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New Beginning

"There's too much fighting, too little understanding
It's time to stop and start all over
Make a new beginning."

- Tracy Chapman

Gaara hates drama.

So he's suspicious when Tsunade sends him a scroll asking if he has any use for an extremely skilled kunochi with former experience with children. They both know he does - Suna needs a teacher for their Academy now that the war's over. Really, he could use some help with the orphanage, too. The Fourth Shinobi War produced too many orphans and Gaara holds a special place in his heart for neglected children.

But Konoha's having their own problems, so why is Tsunade offering up one of her best?

Gaara automatically suspects clan problems. When he looks over the girl's file he sees that she was the on-again-off-again heiress of the Hyuuga clan. Apparently there's some history of abuse or something like that, but the report isn't very detailed. There's mention of several attempted kidnappings and a brief stint as clan head. According to the file, the Hyuuga girl did something involving a seal and then passed the clan head position to her cousin before being emancipated. She's barely nineteen now and wants to leave Konoha for some reason. It smells fishy to Gaara and he really doesn't like seafood.

"Seriously Gaara, you can't pass this up. She's an amazing kunochi and really kind, too - do you remember during the Chuunin exams? Her cousin actually said she was too kind to be a shinobi, but she's stubborn as hell so it doesn't hold her back in the field. I think she'd be a great replacement for Norio. We seriously need a new teacher, and she worked at the Konoha Academy for a while too."

And that's the other thing.

Temari hasn't stopped bugging him to approve the transfer since he got the scroll. It appears that Temari knows the Hyuuga well and likes her enough to pester him about it. It makes him even more suspicious as Temari knows better than to annoy him about such matters.

"Fine," He wants her out of his office. He likes being alone, and she's ruining his day. "I'll approve it. You can take care of the details yourself."

Temari squeals girlishly (more reason to be suspicious - Temari does not squeal) and hugs him tightly before snatching the scroll off of his desk and running out of his office, slamming the door behind her.

Gaara sneezes - Temari's wearing perfume that he thinks he's allergic to - and then he picks up the girl's file once more.

Now that Temari mentions it, he does remember the Hyuuga from the Chuunin exams. She was a pathetic excuse for a shinobi and a horrifying example of a little girl at the time - barely twelve, maybe thirteen. She had fought her cousin, who he remembers to be older and much more experienced. It hadn't been a surprise when she lost - the surprise came when she kept getting up.

Privately, he admires the young kunochi. He knows the pain of having a loved one try to kill you, something her cousin had done. She reminds him a little bit of himself, and several times during both his time as Kazekage and as leader of the Shinobi forces he has thought about her and her refusal to give up.

But her words…

"I can see that you are the one who is suffering…"

She sees a little too clearly for his taste. That could prove to be a problem.

And then he remembers the other thing - she is in love with Uzumaki Naruto.

"She…she loves me. She loves me! Even though I'm a demon container and I've done nothing but hurt her... No one's ever told me that, Gaara. What do you think I should do?"

It wasn't like he had an answer for his friend. Gaara, more than anyone, knows nothing about love.

But if she loved Naruto, then why was she coming to Suna?

Gaara makes a small noise of frustration and he shuts the file and pushes it off to the side. He's not going to worry about it anymore.

Hinata keeps her hands hidden safely under the folds of her yukata. The fabric is slightly itchy and smells like mothballs-all her yukata have been sent to Suna ahead of her and she got this one out of storage-and she's extremely uncomfortable. Neji keeps glaring at her and Hanabi's sniffles aren't really helping either. Her father is absent, which is no surprise.

"Remind me again why you insist on leaving Konoha." Neji demands through gritted teeth. His own hands are hidden beneath the long sleeves of his Hyuuga robes, but she knows that they are clenched into tight fists.

Hinata sighs and tries not to roll her eyes. Neji has been the biggest pain in the ass-neck, excuse her language-since she emancipated herself (the reason, of course, that her father was so angry with her) and her announcement that she is leaving Konoha has only made everything worse.

"Konoha no longer holds anything for me, nii-san," She tries to keep her voice soft as to not scare him. Apparently acting cold just makes him worry and an anxious Neji is a cranky Neji. "Shino is serving as an ambassador for Iwa and Kiba is taking over the Inuzuka clan. Kurenai has her baby now. I've been serving in ANBU for a year now, and I'm ready for something new. Perhaps Suna will provide me with a new chance to become stronger. And before you say it, you don't need me anymore either, nii-san. You don't need me as an advisor any more than I need you to protect me." She tries to smile but it only makes Neji cast his eyes away from her.

