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"Mum! Why do we have to move?" shouted a girl in the back seat of the minivan. Her long hair was originally red, until she had blue and purple streaks put into it, but her eyes were golden amber. Her mother replied for the tenth time, "I finally have enough money to get us a better home." "But I liked it where we lived!" whined the sixteen-year-old. "It'll be better here," replied her mother. "But" "No, more buts. You're acting like a child." The redhead decided sleep would be the best activity for the rest of the trip.

She quickly dozed off and began to live in a dream world. No mom, no troubles, no crap to deal with, and most certainly no new house.

"Phe! Phe! Wake up!" Ophelia woke up to see a huge two-story house. She looked around for any landmark to show location other than the middle of a forest with no success. She got out of the minivan and brushed her jeans off a bit.

Ophelia walked inside the house and began to investigate. Holy cow. There was dust everywhere. She saw muddied rugs on the floor and one lamp in the corner. What a crappy living room. She walked through a hole in the wall that served as a door to the kitchen. She was just about to brush some of the dust off the stove when her mum called. "Phe! Bring in some of the stuff!"

She reluctantly walked back outside and grabbed the three large boxes that were hers. She stacked them on top of each other and slowly but surely made her way up the stairs to choose a room on the second level.

She found the first room and walked inside leaving the boxes on the floor. She couldn't bear to carry them anymore. The room had a slanted ceiling and was kind of small, but it seemed good enough.

Ophelia's mother came up behind her and put her arm around her. "Well, what do you think?" she asked. "I hate it," replied Ophelia, "It's old and dusty and I'm sure I'm going to find a rat in here." Her mum expected something like this, "Well, I'm sure I'm not going to have another kid soon. The last room is yours. Do what you wish." Mum left the room to head to the much larger master bedroom.

Ophelia decided to investigate the room on the second level. The final room was across the hall from her new bedroom.

She opened the door, ready to find a horrible mess. To her surprise, it was perfectly clean. The rest of the house had been so dusty, but this room held no dust or mold or dirt. It had large windows on one side and white walls on the others. The windows had a ledge that allowed people to sit and look out. The floor was carpeted, another difference from the wood, tile, or linoleum floors of the rest of the house.

There was a yellowed paper on the floor. Ophelia picked it up with interest. It read:

Dear house owner,

The door to the attic is in the closet of this room. It does not contain rats, bats, or moths. Please continue my studies.


B. T.

"Studies? In the attic?" said Ophelia. She became intrigued by the double-door closet. It had a large chain and lock on it. "How do they expect me to continue their studies if the stupid thing's locked?" She set the note on the ledge and looked around at the rest of the room. It was a large open space and would be perfect for a studio.

Ophelia ran back to her room and began to unpack her three boxes. She took out a large easel, watercolor and acrylic paints, paintbrushes, and other supplies. Ophelia quickly rushed them to the room across the hallway and began to set up her studio. Her easel was placed on the wall facing the windows and the paints were set on the carpeted ledge. A table would be needed later. All she needed now was a canvas and something to paint.

"Phe! Dinner!" Ophelia walked down the stairs and found her way to the kitchen.

On the counter were two plates of pizza. Mum had ordered it. "Well, it's your favorite. Are you gonna eat or what?" Ophelia took one plate and headed up to her room.

Her mother expected nothing less. Ophelia had had a rough life lately and the move wasn't making it any better. Her father had gone to the army and was killed overseas just a year ago. Ophelia's mum looked at her plate of pizza and put it in the fridge along with what was left in the box. She picked up the newspaper and began to read.

Ophelia went back to the studio and began to eat and read a book. After eating she became sucked into the book until she noticed the sun about to set outside. "Wow, what time is it?"

Ophelia just sat upstairs looking out the window that showed the backyard. She saw something glint in the overgrown grass. She looked a saw it shine again and without another thought ran out to the yard. She got on her knees and began to look through the grass.

It took a half hour, but she finally came upon the source of the glint. She picked up the small gold object.

The key! It wasn't very intricate and simply had a loop on one end and two prongs on the other. This must be the one that opens the lock. She ran back inside and up to her studio.

"Ophelia, what are you doing?" asked her mum from the kitchen. "Just going to try something," she replied climbing up the creaking stairs. She rushed into the room, locked the door behind her, and approached the closet.

The large lock was old and rusty, but Ophelia hoped with all her might that it would work. She just had to know what was in the attic!

She put the key in the lock and turned. The lock wouldn't budge. She tried with all her might to move the key to open the lock, but it was just too old. Ophelia decided on a better plan.

She went back outside and retrieved a large rock from the gravel path that led to the house.

Ophelia made her way back to the studio and began to bang the rock on the lock, but it was the rock that chipped and shattered. "Shale," she pouted. A crappy misleading rock.

She went back outside to find another large rock and settled on one that looked very much different from her previous one. She couldn't risk it breaking again. She ran upstairs and banged on the lock again. The lock began to chip. She kept on slamming the rock on the rusty lock until, finally, the lock crashed to the ground.

She opened the doors and looked in. It was empty. There wasn't a door anywhere. There wasn't even a trap door in the ground or ceiling. "What is going on? I waste all that time finding a suitable rock and there's nothing in here?" asked Ophelia, disappointed.

She walked out of the closet and slammed the doors behind her. A crash came from inside. Ophelia put her hands over her ears and ducked expecting more, but nothing more came.

She opened the closet once more. A cloud of dust came out. Ophelia coughed and wheezed as she back away from the closet. The dust got in her eyes causing her to stumble backwards and trip over her easel. "Oh, crap!" she said before slamming into the ground.

Her arm tried to grab onto her easel as she fell, but instead got tangled in the empty wood. Her other arm flailed, knocking her head. The heap of Phe and wood made a large crash.

"What was that?" shouted her mum. "I just knocked over my easel!" she shouted back. "Clean it up," replied her mother. Ophelia rubbed her head as she untangled her arm and set her easel back up. The dust had now settled and, though invisible to the human eye, smelled musty.

Ophelia crept toward the open closet expecting another threat, but none came. The empty closet was empty no longer. A hole was in the ceiling revealing a small cavity. Inside the closet, a large book laid on the floor. It had a brown leather cover and was hand-bound. Its pages were yellowed and seemed about to fall out, but held steady as Ophelia picked up the book. She tried tried to blow away the layers of dust. Not much went anywhere so she wiped her sleeve across the book then across her jeans. On the cover of the book a title was written in black lettering "A Journal of Shinigami".

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