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Harry POV

I let out a sigh as I walked over to where Ron and Hermione sat. They didn't see or hear me coming.

"I can't believe it's finally over." Hermione said.

"Yea, now I can go back to my family. Too bad Dumbledor died before we finished the plan."

'Plan? Is he talking about the horcruxes?'

"Yea, but at least he made sure that we could go on with our lifes and leave 'him' behind."

'Who was this 'him'?'

"Yea. Draco played his part really well too, pretending to hate him so that he would want to be our friend."

"Your right. I almost feel bad for Ginny, having to pretend she loved him."

'They-their talking about me!' I thought still standing behind them. Ginny walked over from the side but didn't see me where I was behind a tree.

"Hey guys. What are you talking about?"

"Harry the-boy-who-whinned." Ron said. I heard Ginny snort.

"My god. I know what you mean. I can't believe that I had to do that. Pretending to love him. Bleh."

"I felt so sorry for you girl. But you didn't spend this whole year alone with him."

"I know and boy was I glad. I'd take death eaters over him anyday. You know what, I think that he was actully a fag."


"Yea, i even asked Cho and she said she didn't like the word and didn't have a problem with fags but that he was totally gay."

"Damn, I was friends with a fag. That sucks, we shared the same room too!" I stood behind the tree in shock. I couldn't believe it. The people who I thought of as my friends had been nothing put part of a plan by Dumbledor. Not only that but they had figured out I was in fact gay.

'I need to hide. I wonder if the others where in on it, Snape wasn't for sure.' I thought I quickly grabbed the invisiblity cloak I still had with me and tossed it on before heading towards the school. I slowed down to a quite tip-toe to where the teachers stood.

"Well thank god that's over. I can't help but feel a little bad for potter." McGonagall said. Hagrid looked at her.

"Well what for?"

"His 'friends' are going to leave him soon, it was all part of Dumbledors' plan. The poor boy is going to be heart-broken."

"Why would Hermione and Ron do that to Harry?"

"Because, Dumbeldor promised it would make them famous. Best friends to the boy who defeated Voldemort? Who wouldn't want that. I just hope he doesn't get to hurt by it." As she finished a light breaze blew and it was just enough to knock off the cloak which showed where I was to every one. I grabbed the cloak before it could blow away.


"It's all right professor... I already know about it. I over heard them talking about it. I think i'll just go. To a place they won't be able to hurt me. I'm only going to tell you this, because it seems I can only trust you two. I'll go to Japan. I've always wanted to go and they have a supposed to be very easy going ministry of magic. I don't know what I'll do, probably go to a muggle school of higher learning or somthing to get a job. I think it'd be nice to be an editor."

"I'm so sorry about it Potter. It was an unbreakable vow, but with Dumbledor gone I can tell you, there is a second Potter family vaulte, one that holds your true sum. This is a special key that will give you entry to it. Just tell the goblins to transfer it to the Japanese branch. After that go to the ministry, and use one of their appearation points, don't look at me I know you hate Floo."

"Thank you Professor. For really caring. And If You see Snape again, before I do, tell him thanks for loving my mum." She nodded understanding that he was died and she knew she would follow before I did.

"I will Harry." I turned to Hagrid who was crying.

"I'll Miss ya Harrry."

"Hagrid, when I get there the first thing I'll do is get a new owl, not that any could replace hedwig, and I'll send you a letter. Okay? I promis, and If you ever talk to the weaslys' again tell them that you need the mini-hungarin horntail that is at the joke shop." He nodded and gave me a bone breaking pat on the back. WIth a final look at what had once been a happy place I walked to the gates and apperated to Gringotts. I walked in and looked at the goblins who had kept working. I walked up to Griphook and handed him the key. He nodded and had me follow him to the charts. We rode for a while until we got to the lower regions and evantully stopped at an old looking vault. We got out and he opened it.

"This is the whole Potter fund." He said. The room was large and over flowing with treasures.

"Thank you Griphook, if it's not too much trouble I want you to transfor all of this and the stuff in the other fault to the Japanese branch."

