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Damon was silent the entire next day. At lunch he picked through his food, and sighed a bit, I looked over at him and offered a small smile. Katherine was there, despite not coming home, she sneered at me a couple times in the hall, but that's as about as close as commutation got between us. Katherine had always been more outgoing than I was, but she was taking it to a whole new level. She was clad in lace thigh highs, boots, and a leather mini skirt complete with a red shirt that was buttoned only half way. All the rage returned to me when she walked passed Damon and blew him a kiss, I got up quickly and Damon held to my wrist

"She's not even worth it" he said quietly, I sat down next to him and nodded.

When we got out of school I found Damon rested up against my car, waiting.

I took a deep breath "I'm driving I want to take you somewhere" He looked curious but kind of shrugged and slid into the passenger seat. I revved the imagine and we were on our way. It was nothing special, but whenever I was upset he would take me to the park and we'd feed the ducks. I knew he hated them though so now I just wanted to talk, and this was one of our places.

We got out and made our way to a small hill and sat down. It was quiet for a while

"My dad was in love with someone else." I said simply, Damon quirked a brow at me

"There was this women, Lexi, really good friends with your mom and my dad. My dad and her dated, more than once. And then all of a sudden she up and left when they were 16, they never heard from her again." I finished, he looked surprised

"My mom never told me anything about her. It sounds pretty messed up she just up and left but, that doesn't mean he was in love with her" he said

"It was just something about how your mom described it, call it woman's intuition or whatever, but I just know he was. And she was too. I went through his old wallet Damon, he still had the goodbye letter she had written" I said still myself trying to wrap my head around it all.

"That's amazing, and really depressing" he said dryly, I had to agree with him there. My dad was an easy going guy, he loved us, and he loved my mother no matter how selfish she was. He didn't deserve Lexi leaving like that, or my mother for that matter.

"I want to talk to her." I said simply, Damon's face was unmoving

"Lena, she knew him back when he was 16, and she left him. I don't think she's too interested in him or what happened to him" I shook my head

"You didn't read this letter Damon, she loved my dad, I don't care if she left him she didn't want too. She knew a side of my dad I never got to see. I want to know that him, I'm not going to go out to Vermont, but everyone has a face book, right?" I said. Even though my dad was easy going, he and my mother would fight all the time. I remember days where it was so bad me and Katherine just cried all day in our rooms listening to them go back and forth. Lexi obviously meant a lot to my dad if he kept the old letter all these years.

"If it's something you really want to do, I'll be here to help anyway I can" he said smiling at me, I beamed at him

"Thanks Salvatore" I said "How are you feeling?" I asked tentatively

"Shitty still, its no fun getting dumped in the cafeteria, especially while the girl is sitting on another's guy lap, but I'm holding." hr said shrugging

"Why did you ever date her?" I asked seriously, he looked down and ran his fingers through his hair, pulling

"I don't know. She's vivacious, alluring, charming even." he said

"Yeah, I know, but that's never been up your alley Salvatore" There had to be something deeper there.

"I'm a guy, its up all of our alley" he said easily, I chuckled

"You don't usually fall to the typical charm. Plenty of girls like her hit on you when you turned into some kind of Greek God, but you always were humble about it and declined, so what was special about her?" I asked

"You think I'm a Greek God?" he said, dimples on full display and eye brows waggling, I pushed him and he snickered "I don't know Lena, she was your twin, I figured under all the superficial shit she had a deeper side, and I kept looking, but I don't think I ever really found it" he said getting serious

Katherine was a kaleidoscope, She was a prism of light, she reflected what she wanted you to see. A classic case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. As kids I can recall moments where she stood up for me, where she made hot milk during the lightening storms and opened the closet to check for monsters, but I can also recall rimes where all she thought about was herself. Where she used others to get what she wanted.

I nodded "She's my sister and I've only seen it a handful of times" I said dryly

After we left we went over to the grill and met up with Bonnie and one of Damon's friend Matt, he was blonde and extremely gorgeous. He hit on me and little bit in good natured fun, and ended up asking for my number, I wrote it on his hand. Damon was smiling, and kicking Bonnie's ass in a heated dart match and everything seemed to be pretty normal again.

When I got home Katherine was there, She nodded at me when I ran into her coming out of the bathroom, I scowled. I knew even if I did try to talk to her, she wouldn't say anything honestly, she would give me standard bullshit answers. Time would only tell if she was ever going to come to her senses.

I went to sleep and dreamed of falling, and blue eyes.

The morning dragged, each class seeming like it was its own lifetime, at lunch I was so grateful Bonnie was feeling particularly energetic, maybe she could drag me out of my stupor

"So, along with a couple of new books, my gran brought over some new herbs for me to work with, you should come over and check them out, maybe we could do a spell for Lexi, find out more?" I had told Bonnie about the letter and she was taking it like I was, she knew there had to be more than what Mrs. Salavatore told us. I had never done a spell with Bonnie, but I was definitely eager to try.

The rest of lunch was filled with banter, Damon both picking on us and generally being the pain that he was, we finished up in school and made our way to Bonnies house, Damon dropped us off

"As much as I'd love to witness some Sabrina the Teenage Witch action, Me and Matt have a project to finish, I'll see you and short stuff later" we thanked him and made our way into Bonnies House, her parents as Doctors, were never home. If she felt lonely she went to her Gran's otherwise it was Bonnie in this big house alone.

"Lets get everything set up shall we?" she said excitedly, I sat my bag down and sat down on the couch. Bonnie set up 3 Large crystal bowls on the coffee table one with water, another with a bushel of sage in it, and another that had some kind of blend of herbs in it. She sat up the candles with it, and lit some lavender incense "for clarity" she said. She began to meditate, I watched her intently, she was completely different when she was in the zone like this

She lit the candles and muttered some things under her breath

"look into the candle light of the yellow candle" she instructed me "you're going to do the scrying, I'm going to ask the universe and some spirits to help the message come through" she said, her eyes still shut

I did as she told me to do "Relax now, stare into it and let the images come to you" I took a deep breath, and gazed into the flickering dancing flame.

"Alaric, there's just something about her-" I cut her off, we had been having this same conversation for weeks

"No Lexi, there's something about you. All these years you've been preaching about "settling down" and "committing" and now I find that in someone and all you do is try to tear us down, Isobel is right about you!" I said, spitting the words at her, her face contorted, I could see I had hit her weak spot

"Oh is she? So she's the one that helped you crawl out of the vodka bottles when you were out partying everyday of the week! I was ther for you every drunken and stupid step of the way and don't you ever forget that!" Her voice ripped through my chest, I felt my resolve crumble

"It's not about that and you know it! I'm happy now goddamnit why can't you be on my side for once" I felt my voice get louder, I saw her face sink

"So this isn't being on your side just because I don't kiss her ass and sing with joy for your relationship? There is something not right about that woman Alaric!"she was going to cry, I heard it in her voice

"I have to stand by her, I love her" she laughed bitterly

"You know what, that's fine Gilbertt" she grabbed her things from the couch, and slammed the door on her way out I-

"Elena!" Bonnie yelled, I opened my eyes slowly

"What the hell just happened?" I asked slowly, my head was killing me

"You weregone for like 10 minutes what did you see?" she asked

"They were fighting, I was like watching it through my dads eyes, they were fighting over my mom" I said, did that really just happened? I have always believed in witchcraft but not like that

"Woah" Bonnie said slowly. I didn't know what to make of any of that, but I knew I needed to talk to her, soon.