Chapter 2

***Elena Point of View***

As I awake, I am instantly hit with pain. The pain of losing someone you love, and knowing you will never see their beautiful face again. I shake violently as I try to pull myself together and remember what happened the night before. Then it hit me. I am in transition, about to become a vampire. As I take a look at my surroundings, I realize that I don't know where I am. I bump into something beside me and recognize Damon. He must have brought me into his room. Damon. He was the one who held me as I was lost to the world, who was there for me as I cried myself to sleep. Finally, I can't take it anymore, and I flip the switch. The feelings fade. What comes next is the hunger. I need to feed. I get out of bed faster than I knew possible. Running downstairs at top speed, I smash into Damon. He must have gotten out of bed behind me and I didn't even notice.

"Where are you going?" He asks with an amused look plastered on his face. That look faded at what I said next.

"Just to get a bite to eat. Want to come?" I respond with a smirk on my face. When he doesn't answer, I slowly run a finger across his chest and strutted out the door, shaking my hips as I went. I know he can't resist.

"Don't you think it's a little early to feed. Clubs and bars usually don't get busy 'till later." Damon says, rushing out the door after her. Sadness is written all over his face and I have no idea why. He sighs when he sees my expression. "Alright, let's get this over with."

I walk right in front of Damon and plant a kiss on his gorgeous lips. "Let's go then." Damon just stands there. "Hurry or I'll go kill someone without you. The city sounds nice right now. Maybe I'll go to a club."

Damon puts on a cocky smirk, and I can tell it's forced. I'm not in the mood to care though, and I won't be for a long time. "I'll drive."

***Damon Point of View***

I can't believe this is happening. This is so bad. I thought she would go back on the idea after she was turned. I don't want this to be real. I want my Elena back. I want the Elena who always argued with everything until she got her way. The Elena who would fight to the bitter end, even if it was a losing battle, just to save the people she loved. That Elena is gone now. She is replaced by an imposter. By someone with no emotions. I guess the pain really was too much. Pretending I enjoy her new company and help her not kill anyone is all I can do for her now.

Elena finally spoke about halfway there. "Where are we going?" Her voice sounded bored and itching for trouble.

"Right now we are headed to a bar in the center of the city. It's my favorite." I look over at her and take in all of her features. She is as beautiful as ever in a dark green dress that complements her complexion and dark hair. Her eyes are not the same though. Where they were once filled with kindness and a child-like wonder, all they hold now is a cruel twist and blankness. They no longer show her soul but are closed off to the outside world, not letting anybody in.

"We get to eat at a cheap bar?"

"This bar is not cheap." Anger sounds in my voice that I don't mean. Even my Elena wouldn't argue over where we were going. She would be excited that she got to have fun. I mean, the only place her friends ever hang out at is the Grill. Not like I can say anything. I am there almost every day by noon getting drunk. Usually with Alaric, who somehow managed to beat me there when he isn't teaching those stupid little kids. I don't even know why he bothers, they just ignore him anyway.

The way I said it made Elena shut up. I snapped at her. The look on her face says I hurt her feelings. She doesn't have feelings though. She shut them off. I guess she is just pretending. Her whole life is an act now.

By the time we get there, I can tell Elena is starving. She is fidgety and her teeth are extended with deep red veins under her eyes. "Are you ready?" I say, forcing a cocky grin.

"I've never been readier in my life." The voice that should be full of enthusiasm was completely dead of life.

"That's good. Let's go." I say and pause, thinking of something I should remind her of. "Oh, and try not to kill anyone." I know she isn't going listen, but I have to make an attempt for her own sake. When her feelings come back I cannot have her even more upset over lost lives. She would not be able to live with herself.

"That's the fun part though." The tone she uses makes it sound like she means it, and I'm sure she does, right now any way.

"I know, but we don't need to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves."

"I'll do whatever I want." I know she means it. Right now, all I can wish for in this world is the Elena who brought emotions back to me, who made me feel again. The only person who made me fall so hard in love that I know for a fact that I will always be stuck in it. I am in love with my sweet, sweet Elena, not this fraud.