"It was a pleasure doing bisnuess with you mister Potter. Few wizards ever show as much respect to us goblins as you have. It will be no trouble at all. This key will allow you to get it there. Good luck Mister Potter." With a final nod after having gotten off the cart I walked to the very tattered ministry building. It was almost relieveing to see the inside so normal. I followed the signs until I got the apperation point for japan and thought about the picture on the wall that showed the point. With the normal pop of leaving and coming I opened my eyes and looked around. Quickly walking out I applied translation charms to my self and my glasses.

'Hm, I guess I'll need to restock my book supply and potion items now.' I thought as I walked towards the bank. After walking in I looked around until I spotted a Goblin that didn't have anyone. I walked over.

"Hello, and welcome to the Gringotts in Japan. How may I help you?"

"Well, I'd like to use this key to get into the Potter vault that a goblin named Griphook should have set up from Britin." The Goblin eyed me before nodding. I followed him until we got to carts and I got in. One crazy trip later and I had two bags filled with the new Japanes wizarding money. I walked over to the trading center and stood behind a family that had a small girl. She looked back at me and I smiled.

"Is this your first year of wizarding?" I asked. She nodded in a shy manor.

"It's not that bad I promise. You'll make loads of friends and have loads of fun. What's your name?"

"Tsuki Toshiba." (This is in the first name than last instead of all backwards like normal.)

"Well Tsuki, my name is Harry Potter. I just finished my schooling over in England and came here. So I'm going to give you a little good luck charm okay?" I asked. The little girl looked at me but nodded. I pulled out one of the english gallons I still had in my pocket.

"This is a wizarding coin from England okay? So you won't be able to use it here but it's still specail right."

"Yes. Thank you Harry-chan." I smiled and stood up to look at the parents.

"Thank you for that. You can probably tell that we aren't magical at all and well, we don't really know what to do." The mother said.

"It's okay, I can probably help you out. The first year is always the scariest. Believe me I came from a home of neglect and abuse. Your daughter should be fine, she is super sweet and a cutie too. She'll have new friends in no time." I said. I quickly got one bag of money changed to muggle currency and walked with the family.

"If you just finished in England how do you already know this language so well?" The father asked.

"I'm sorry, I guess that is pretty strange. My name is Harry Potter by the way. I used a charm on my self and glasses that allows me to understand and speak this language. I'd still understand english but now I can tell where I'm going, would you mind if I saw the school list?"

"Right, my name is Saske and this is my wife Tsubakie. Heres' the list." I flashed the man a smile and read over it.

"Pretty simple. Almost the same books I had just different authors. Why don't you go to the robe shop right there and I'll go to the book store right next door. Robe fitting takes the longest so it should work out." They nodded and went to hand me money.

"No need. I will pay for the books. It's the least I can do." They started to protest so I just pushed them into the store. With a sigh I went and got the books and caludron and got two of them all along with more advanced books for my self. After that I got a bunch of potions ingredints for myself and some for little Tsuki before going to the pet store and walking around. I walked until I found a quite little owl that sat in the middle of the cage and looked up at me with out making a noise.

'This is perfect for Tsuki!' I grabbed the bird and every thing it would need. After paying I walked back to the robe shop as they walked out. I had made all of my things smaller and slipped them into my pocket. I took them to the trunk shop where they got a trunk that would never get any heavier but would allow you to put anything you would need and all she would have to do was say what she wanted. After that I showed them the owl I had bought for her.

"This is another present. Because you are the first person who was nice because they wanted to be. Not because of something that happened seventeen years ago. This little owl will allow you to write letters to your mother and father and to any of your friends during the summer. I also got you all the things you'll need to take care of him. The only thing left is a name." Tsuki looked at the bird than at me and gave me a smile.

"His name will be Harry-kun!" I smiled and patted her head.

"Why are you so kind to us?" Her parents asked.

