Alex Rider was teenage spy who started in the world of espionage at the age of 14. He didn't choose this life, however he couldn't escape it anymore either. One Tuesday morning found Alex Rider on yet another mission running for his life.

He had been sent to investigate a lesser criminal organization that had been coming to power way to quickly for comfort. This organization thrived to become like SCORPIA, which in Alex's point of view, was not a good sign. This group was called Capricorn. Their specialty was assassination however they would do pretty much whatever their client wanted as long as they named a good price.

Alex's mission had been to infiltrate Capricorn's base undetected and find out what was going on and if anything was going on that shouldn't be. Stop it. And Alex did find something. Something big.

The Deputy Head of Capricorn, one Hans Perona, had been plotting something that would've gotten the Head, Yaakov Fedorev, "let go" and Hans a promotion to the top. He had been planning on setting off a bomb in New York City that would have completely destroyed Manhattan as well as a Capricorn base, which was located there. After, he would've put the blame on Yaakov and Yaakov would've been killed making Hans the Head of Capricorn.

However before any of this plan could take effect, Alex had stolen the bomb and deactivated it, then gathered enough evidence to put down Capricorn for good. The bad guy was stopped and Alex was on his way home to Jack looking forward to finally having some peace. This never happened. On his way to the airport Hans, in a blood hazed fury came after Alex. Alex, being the good spy he was, held him off until Hans managed to hit him on the head with the gun hard. Alex managed to take the gun, and shot Hans in the head. The last thing Alex saw was Hans Perona dead before he even hit ground, and then he succumbed to darkness.

Richard Castle, the famous mystery author, had slept in that morning and was feeling very nice when he woke up. He had a ruggedly handsome look going for him and looked slightly too old to be a male supermodel or stripper. He managed to convince his mother, Martha Rogers, that she did not need to cook breakfast for them and Castle made him and his family some nice scrambled eggs with toast. Alexis had already left for school it being a Tuesday and all. Castle sat down in his study with his computer in front of him typing up his new book "Naked Heat." Kate Beckett, an extremely pretty woman with medium length wavy brown hair had, of course, complained about the title and seemed very pissed that he had her naked on the front cover. Again. Between then and lunch, he managed to finish off a whole two chapters in his writing. Then his phone rang. Castle looked at the caller ID. Castle wasn't surprised when the ID said "Beckett." Who else could be calling? He answered the phone and said in a very charming voice (or so he thought)

"How nice to know you care enough to call. Do you miss me this much or are you just-" he was cut off by Beckett saying in a slightly irritated voice.

"Body in an alleyway on the corner of 1st and Lexington. Coming?" She didn't wait for an answer and hung up. But she didn't need one because she already knew he was coming anyway. He always did. Castle arrived ten minutes later holding a two coffees and a burrito.

"Thanks," Becket said as Castle gave her one of the coffees. "So tell us what you have Laney." Laney, a slim, curvy woman, with dark skin and black hair said,

"Well, it was pretty obvious this guy was shot in the head. With a 9 mm by the looks of it. It also seems like he was in quite a fight before he died. He has contusions all over his stomach, chest and arms. Someone else was actually found right next to him."

"Really? Who?" Becket asked, interested.

" A young teenager. He was knocked out cold with a lump on his head and a heavy concussion. He's in the hospital right now but you can question him as soon as he's released. However it looks like he's the one who killed this man. When we found him he was still holding the gun, a 9 mm, and there's no doubt that that's the gun that killed the man. Also the teenager had contusions on his body as well as bloody knuckles."

"So do we know who this guy is?"

"We haven't found any sort of ID on him. Officers are currently canvassing the area, but we've come up empty." Beckett nodded grimly,

"Then I guess we'll have to question this teenager."

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