"You should have never made me head," Neji murmurs. "I'm not the leader you think I am."

Hinata fights back a smile. Neji's been saying the same thing since she handed him the position and called him Neji-sama (now that he understands how awful it is he's stopped calling her Hinata-sama under the condition that she never call him anything but nii-san). "You don't give yourself enough credit, nii-san. I did what I could to bring the houses together. My time with the Hyuuga is done."

Neji looks like he's going to say something and Hinata prepares herself for his anger, because his eyes are flashing silver. But it's Hanabi who speaks instead:

"If you leave us, I'll never forgive you." Her little sister's voice is barely above a whisper. "I'll never forgive you!"

Her heart clenches and Hinata closes her eyes. This might be the hardest part of the whole ordeal, but Hanabi's fourteen now. It's time she learned about loss.

"Hanabi, one way or another I'm going to leave, soon-be it by my own free will or in a body bag," Her words are harsh but she's babied Hanabi for too long. Hiashi thinks he's made Hanabi strong, but in his hurry to create an heir without emotions, he forgot the love of a sister. Hanabi is attached to her and that's why this hurts so much. "The average ANBU lives about three years if they don't get out. I just reached my one year mark-would you prefer I die before I leave Konoha?" Each word is sharp as the kunai she has hidden under her yukata and Hanabi winces.

"No!" She cries. "But even if Neji-niisan doesn't need you, I do! Please, nee-chan, I don't want you to leave!" Hanabi suddenly throws decorum to the wind and she launches herself at her sister, sobbing into her yukata. "Please, nee-chan!"

Hinata wraps her arms around Hanabi and strokes her long brown hair back. When she was making the decision to leave, she kept telling herself the same thing; that Hanabi still needed her. But they're both lying to themselves.

"You're about to take the Chuunin exams, Hana," She uses her old nickname and Hanabi chokes out another sob before burying her head in Hinata's shoulder. "You don't need me anymore, but I'm just going to be in Suna if something happens. I'm only two days away, if you're feeling lazy and walk the whole way. If Otou-sama does something, you can go to nii-san or come stay with me for a bit."

Hanabi slowly stops crying but Hinata continues to stroke her hair. It's a familiar motion; Hinata's always been more of a mother to Hanabi than a sister as their mother died in childbirth. "Will you write me?" Hanabi slowly asks. "Every day?"

"Every day," Hinata assures. "I promise."

"And you'll come back for my birthday? And the Chuunin exams?" Hanabi's sitting up now, keeping her teary eyes on her sister's. "And you'll bring me souvenirs?"

Hinata finally breaks into a real smile and she lets out a giggle. "Of course! And you'll write me all about Konohamaru-kun, right?"

That makes Hanabi blush and this time even Neji laughs.

"Ah, Neji-sama?"

There's a servant at the door to Neji's office and he looks uncomfortable, which makes sense as Neji is currently glaring a hole into his head. "This better be important."

The servant swallows. "Ano, Shikamaru-san is here for Hinata-sama."

Hinata sighs heavily and Hanabi begins to sniffle again. Hinata carefully moves Hanabi off of her lap and she stands up, stretching her arms behind her back.

"I'll miss you, nee-chan." Hanabi throws her arms around Hinata's neck and gives her a big hug. "And don't forget to write!" Then she stands back and Neji is in her place.

"You don't have to do this."

"But I do."

"I should kill him."

"It's not his fault. It's not anyone's fault."

"But it was a factor."


"I should kill him."

Hinata sighs again and she stands up on her tip toes to place a kiss on her cousin's bare forehead. She still can't get over the fact that he no longer has to wear bandages. "I love you too, nii-san. Write me."

"Hai. You better go."

Hinata lets go of Neji and does as told, following the servant to the doorway.


Hinata turns around at the sound of her name and Neji crosses the room in a moment, pulling her into a bone crushing hug.

"Be careful, imouto-chan." He whispers, his hands tangled in her hair. He smells like jasmine (he has an unhealthy addiction to the fragrant tea) and she inhales his scent one last time.

Hinata nods and when she glances over her should one last time, Neji is fighting back tears.

She is glad he's crying. Once upon a time he would've laughed.

But things have changed and so has she.


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