"I guess it's because I never really knew my parents and my only other family was cruel to me. So when ever I meet a family that is like yours I like to help...I've been told I have a hero complex and I guess it's true. But not only that, your the first people I've met here and it just felt right...Oh! Hang on for a second." I started to dig through the bag that I had on my shoulder that I had nearly forgotten about. I kept it stocked with pens and quills and paper incase I need to write somthing fast.

"Here, write your first and last names and your adress and Once I get an owl for my self I'll be able to write you after I get a place. So if a bird randomly shows up at your window don't be shocked if it has a letter." I said handing the paper to Saske. He quickly wrote it all down and handed it back to me.

"Thank you, again for helping one more thing, the train ticket she got says the train leaves from platform 9 and 3/4?"

"Wow, yea that's how it is in england too. Just go through the wall between platforms nine and ten." I said and with one last wave we went our sperate ways. I walked back to the bird store and looked around for a while. All of the owls seemed to be either large and angry types or small and loud. Just as I was about to give up I saw a dark brown Hawk at the back. I walked over to it and watched him.

"You know that one is quite the trouble maker. He doesn't let anyone get near enough to touch him. Have to use a spell to clean his cage and feed him and such." I turned around and looked at the young lady who was talking.

"How much is he?"

"You can take him. It's better for everyone. I'll just get you what you need and you can head off." With that the woman did as she said and went about gathering a bunch of different items before walking back and handing them to me. I took out one of my dragon hide gloves and slipped it on. I held my arm out for the hawk to climb onto. He did so and sat there.

"Hmm, does he have a name?"

"No. We mostly just call him demon bird." I sighed and walked out with every thing.

"Well, I think I'll call you Sirius Severus." The hawk made a soft noise and I took it as an okay. I walked around until I found the way to the muggle world. It turned out to be a pub much like the leaky caludran. I walked over the owner and asked for a room for a while. He agreed and lead me up to it. After arranging my items I took out a quill and paper and wrote a letter to Hagrid. After sending Sirius Severus off with it I decided to go out to the muggle world and try to find an apartment than maybe a job working with flowers or somthing. After many a summer in my aunts garden, flowers along with cooking were my two fortes. After walking for a while I found a nice looking flower shop that was pretty close to a nice yet cheap apartment complex. I walked into the store and saw a young but tall man with black hair working there.

'Why is every one taller than me?' I thought in dismay as I had to look up at him.

"Hello! Is there somthing I can help you with?"

"Well, I just moved into the city and I've had a lot of work with flowers before hand so I was wondering if you were hiring." The young man flashed a brillent grin.

"Actully one of our almost full timers quite a while back and we've been looking for someone to take her place. Do you think you could do it?"

"I can try." I said.

"Great, when can you start?"

"Well, hopefully tomorrow. I was planning on going to the apartment complex that is close to here to see if they had one open."

"If your talking about the Hatasiki than it does. I live there, and my neighbor across the hall just moved out so that room is open. If you want you can stay here and work for a few hours until I'm off and than we can go." I nodded this man was really nice to some one he just met.

"My name is Harry Potter, by the way. I'll probably only be able to work part time because I want to go to a higher level learning school to get a degree to edit."

"That's understandable. What do you want to edit?" He asked as a young man with brown hair and green eyes walked in. I shrugged.

"I don't know, I think maybe those BL novels. They seem to be really popular and I kind of like them any way." The boy who had walked in blushed and I wondered why.

"My name is Nowaki, sorry for not telling you sooner. Now how may I help you?" He asked. After helping the boy we went back to talking and soon he said it was time to go. I nodded and grabbed my bag again before following him towards his home. We walked up to the front desk and in a shockingly fast manor I was all set and ready to go. After waving goodbye I walked into my new apartment and looked around.

'It looks like this person just moved out a week ago or somthing.' I thought. After putting up silencers I apperated to the pub and grabbed my things and paid for the room. Than I put them all in there and got every thing ready to go. I let out a yawn as I fell onto the bed. Today had been a long day.