As we walk into the bar, I can tell she is impressed. It isn't an ordinary bar. It is more of a small upscale club that was on the down low. You have to be somebody to know about it, and I am somebody. Her eyes are wide and a smile comes to her face as she takes in the scene happening around her. She struts right up to the bar, her high heels clicking on the wood floors. Time slows down as she slowly makes her way across the room, head looking straight at her destination, not bothering to give anyone a sideways glance. Every guy in the building stares, with their mouths practically hitting the floor as she gracefully moves past them. I hate how they gawk at her like a piece of meat, with drool dripping from their mouths. I feel like telling them she is mine, but I resist. She belongs to no one in her given state. She can have any guy she wants, and she knows it.

I stop watching and walk up to the bar after her. I have to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid. I hear her say she wants two scotches and I can't help a smile coming to my face. The smile even reaches my eyes, surprisingly. I plop myself onto the stool next to her and throw my arm around her shoulders, squeezing her tight. All the guys' faces in the bar are filled with jealousy. "What did you order me?" I ask with a playful tone in my voice.

"A scotch. Isn't that what you always get?"

"You know me so well. Did he ask for ID?"

"No, but when I ordered I did flash him a smile. It may have helped just a little." She replies with a smile that could get away with murder.

"That's a good thing, since it was only a smile. We try not to use compulsion if we don't need to. It's not nice to screw with people's heads."

"Fine. You know I'm not your daughter, right?" Her voice is full for sarcasm as she says this. "Cause you're treating me like a kid. Now let's go have some fun." With that she got up out of her seat and danced her way through the crowd. She sees something she likes and starts grinding up against that something.

***Elena Point of View***

Mmmm… this guy is hot. I can have some fun with him. If Damon's going to treat me like a child, I'll act like one, and there's nothing he can do about it. "Hey, I'm getting a little hot; do you want to join me outside?" With that I swept past him, running a finger across his chest. I could tell he was staring at my ass in these skinny jeans, so I sway my hips a little more, earning some appreciative looks from the majority of the guys. It took him a minute to follow because he was too busy taking in the view.

When he gets outside I push him against the wall and crash my lips against his while simultaneously grinding my hips against him. He groans and fiercely kisses me back. His hand slides up my shirt and cups my breast and I let him stay there. After a couple minutes I start kissing his neck. Then I bite. I cup my hand over his mouth to stifle his screams. He is struggling, but then he goes slack in my arms. I don't want to kill him right now. I'm not done with him. I pull away and look at his face. "Why don't we go back to your place and continue this? Maybe on a bed?"

He smiles and I don't even have to use compulsion. "Sure, I'll go catch a cab."

"I'm going to go grab my purse." I head back into the bar and grab my purse and start to walk back out when Damon grabs me.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Having some major fun. Want to join me? Two is always better than one." He doesn't respond so I walk right past him and out the door. I get in the cab and grab the random guy's hand. I don't tell him my name and he doesn't tell me his.

When we get to his apartment he pays the cab driver and we run inside. The second he shuts the door I push him against the wall and grind myself against him. He moans and I kiss him. I slide my tongue against his lips, asking for entrance, and he lets me in. He tongue joins mine.

***Damon Point of View***

I can't believe I let her walk out the door. Now she's doing God only knows what with a complete stranger. Not that I was much better in my past, but I don't want her to have to deal with those mistakes. It's bad enough that those things haunt me. I guess I have to get her to turn her emotions back on. It's not going to be easy though. For right now, all I can do is drink my sorrows away. I slam down ten more shots before being able to pull my ass of the stool and leave.

I drive home slowly; my mind is lost in thought. I am trying to figure out how to turn her emotions back on. It's kind of hard since I'm totally wasted.

When I get home, I just go to bed. There's nothing for me to do. I can't fall asleep though. I'm exhausted, but my mind won't shut off. I lay there, on my back, on top of the covers with my hands behind my head thinking about her. She won't leave my mind. Her image is burned into the inside of my eyelids. Her grinding against him. Her kissing him in that alley. Her drinking his blood.

Eventually I pass out from the stress, but my dreams are haunted with more images of her.