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"Hello this is Mission Stocks & Broking. How can I help you?"

"I'm looking for a Christopher Mane."

"This is he. Can I help you purchase a stock?"

"Chris, it's me. Logan!"

"Oh, it's my little sex puppet...it's four o' clock. I was expecting a picture, not a phone call. What's up?"

"I can't do it. I can't wait till tonight. All day this damn plug has been touching me and rubbing me…I almost came while giving a presentation in calculus! I need you to come fuck me and I need you to do it now!"

"Well I'm sorry baby, but I just can't do that. We're swamped right now and I've got two meetings before I start catching up on paperwork I missed."


"It's only three more hours and then I will gladly bend you over a table and take you like the cockslut you are but until then you will just have to get relief some other way."

"But you said I couldn't touch myself-"

"But I did say someone else could. Find someone else to fuck you which should be able to hold you off till tonight."

"I can't just go around asking random strangers to have sex with me."

"Well then it looks like you're shit out of luck. Babe I'm sorry okay, but I can't get over there to help you and I'm not changing the challenge this close to the end. Just take a nap or something. It'll make time go by faster."


"Pick you up at 7:20?"

"I'll be waiting outside."

"Goodbye whore."

"Goodbye master."

Logan dejectedly hung up the house phone and sighed in dismay. He had hoped that Christopher would drop everything and come to his aid. "What the fuck am I supposed to do now?"

"You could always do us." Logan gripped the edge of the counter as the amused tone of the familiar voice reached his ears. He looked over his shoulder to see his Kendall, Carlos and James all grinning at him, just as Kendall reached behind them to lock the front door. James, who had spoken, took that moment to run his hand through his hair as he stepped forward. "While we aren't exactly random I think that the three of us would work quite nicely." Logan gulped as he watched his friends all move in closer. He started to turn around but the look Kendall shot him along with the arch of the blonde's eyebrow stopped him.

"You should stay where you are." Kendall suggested. "This view is very…tempting." Logan's lips moved but no sound came out as his three friends continued to move towards him. "I could tell you were lying this morning. You never really were that good at it."

"How…how much of that did you hear?" James shrugged and crossed his arms.

"Enough to know that "innocent Logan Mitchell" is nothing but an act. And you are just as perverted as the rest of us. Actually, no. You are even more perverted than the rest of us. " Logan shook his head.

"I…I-I'm not-" Carlos scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"Really? Because according to your cell phone you are." Logan's eyes widened and his hand went to his pocket, reaching for Droid. His heart plummeted when Carlos held it up, the screen displaying a picture of himself that Chris had sent him. The older male had taken it during one of the club orgies when Logan had been the center of it. The then sixteen-year-old had a dick in his mouth, one in each hand, and the fist of another guy shoved up his ass. "And don't try and say it isn't you because we can clearly see the BTR tattoo on your wrist." He continued, hopping on the counter and giving the phone back to its owner. Logan looked closer and saw that his Latino friend was right. The year before, all four boys had gotten matching BTR logo tattoos on their right wrists and Logan's could clearly be seen in the picture. The brunette sighed and hung his head.

"Fine." Logan sighed. "You caught me. The secret's out. I'm a slut. I'm a gay slut. I enjoy taking dick almost as much as I like sucking it and the only thing I really wanted for my birthday was to be fucked." He raised his head as he felt someone press themselves against his back and a gasp escaped his lips when that same someone gripped his hips and rocked against him. Carlos was still on his right, and out of the corner of his eyes he could see Kendall leaning against the counter on his other side, leaving only one prospect… "James…" Logan moaned, causing the other dark haired boy to shush him.

"Don't worry about it Logie. From the pictures on your phone and the phone call, we can tell that you need this more than the rest of us. Just relax and let us do this for you." Logan bit his lip as James moved his hands forward to rub over Logan's crotch. Carlos and Kendall shared a look and nodded before Carlos moved over on the counter until he was seated directly in front of Logan.

