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Logan Alexander Mitchell was a slut. There was no denying it and no getting around it. Logan Mitchell was a man whore in every right. Everyone always thought he was the goody-two-shoes with a good head on his shoulders who would never even dream of doing something bad. How wrong they all were.

Over the years, Logan had gotten very good at hiding things. When he was eleven and saw his first pornographic magazine, he hid it from his parents. He also hid the fact that it was a male porn magazine. He hid the fact that he sucked his first cock at thirteen. He hid the fact that he lost his virginity in an alley at fourteen. He hid the fact that he started posting videos of himself masturbating online at fifteen. He hid the fact that he spent the majority of his sophomore year walking around with dildos up his ass at sixteen. And on his seventeenth birthday, he was determined to hide his whorish ways from his friends. But things don't always go as planned…

"Mr. Mitchell! Please pay attention!" Logan snapped to attention at the sound of his name. He was sitting in the back of his College Prep English Class, in between Carlos, Logan and James. It was the only class that the four friends had together, and the class that they could all practically sleep in and still manage to get an A. "You don't want to fail the test on The Scarlet Letter, do you?" Logan shook his head respectively, fully knowing that he could pass a test on the book with his eyes closed. The teacher nodded and went back to writing on the board. Logan felt a nudge and looked to his left to see Kendall openly staring at him.

"Mitchell, what's up?" He asked in a hushed voice. "I'd expect the spacing out from James, but not you."

"I can hear you." James muttered back. Kendall rolled his eyes and ignored him, continuing to stare at Logan as he waited for his answer. Logan knew the real reason he was not paying attention and that was because of a dare he had received from one of his usual hook-ups the week before…

"Fuck Mitchell!" Logan groaned at the use of his last name by the older male. He glanced up from his position on his knees to see the blonde above him with his eyes shut and his head thrown back against the wall as Logan assaulted his cock with his lounge. The two were in a back alley behind a gay bar in downtown LA. That was famous for its gay sex scene. As long as nothing got broken and the things that were got paid for, the owner could honestly care less about what happened. Logan himself had both watched and participated in at least three orgies and four gangbangs in the six months he had been frequenting the place.

He had met Christopher after the 24-year-old had messaged him regarding one of the masturbation videos he had posted online. They had started with commenting, moved on to messaging, continued to IMing, then texting, sexting and finally phone sex before Logan agreed to meet in person. Christopher had suggested the bar. They met up, talked, drank, and Christopher had fucked him until he couldn't sit down properly without wincing for a week.

They had been having some sort of sex at least once a week since then.

Logan swallowed, desperate to deepthoart the seven incher in his mouth. He could tell that Chris was close and he wanted nothing more than to take him over the edge. He continued to watch the other man as he slowly removed one of his hands from the base of the cock in his mouth to drag it down the bare thigh, and across to the crack in his ass. Before Christopher could react, Logan shoved his finger into the ass he had earlier rimmed. Christopher's eyes shot open.

"Logan!" The older male screamed, the sound echoing off the alley walls. Logan grinned and continued to push the finger in and out, happy as he watched the man in front of him shake and tense repeatedly as his orgasm neared. He started sucking harder and licking faster as he rutted against the ground, his eyes closing in order to enjoy the sensation of it all. Unexpectedly, Logan felt Christopher pull his head off of his dick before pushing him to the ground on his back. Logan was about to cuss him out when he saw the blonde fall to his knees and straddle him, his dick right over Logan's mouth. Brown eyes met Grey and stayed there as Christopher quickly and jerked himself off and before Logan knew it, he felt and saw the older man's cum hit his hair, his t-shirt and his face. He stuck his lounge out to taste some that had fallen on his lips and when the familiar taste hit his taste buds, Logan couldn't and didn't want to stop the orgasm that ripped through him.

He was silent as he recovered and waited for his breathing to resort back to normal. After what could have been anywhere from five minutes to a half-hour, he opened his eyes (when had he shut them?) to see Christopher's smiling face only a few inches from his own. He smiled back. Christopher ran a finger down Logan's face collecting some of his cum on it before offering it to the boy in front of him who took it into his mouth without hesitation. The two continued this routine, gently grinding into each other the whole while. When Logan's face was finally clean, Christopher leaned in and gently kissed the younger boy who eagerly responded. When they pulled away, the 24-year-old stood and pulled up his long-forgotten jeans before offering a hand to Logan. When they were both back on their feet, Christopher smirked.

"Nice stain." He said voice raspy from yelling. Logan looked confused before looking down at the crotch of his jeans to see a giant wet stain from where he had come. Logan blushed causing the older man to chuckle and kiss his forehead. "Don't get upset. I like that I affect you so much."

