Sgt. Griffith and the other four timeforce rangers intercept the rouge rangers in time and their battle is about to begin. Meanwhile bad news for the accuse Wes and Eric. Their trial will be begin immediately. As things get worse it is revealed that the white timeforce ranger is not the true mastermind but someone else is. The next chapter will begin now!


The rangers drew their chrono blasters and fired upon the rouge rangers. The two both block the shots with their weapons. Jen charges in with her Chrono saber. The others helped Ransik, Nadria, and the other time force officers.

"Lucas where have you guys been these last couple of days?" Asked Ransik.

"Long story Ransik." Said Lucas."What's important that you get these people to safety and we will handle this"

"Right! Just make sure you bring these guys in." Said Ransik.

"That's not possible officer." Said Sgt. Griffith they are coming with me!"

"And who the hell are you?" Asked Ransik.

"Sgt Griffith! Chronological police."

"We don't have time for this." Said Katie."We will have explain later just trust us!"

"Okay! This is going to be a shit load of paper work." Said Ransik."Let's go Nadria."

Nadria, Ransik, and the other time force officers helped the other civilians to safety. Meanwhile Jen is holding her own against the rouge rangers with her Chrono saber. The rouge rangers throw their hard attacks upon the pink ranger but she's not letting up for back flips away from her enemies.

"Give it up! Your rampage ends here right here and now! You have a chance to come along quietly!"

The rouge red ranger says nothing but the rouge gold ranger thinks about it as he feels that doesn't want to kill people any more that it wasn't what he signed up for. He now feels that his partner has fallen off to the point that he'll do anything for money.

"What will happen if we come in quietly?" The rouge gold ranger asked.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Asked the rouge red ranger as slaps his partner upside the head."Are you out of your mind? We are about to get our big pay off and you want to get all sentimental now?"

"No I don't want to do this any more." Said the rouge gold ranger as he pushes his partner."I won't kill for money anymore. "I QUIT!" Said the rouge gold ranger.

"Oh Gee too bad partner." Said the rouge red ranger.

The rouge red ranger slices his former partner in the back. He demorphs back to his human state as a young Colombian American. The rest of the rangers opened fired on the rouge red ranger. He dodges the shots and completely changed this time into the red ninjastorm ranger.

"Looks like my work here is done. Until next time rangers." Said the rouge ranger as he uses his ninja vanish technique.

Jen demorphs and rushes to the fallen criminals' aid. Trip calls an ambulance. Lucas, Katie, and Sgt. Griffith makes an attempt to go after him but it was no trail to go by. The rangers quickly rushed the fallen rouge ranger to the emergency room luckily they got him there in time to save his life. Hours later he has came to long enough to give the rangers an explanation.

"Nice to see you finally awake." Said Jen."Now start talking! Who are you? How did you get your powers? And who are you working for?"

"Well you waste no time do ya?" Asked The rouge ranger."Well since you saved my I'll tell you everything. My name is John and my partner name is Raymond. We come from an alternate dimension in the year 2015. How we got our powers is that we found this box it had six morphers in it but it was only the two of us and we allowed ourselves to be the red and sliver rangers. We also figured we had the power to change into previous power rangers. But unlike other rangers, We turn to a life of crime. You see Raymond and I grew up in a poor neighborhood living from check to check,having kids, and whole lot of other things that I don't want to explain. Once we got our powers Raymond convince me that we can take a couple to help our families out. But then we met him..."

"Who is him?" Asked Sgt. Griffith.

"The white Timeforce ranger." Replied John."He came to us months ago saying that all of our financial problems will be over. All we had to do is perform a couple of task."

"A white Timeforce ranger?" Said the rangers in a surprised tone.

"Yes he's very smart and devious." Said John."Raymond and I have killed a lot of people and...framing your friends."

Enraged Jen takes her hand and applied pressure to John's neck. The rest of the rangers grabs Jen from killing him.


"Interesting development here." Said ."We knew Wes and Eric were being framed but by who was a mystery. This White Timeforce ranger is the true mastermind behind all of this. This is who is giving the council all this trouble."