"So exactly how much do you like sucking dick, Logan?" The boy in question swallowed, unable to answer as he watched his Latino friend unzip his jeans and push them down to his ankles to reveal blue boxer briefs, prominently displaying his growing bulge. Logan had of course seen his friend's dick before, they all had. Growing up playing sports with his three best friends had meant numerous hours in locker rooms, changing, showering, and playing naked pranks. On more than several occasions one of the boys would find all of their clothes missing and would have to run through the school on a wide goose chase for them wearing only a small towel.

But this was totally different. While he had seen his friend's dick almost as many times as he saw his own, he had never seen it hard, and if it was impressive when it was soft, then it was simply breathtaking now. It was thick and long, Carlos' precum already forming a wet spot in the thin fabric. Logan looked up from his eye-raping to look his friend in the face. Carlos nodded and Logan began to lower his head making sure to maintain eye contact with the boy on the counter. When his mouth was only a few inches away, Logan slipped his tongue out and licked a slow stripe along the length of the cock. A firm squeeze to his balls cause Logan to remember that there were in fact other people in the room. Logan went to raise his head, but a hand on it stopped him.

"You said you liked sucking dick and that's what you're gonna do." A voice harshly whispered, pushing his head down until his entire mouth was against his friend's crotch. He was too far gone to figure out which of the three were commanding him and he could honestly care less. He closed his eyes and began to mouth and lick the cock through the other boy's underwear. As he kept his mouth busy, he felt James back away from him and he clenched around the butt plug, his mind already creating scenarios for what would happen next.

Logan's entire body froze as he felt his pants being spilt-correction-cut. Carlos' gentle hand in his hair urged him to unfreeze and to continue what he had been doing before. Logan relaxed his body once more, half of his mind on the dick in front of him, the other half on what was happening behind him. He felt the sharp knife began to cut his favorite pair of faded blue jeans, starting at just above his ass, working down to just under his balls and all the way back up again. The cut fabric fell away and Logan shivered as he felt cold air breeze over his still plugged ass. As he finally pulled Carlos' underwear down, he heard a low whistle from behind him.

"Damn, Logie," James muttered. "When you said you were a slut, you weren't kidding. This thing is huge!" Logan raised his head to speak but was stopped by Carlos, forcing his mouth back down as Kendall moved from his spot to stand beside James, to validate the other boy's claim.

"You've had this in all day?" Kendall asked. Logan nodded, moving his tongue to lick the underside of Carlos' cock causing the Latino above him to groan deeply. One of the boys behind him griped the base and started to slowly pull the plug out, before jamming it straight back in. The unexpected push forward caused it to ram against his prostate, Logan almost choking on his friend's cock, as what felt like white fire spread through his veins. He pulled his mouth off of Carlos to say something, when the plug was once again, pulled out and pushed back in at break neck speed. Logan saw stars and screamed as his orgasm ripped through him. He instantly blacked out, his body shaking as he continued to come.

"He's not dead, right?"

"No, Carlos. He's still got a pulse remember?"

"I know Kendall, it's just that he's been out of it for a while and he doesn't look like he's waking up-"

"Guys hush! I think he's waking up." Logan shook his head as the voices around him became clearer. He slowly opened his eyes to take in his surroundings. He had been moved from in front of Carlos to sitting in between the Latino's open legs on the counter. He had been stripped of all clothing and as he clenched his ass, he realized that the butt plug had been removed. He turned his head to see that James was behind him and Kendall was tightly pressed up against him. All three of his friends were just as naked as he. He opened his mouth to speak but gasped instead when James unexpectedly and easily shoved three fingers into his still stretched hole.

"Good to have you back." Kendall said, smirking and arching an eyebrow. "You were out of it for a good ten minutes. Carlos was worried sick." Logan turned his head back to face his darker friend who blushed and nodded. Logan smiled and leaned forward, softly kissing the other boy. As their tongues fought each other, Logan slowly began to thrust against the fingers in his ass, wincing slightly at the sensitivity. He felt a hand grip his hair and gently pull him back, ending the kiss, leaving both him and Carlos panting. Kendall released him and moved that same hand down until it was resting just above his hardening dick. James in turn removed his fingers, the smaller boy moaning at the loss. James chuckled before leaning in until his front was up against Logan's back and his mouth was against the smaller teen's ear.