-le next morning-

I blinked a few times and rubbed my eyes before standing up and stretching. I used my magic to check and see if anyone was home in the apartment across the hall and since no one was I thought to my self about what I was going to say.

'I'll just tell him I got it all done while he was away.' With a shrug at the thought I walked into the living room where I had set up a corner for Sirius Severus once he returned. The apartment had no rules on animals so he should be fine. I got changed into a new pair of clothes and decided to do some shopping around. The first stop was a food store than a clothing store, a regular super market and than finally I went back to my home loaded with bags. As I was trying to get my door open a man with brown hair walked up towards Nowakis apartment. Seeing my troubles he walked over and took my key before opening the door.

"Thank you. I don't know why I didn't just set some things down first... I'm Harry, Harry Potter by the way."

"Hiroki. It is nice to meet you. Nowaki said we had a new neighbor...when did you get all of this in?"

"While no one was home...hehe...I didn't want to make a fuss so I just did it like that." I said. The man looked at me before shrugging. He turned around and walked into his apartment. With a sigh I set all of the stuff down.

"Okay...Nowaki-san said somthing about M uni having a good lit class so with a little magic I should be able to just be under the pretense of a new transfer student from England..." I said to my self while pacing, a habit I had picked up from years stuck in a room with too much energy. With a groan I sat down on my couch.

"But how will I catch up? And why am I talking to my self? Maybe I should get a snake..." I muttered. I pulled out my wand and summoned my new two way mirror. I had secretly given the other half to Draco who told me about his part in the plan one night. I fogged it up and wrote 'Draco Malfoy.' On it. After a few minutes he answered.

"Hey Harry. Where did you go?"

"Japan...hey Draco did you know that Granger and Weaslys' where in on his plan?"

"I knew that Granger and Ronald and Ginny where but I think the other actully liked you. I even heard the twins getting mad at Ronald for saying something."

"Maybe I should write them, they seem to at least be pretty nice. I guess I didn't tell you how I found out. I was planning on talking to them and they didn't know I was there and than boom I just listened in."

"You have that habit don't you Potter."

"Shut-up, it's saved my life and your on a good many acconts thank you very much."

"Yea, yea. But those bloody idoits. I really wish I had told you all those years ago in the robe shop. But father 'forbid' it. Jeez, somethimes he's worse than Dumbledor."


"You going to keep the elder wand than?" He asked. I looked down at it.

"Probably. Voldemort kind of trashed my other one...hey, does this make me the master of death or somthing?"


"Well you know, I have all three hallows...if somthing happens to me that makes this even weirder it would be just my luck...You know the japanes law on magic is 'We aren't your mother, maid, or butler, fix your own problems'."

"Really? Sounds like they keep such a tight control on it than. But why did you call."

"I was talking to my self again..." Draco snickered.

"Mate, get a snake at least it'll talk back."

"Your so funny Malfoy."

"Love you too Pot-head. If your lonely why don't you just find some one?"

"...That's easy for you to say, your Draco Malfoy the hogwarts play-boy. You could get any girl, or guy for that matter that you wanted. What am I supposed to do walk up to a cute guy and say 'Hi I'm Harry Potter and I think your cute!' Dude I would need like six Madame Pomfreys' a day."

"Your right, sorry Potter. Life sucks than we die."

"Unless your me and you just keep living." I muttered.

"Right, sorry forgot about that."

"But your right, Life sucks. I guess I'll send you a letter later. I got a new bird. It's a hawk and the store called him demon bird so I named him Sirius Severus." Draco rolled his eyes.

"I bet your dad and Uncle Sev are fighting it out for your mum right now...You know come to think of it, I never thought He liked women you know? I always thought he was more the man lover."

"Okay, I really don't want to know what gave you that idea. So I'm just going to hang up now."

"Alright, bye than Harry, but do try to find some one."

"I'll try my best Draco. No promises. Just keep me posted alright?" With one last nod Draco ended the connection. I groaned.

"He's right I am lonely." I muttered before standing up and going to get ready for bed. Japan was going to be an interesting place.


Me- "So, more to come!"