"I like that you fuck me so much." The younger man said, wrapping his arms around the other male's back and placing a kiss over his heart.

"Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that. You know how your birthday is next Thursday?" Logan arched an eyebrow.

"Well considering that fact that it is MY birthday, I hope I do." Christopher gave the boy a firm smack on the ass before continuing.

"Well, I was thinking about a possible…challenge you could do." Logan's interest peaked and he looked up at the man in front of him.

"Challenge? What kind of challenge?"

"Do you remember last week when you said that if you could you would walk around with a dick in your ass all day, every day? Well, I was thinking, what about a butt plug? You could wear a different one every day until next Thursday. You of course wouldn't be allowed to masturbate and the only reason you would be allowed to take them out would be if you were getting fucked." Logan was silent as he mulled all of it over. He placed his face back into Christopher's warm board chest and wrapped his arms around the other man's waist.

As he spoke, Christopher swayed the two of them, his hands gently massaging Logan's ass, every now and then forcing the younger man's hips to collide with his. "How would you know I wore it all day?" Logan finally asked.

"I trust you enough to believe that you'd keep it all day plus I know that your kinkier side and your moral side wouldn't let you remove them even if you wanted to. However, if it'll make you feel better, I can require that you text me a picture every hour."

"Would I have to wear them at night?"

"Of course."

"And during school?"

"What fun would this be if you didn't?"

"Can I be fucked by anyone, or just you?"

"I don't plan on fucking you again till your birthday so you are fair game for all." Logan was silent once more before looking back up and grinning at the man in front of him.

"Challenge accepted."

After remaining at the club for two more hours, Christopher drove the two back to his apartment where he fucked Logan against the door, the counter and the wall. It was after midnight by the time they finished. When Logan finally collapsed on the bed and was slowly drifting into dream land, Christopher slowly inserted the first plug, which wasn't too bad, in Logan's stretched hole. The next morning, Christopher dropped Logan at home just in time for his mother to "wake him up" for school, leaving the teen with a box containing six other plugs. And that is how it went.

He'd wear the plug all day no matter what he was doing, every night at midnight he would move on a size up, and true to his word, every hour, on the hour he would send a picture of his plugged ass to Christopher. He had set his alarm clock to wake him every hour and had taken more bathroom breaks during one week than he had in an entire semester at school.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday hadn't been so bad, they weren't uncomfortable and had been more like dildos then plugs and he had even had to readjust a few time because they kept almost sliding out. Monday was when the problems started because not only was it longer, but it had grown in diameter as well and every time he walked he could feel it rubbing his insides. Tuesday's had required him to use lube and sitting down properly was difficult. Wednesday had been a total mess. This one was wider than Christopher but the length was just right. The tip of the plug rubbed against his prostate all morning, causing him to cum three times before eleven AM, all without so much laying a finger on himself. He felt so guilty that during lunch he sat in his car and called Christopher to confess. Christopher found the whole thing incredibly erotic and the combination of his voice calling Logan names and the plug still in his ass, caused Logan to cum a fourth time, once again, his hands nowhere near his dick.

It was finally Thursday, his Seventeenth birthday. He had had to use a whole lot of lube to get the plug in and he spent ten minutes afterwards visibly shaking as he waited for his body to get accustomed to the size. It was bigger than anything he had ever taken and he knew for a fact that it was bigger than Christopher himself. With every motion or step it pressed directly against the bundle of nerves and sent spasms up and down his body that he was having a hard time concealing it. Logan had been focusing so much of his attention on trying to appear normal and not to bring attention to himself that he had inadvertently zoned out, doing the exact opposite of what he had wanted.

As he continued to look at Kendall, he heart began to race faster. He didn't like lying to people, especially his best friends. But tell them the truth?

The reason why I'm not focusing is because I have a giant butt plug up my ass which was given to me on a dare by a twenty-four-old who I met online who routinely fucks me in a club that caters to gay sex? And I'm doing it because I'm a masochist who enjoys being used and treated like some cheap whore?

Not the best way to come out of the closet.

Logan looked at his friend and sighed. There was no way in HELL he was telling him that.

"Just preoccupied and bored. I did turn seventeen today, after all. Bit more important than some book that I can just sparknotes later." Kendall continued to stare at him suspiciously but couldn't press the issue further because the teacher took that moment to announce a project and to announce partners for it. Logan sighed in relief before checking at his watch and groaning. It wasn't even ten yet. It was going to be a long day…