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"Okay, Devon, we have a mission."

Sam's face was as serious as she could possible force it to be as she stared into the supermarket. Devon nodded with recognition of his cousin's statement.

With a military-like attitude, Sam stomped through the doorway as Devon strolled behind.

"First things first. We need milk." Sam continued her march almost aimlessly until her "objective" was found. She handed Devon the container. He carried it dutifully as he always seems to do.

"Next! Eggs!" The next "objective" wasn't too far away. And once reached, a question was posed.

"Devon?" "Yes," he replied. "How many do you think we should get?" asked Sam, "Not only do we have the seven of us, but we have Max and Austin and Dustin who'll be here any minute!"

"Do what we always do," said Devon. "Huh? What do we always do?" Sam asked. A sigh came from the taller boy. "We get three dozen for the seven of us and one for each of the Americans," he replied.

Sam quickly caught his tone and questioned him. "It almost sounds as if you don't like Americans. You do remember I consider myself from across the pond." "I do. And I do like them. I'm just not sure how to address your brothers any other way. They aren't just brothers because there's Travis and Grayson also. They're not just cousins either. They're more than older brothers, so they're Americans."

Sam squinted and grunted in her perpetually childlike manner. "Why are you always right?"

Devon pondered a moment. "Because I'm English." "Yeah, yeah, shuddup." Sam waved him off and handed him six cartons of eggs.

After another half hour, Sam concluded the trip with pride. "We have everything," she said confidently as Devon carried all of the groceries himself. She pulled out her mobile to check the time. "Oh gosh! They'll be here any moment! C'mon Devon!" She ran to his truck and hopped in.

Finally being able to relax on their way home, Sam sighed with a content smile on her face. It took a minute, but conversation was started.

"What do you think Phe is doing now?" she asked. Devon grit his teeth. "I'd rather not think about it," he complained, "We've had enough conflict with reapers for one year."

"I don't see anything too bad about them," said Sam, "Ronald's been taking good care of Phe and Grell's been watching over the both of them and that other one seems to be in partial control of her." "Sam, stay away from him," Devon growled, "Mr. Spears is not a force to be reckoned with. And picking a fight with him would not end well for you."

"Okay, okay," said Sam, worriedly, "I got it. Don't mess with the prim and proper one. What is it that you have against the dude?"

Devon's eyes flashed for a quick moment.

"It's nothing for you to worry about."

"Christmas Eve already."

Ophelia sat staring out the window in the passenger seat of Undertaker's hearse. It hadn't been long and she was already being carted back.

"I know," said Ronald, "It's kind of ridiculous. I wish you could have stayed longer." "I have Christmas and school," she said, turning to him, "I have things to do. Unlike you, I can't ask my boss for an extra day because of a boy." "Neither can I," replied Ron, "For a girl that is. Spears was reluctant about this. You should really be thanking Grell next time you see her."

Phe smiled. "I figured."

The rest of the trip was silent as both the reaper and the girl were dreading their part.

Phe reached to her side and pulled her navy shirt down. Ronald caught a glimpse of her bandage. His eyes darted back to the road. The bandages had been there the entire trip, but sometimes it's best to not be reminded of certain trials.

The large house was now cloaked in cold snow, but the warm light on the inside was truly inviting. The pair had reached it sooner than expected.

Ophelia stared lazily at her home. "It amazes me. It all happened so quickly. One moment I was cursing having to move into a new house and the next I'm thrown into an adventure. All because of the silly little book." She gave a little laugh which sparked a smile on Ronald's face.

"C'mon, Phe. You've got to get inside before your Mum decides to kill me for being late."

The two stepped out and gathered Phe's luggage before they sauntered to the front door as casually as possible.

Before knocking on the door, Phe gave Ron a nervous glance. "She did that on purpose." "What?" he asked. She pointed upward as he followed her finger up to a small plant hanging from the doorframe.

"Is that..."


Taking initiative, Ronald dropped everything to grab Phe and plant a kiss on her.

In the midst of their moment, the front door was unnoticeably opened and a certain brunette stood in the doorway.


Almost pushing themselves away from each other, Ophelia and Ronald split as quickly as they could. Both had blush across their faces. "I believe that was quite the goodbye. Phe, dear, get inside and wash up. We'll have dinner in a moment. I need a moment with Ron here."

Ophelia turned to Ronald and gave one last hug. "Goodbye. I'll see you as soon as possible." "Bye, Phe." "Don't let her scare you."

And with that Ophelia dashed inside leaving Ella and Ronald to have a small interrogation.

"Is she hurt?" "No," Ronald replied. "Mentally or physically?" "No." "Did she stay with you in the evenings?" "No." "Did she have fun?" Almost continuing his streak, he stuttered before saying, "Yes. A lot of fun."

"Did you have fun?"

Ronald paused before responding. "More than I ever could have had alone."

In a flash, Ella hugged Ronald. "Thank you for taking care of her, Ron."

In the house and up the stairs, Ophelia was flipping through that "silly little book." She stopped at Ronald's page where she came to one simple conclusion.

"I'm going to find B.T."

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