Wes and Eric are commanders of the sliver guardians that are the protectors of Sliverhills. Wes is the red timeforce ranger and Eric is the quantum ranger. There was once part of the timeforce ranger team with four other rangers. The other four rangers were Jen, Katie, Lucas, and Trip. They came back from the year 3000 to the year 2001 to save the future from Ransik. They had succeeded and went back to their own time. Eleven years have passed and the two Sliver guardians have protected Sliverhills to this very day.

"Eric can you believe it has been eleven years since we became power rangers?" said Wes.

"Sure is." Said Eric. "Sliverhills is the perfect place to live now thanks to us."

"Yea I only wished Jen and the others were here." Said Wes.

"I know that you miss Jen Wes but you know they can never leave the future again because we all changed the future too much." Said Eric. "Let's be thankful that it was fun while it lasted with them."

"I guess you right man." Said Wes. "Let us head back to headquarters before I start to think about Jen again then I can't work.

The two rangers were heading back from lunch until a large portal opens up in front of them. For a minute, they thought that their friends have come back but they were wrong. Several brutes in unusual uniforms appear before Wes and Eric.

"Wesley Collins and Eric Myers you are under arrest for altering the time line since 2001. We are going to have to bring you in to stand trial for your crimes."

"What are you talking about we saved the future twice." Said Eric.

"Yea and who are you guys anyway?" said Wes.

"We are the Chronological police I am Sgt. Griffith and I will be doing the honor in bringing you in."

"Well I can't see where we went wrong." Said Wes. "I'm sorry but we can't come with you."

"What he said." Said Eric. "We are not going anywhere we need to protect this city and everyone in it."

"I wasn't hoping it wouldn't come to this but we have to use force to bring you in." said Sgt. Griffith.

The chronological police prepared to take the rangers in by force. They started to blast at them with their lasers. Wes and Eric dodge the laser blasts defended themselves with their own. The laser fights goes on for a while. The weapons form the Chronological police are far too advanced from the rangers weapons.

"Damn these guys mean business." Said Wes.

"Don't give them too much credit." Said Eric. "They haven't beaten us yet!" I say we go with the big guns."

"My thoughts exactly." Said Wes. "Let's do it! Ready! TIME FOR TIMEFORCE!


Wes and Eric transformed into the red time force ranger and the quantum ranger.

"You do know that you are resisting arrest rangers." Said Sgt. Griffith. "Now I have to use brute force. Stand back men I will handle these two myself

Sgt. Griffith pulls up his wrist. Wes and Eric gazed upon Sgt Griffith's wrist and what they saw appeared to be a morpher.


He had transformed into a power ranger but it is looks different from any other power ranger suit that was ever seen. Wes and Eric started to attack Sgt. Griffith. Wes drew his chronosaber and started to land a hit on Sgt. Griffith; however, Sgt. Griffith blocked every single attack. Next Eric got out his Quantum defender and he started to blast with full power. Sgt. Griffith dodges his attacks with acrobatic moves.

"Give it up you two." Said Sgt. Griffith but your powers are obsolete compared to mine. So just turn yourself in now and maybe I will forget you tried to resists arrest."

"Never! I failed to see what we did wrong." Said Wes.

"So I guess you want to continue this fight I know for a fact you can't win?" said Sgt. Griffith. "Now let me show you the power of the Chronological ranger! MAGI STAFF FIRE POWER!

The blasts hit the rangers sending them flying to the ground.

"Whoa was that one of the mystic force weapons?" said Eric.

"I think so." Said Wes.

"Glad you notice there my two fugitives." Said Sgt. Griffith. "Try this on for size. JUNGLE TONFA!"

Sgt. Griffith attacks the rangers. They were no match from his attacks. Wes tries fight back with his saber but his weapon was torn in half by Sgt. Griffith's jungle tonfa. Eric uses his quantum defender to try to lands some hits on however, his attacks were in vain. The rangers were outmatched by their unknown foe and they were out of options.

"Damn it! I can't believe this is happening." Said Wes. "I don't know what else to?

"I do!" said Eric. "He left me no other choice. Q-REX ARISE!

Eric's Q-rex comes from the outskirts of town. Aiding Wes and Eric in their trouble battle. was not worried at all.

"Oh this infamous Q-rex." Said "So you want to take it to the zords huh? All right, two can play it that game.

pulls out a dagger from his morpher. Wes and Eric are surprised that the weapon has not been seen in years.

"Behold of the most ancient zord in history." Said come forth Dragonzord!"

Sgt. Griffith takes the dagger, brings it to his mouth, and plays the song to summon the Dragonzord.