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Harry POV

I once again picked up the mirror and put it away. I than walked over to the window and I was about to shut it when an owl flew in.

"Hm, I wonder who it is..." I said aloud as I took the letter off of the birds leg.

'To Harry Potter from Andromeda Tonks.'

"What could Tonks mother want?" I opened the letter and it read;

'Harry ,

I know I've not talked to you in a while but I am getting to old to take care of Teddy, and he is your god son. So I was hoping that you would be willing to take him into your care officially? Please write me back soon!


Andromeda Tonks.' I re-read the letter a few times before it sank in.

"Isss there sssomthing wrong?"

"...I forgot about my godson. I can't believe I forgot about Teddy. You don't mind him moving in here right?"

"I do not mind hatch-lings." I nodded and grabbed a pen and paper.

'Dear Andromeda

I am sorry that I forgot about Teddy! I would love to have him come stay with me here in Japan. I'll be expecting your arrival as soon as you can get here!' I signed the letter and tied it to the owl before it took off back to Andromeda. I sat down on my couch and put my hands over my face. I couldn't believe I had forgotten about Tonks and Lupins son. So much had happened in a short time. I stood up.

"Kreacher!" With a soft pop the loyal house elf showed up.

"Yes Master Potter?"

"I need you to set up a nursery in the spare bedroom. Make it for a boy."

"Yes master." I rolled my eyes at the way he said 'master' but didn't say anything as I went to buy the items that I needed for Teddy. I walked out of the building and towards the store to go get the things. I walked in and than once I was in the baby section I stood and looked around before sweat dropping.

'I have no idea what kind of stuff he needs. Or what any baby would need.' I looked around at the different things, anything from clothes to toys to food.

'I'm so lost right now...Cho has a cell phone right? I'll call her.' I took out the muggle device and flipped through my few contacts and clicked on Chos. A few rings later and she picked up.

"Hello Harry. What do you need?"

"Cho! Thank merlin you answered! You know professor lupin right?"

"Yes I remember him...didn't he die in the war?"

"Yea, see the thing is he was married and they had a son and they both died and well I'm his god father."

"Harry why did you call me?"

"I don't know what babies need." I heard her giggle on the other end of the line.

"Harry where are you?"

"Um...standing in the baby section of a mall in Japan..." I heard her start to giggle again.

"Oh Harry, you sure do get your self into some messes don't you? When is he coming over?"

"I told his grandmother to bring him over as soon as she could."

"Are there any muggles around you?" I looked around and noticed that I was the only one in the mall at midnight.


"Hold you phone away from your ear." I lifted an eyebrow but did as she said. With a soft pop Cho had come out of my phone.

"How did you do that?"

"It's a new spell I've been working on. It's starting to work now. Any way, let's get those things for your godson shall we?"

"Cho your a life saver." I said as we walked out two hours later with everything we needed including paint and a crib.

"It's no big deal Harry. I can't believe you forgot about it until she wrote you."

"I know, there's been a lot going on. What with the final battle, moving, meeting a guy, getting a snake, and job."

"Hang on did you say you met someone?" Cho asked with an eyebrow lifted and a sly smile.


"Harry that's wonderful! Oh, what's he like, what does he look like?"

"Uh... Well, I suppose he's a little socially awkward, but he is becoming less so, and he has dark hair and eyes and wears glasses. He's tall-"

"Every one is tall to you Harry." Cho said. I sent a playful glare her way.

"Anyway, um, he has this 'aristocrat' feel about him and he is successful. I've also made a friend at the university where I am learning, His name is Misaki, and he is dating the brother of the guy I met."

"What is his name?"

"Haruhiko is the one I know, and Misaki is with Akihiko."

"Interesting. So how do you like going to muggle collage?"

"It's...interesting to say the least. The classes are kind of like back at school, but less...explosive. Well I suppose if you don't count my one teacher. He has a tendency to throw things at students, books, chalk, erasers, you name it." I told her as I opened up my apartment door.

"That seems interesting...kind of like a bad day in potions for Neville." I let out a short chuckle.

"I suppose so, only no one gets turned pink for two weeks with pointed ears if they get hit by an eraser." She laughed as we placed everything in the room that Kreacher had started to get ready. After that we went into the living room and sat down on the couch.

"Is it alright if I stay the night here and leave in the morning Harry? Using that spell takes a lot out of me, and I don't have any pepper up potion."

"Sure, I'll get us a couple butter beers, and I have a pepper up in my kitchen. I'll get it for you."

"Thank you Harry." I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the drinks from the fridge and the potion from the cupboard and walked back out handing a drink and the potion to Cho. She drank the potion than took a sip of the butter beer.

"That is just what I needed. Thank you again Harry, will I be able to meet this god son of your anytime?"

"Yes of course. After coming all the way here and helping me with this you can totally come see Teddy when you want."

"Thank you Harry. I'll sleep out here tonight and I can leave in the morning."

"Okay, I've got school tomorrow so I'll probably not be here when you wake up, but there is food in the kitchen, so you can help your self." I told her. She nodded and laid down on the couch while I turned off the lights. The next morning I woke up early to loud banging on my bedroom door.

"Five more minutes." I groaned. When the knocking continued I got my lazy arse up and opened the door. Cho stood there with Haruhiko right behind her and he looked rather upset.

"I was sleeping." I muttered.

"Yes well...would you mind introducing me to your friend Harry? He just kind of came in..."

"Cho Haruhiko, Haruhiko Cho. Did any more letters come from Andromeda?" I asked my Asian female friend while walking into the kitchen followed by the both of them. I made it in and started to make coffee and breakfast.

"Not that I noticed. I've got to be off though. We're getting really far with the experiments and I don't want to mess anymore of it." Cho gave me a hug and than walked out.

"You can just do it from the living room. Haruhiko knows about our world."

"HARRY~! I thought you promised to be careful."

"Meh." Was the reply she got until there was a crack that sounded her leaving for her work place. As soon as she had Haruhiko grabbed me in a hug and pulled me tightly against his chest.

"Don't worry about anything love. She's just a friend. Nothing more, the only reason she was here because I needed help getting stuff for my godson."


"Yea. His parents were best mates with my dad and I became the godfather than they both died in the war. He has been living with his grandma but she says she's too old. Which I think is bloody crazy." His arms tightened around me as I relaxed into.


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