to Linda who gave her a warm smile, "I'd love to be a model for your stupid magazine. I saw Kurt's bank statements and let me say, I sure do like the amount of zeros he's working with—"

"You went through my bank papers, Satan!?"

"I'm still not doing this." Blaine said nonchalantly. His mother seemed entertained and it made him a bit upset. "I'm not a model. I want nothing to do with anything associated with you, and I don't need anything that will distract me from school. I know how you are, anyway."

Linda laughed and Kurt observed the conversation, glancing over to Sebastian who seemed to be just as lost as to what she had planned.

"Blaine. Whatsoever do you mean, darling?"

Blaine rolled his eyes. "I'm going to be a doctor, and that's that. I'm not letting you have your way and mold me into something I'm not."

"He isn't even tall enough." Sebastian said. Kurt shook his head.

"Linda, with all due respect, you know there are tons of qualified people we can find for this gig who actually want it. Blaine isn't the person. He'll end up beating up the paparazzi and we don't need bad publicity ever, nonetheless at the start of our empire."

Blaine looked at Kurt with furrowed eyebrows. "Thanks?"

"He's just what we need. Somebody I know Sebastian won't sleep with, someone who hates me but whom I can trust, and you two get to see each other. You'll thank me later."

Kurt listened to her before turning to look at his boyfriend.

"Check, please."

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