"How do you feel about dick, Logan?" He whispered, biting on the boy in question's earlobe. Logan leaned his head back and groaned.

"I love it…"

"And what about dick in your ass?"

"I need it…"

"Do you want us to fuck you?"

"Yes…please…I need it…"

"Who do you want to fuck you first, me or Carlos?"

"Wha-what about Kendall?" Kendall laughed from behind him and both James and Carlos chuckled.

"Let's just say," the tall brunette started. "That Kendall's dick belongs in one ass only and that ass is mine." Logan was shocked at the statement, never realizing just how close his two friends actually were.

"Seems like you're not the only cockslut around here." Kendall said, giving his lover a light tap on the ass. James rolled his eyes before returning his attention back to Logan.

"I ask again. Who do you want to fuck you first: me or Carlos?" Logan's eyes rolled in the back of his head as his mind swam with mental images that went straight to his cock.


"...I'm sorry, what?" Carlos asked. Logan nodded and repeated his answer.

"Both. I want you both to fuck me. Please. Now…please…" he begged, burying his face in Carlos' neck. James and Carlos shared a look before shrugging.

"If it's really what he wants…"

"And he's already stretched for it…" Kendall grinned.

"I say you give him what he wants, exactly how he wants it." James reached down and pulled a small bottle of lube out of his jeans pocket and squirted some in his hand before throwing it over to Carlos. The seated boy did the same before tossing it back towards Kendall who caught it with ease. All three teens quickly lubed up their fully hard cocks and positioned themselves at their desired entrances. Carlos lifted Logan so that he was hovering above his erection and slowly began to lower him down onto it. He slid in easy and when Logan's ass met Carlos' balls, all four teens moaned. Kendall spread James cheeks with his hand and the other boy braced himself against the counter. Having not as been as prepared as Logan, it took a little longer for the blonde's dick to slide into his boyfriend, but soon he was all the way in the familiar and tight hole. Logan reached back until his hand was wrapped around James' cock and gently pulled the other boy forward.

With Kendall gently pushing James forward, Logan's guiding hand and Carlos' words of encouragement, the entirety of James' erection moved into Logan alongside Carlos'. All four boys gasped as they became connected. Logan had his eyes shut tight and was shaking from the overstimulation. Both Carlos and James forced themselves to remain still for the sake of their friend, Kendall using all of his self-control to not plow into James.

After a few minutes, Logan opened his eyes and sent a small smile towards Carlos who gave him an encouraging nod in return. Carlos looked around him and shared a look with James and Kendall. The two other boys nodded and Kendall took a deep breath before pulling out and thrusting hard back into James. This motion caused James to surge forward into Logan just as Carlos pulled out and pushed back in. So began a routine. Kendall would pull out and take James with him at the same time that Carlos would pull out. Then Kendall would slam back in to his boyfriend sending him forward just as Carlos would enter Logan as well, hitting Logan's prostate every time. Soon Logan was crying from the pleasure and the pain of what was happening to him. He was so close…

Carlos smirked and making sure Logan was watching, he slowly licked his hand before reaching down and wrapping a fist around Logan's swollen cock, pumping it in time with the ever increasing speed of his thrusts. Kendall and James and picked up the speed too, Kendall doing his best to split his lover in two and James trying to stay upright while switching between being the fucker and the fuckee. Logan was just doing his best to stay conscious as his pulse raced, his ass burned, his dick hurt, and he experienced wave after wave of some of the best pre-orgasm bliss he had ever had.

Without any warning for himself or the others, Logan came, his cum spraying all over Carlos' hand, before collapsing on top of him. Carlos couldn't hold it and a few seconds later came as well. The feeling of the ass clenching on him and the dick cumming against him made James release himself as well. Kendall followed shortly after.

The four staying connected in silence, each of them too weak to separate from the other three. Logan lifted himself off of Carlos' chest and grinned.

"Best. Birthday. Ever."