Jen turns her attitude towards the chronological ranger.


"I was following orders." Replied Sgt. Griffith."The time council has enemies that wants their positions of power. They wanted outside help. So that's why all the Timeforce rangers had to be reunited to help the time council. That's why Wes and Eric were arrested to bring you guys back in the fold. Now that we have Johns testimony and the identity of the true enemy, we can go back to The Beginning of All so we can clear Wes and Eric of all charges so we can focus on finding and stopping this white Timeforce ranger."

"Good...But on one condition...Once this is over, I want to go be with Wes in his time. Don't act like the time council can't make it happen. After all you put us through. I deserve to be happy."

"I can't guarantee that but I will see what I can do." Said ."Excuse while I contact the time council and inform them of Wes and Eric's innocents."

Sgt. Griffith leaves from the room while the other rangers were shocked as Wes and Eric have been innocent all along.

"The time council must be very afraid." Said Trip.

"I wanna know who the hell this white Timeforce ranger is." Said Katie.

"I thought that it was only six Timeforce rangers." Said Lucas.

"Chrono must know something." Said Jen." Once we get back...

Jen was cut off by as he stormed in a some urgent news.

"Rangers, I've got some terrible news. The time council is in a coma. And what made matters worse, Wes and Eric trial went immediately and it was now over... And..."

"And what?" Asked Jen.

"Wes and Eric were found guilty and they were sentenced to life in the Temponaut. There's noting we can do."

Tears start to form in Jens eyes as she couldn't believe that the man she loves will be forever lost to her. The others console Jen as the rangers don't know what to do next.


In a dark dimension known as the Temponaut, where criminals that oppose a threat to all dimension. They are sent here so they won't oppose a threat to any universe period. The two latest inmates are Wes and Eric. The portal drops them off in a vast dark dessert. The trial was so over quickly they didn't realize that they were already here.

"Damn I can't believe that everything was against us in that trial." Said Wes.

"I hope the others had better luck back in their time." Said Eric."Something was not right about the time council simply collapsing like that. Something is going on bigger that we have been up against. Someone went through the trouble to divide and conquer the team."

"Well they are doing a hell of a good job." Said Wes." At least they let us keep our morphers. I guess because this isn't a normal prison and the criminals are deadly."

From out of nowhere several criminals jumped from out of the sand and tries to ambush Wes and Eric but they immediately threw a right hook and knocked out two of but more jumped out. The heroes tried to morph but they grabbed them beaten them and restrain them. Hours later, they brought them to unknown location. Their captors were two people by the name Quita and Cox. Quita was the one of the most notorious thrives throughout all the dimensions stealing everything in every dimension she comes across. Cox is a surgeon gone bad. He started experimenting on humans and creatures from other dimensions. They have both been imprisoned for almost twenty years.

"Where have you taken us and why do you want with us?" Wes asks

"Shut up!" Said Quita as she slaps Wes."We the ones in authority. So we are the ones asking the questions."

"Now what did you do and how long are you in for?Asks Cox.

"Disrupting history." Said Eric."We are here for life."

"Life ha-ha-ha!" Said Quita.

"This isn't funny we put here because of something we know for a fact that we didn't do." Wes said."We're power rangers and we always do the right thing."

Quita and Cox eyes widen as of they have heard of them before.

"Power rangers." Said Quita."This is a first. Our boss had a run in with power rangers a while back before he was put in here."

"It only takes good hearts to be a power ranger." Said Cox." The boss will be pleased to see you two."

Quita immediately pulls cox off to the side.

"Are you thinking what I think you are?"

"Yes I knew someone that created this place a long time ago." Replied Cox. True that its one way in and one way out but...If a pure of heart person in this case power rangers were wrongly put here, there is a way to escape the boss will most likely be intrigued. Lets take to them now before its too late."

The two grabbed Wes and Eric and brought them to their bosses hideout. Wes notices that more and more deadly criminals were just roaming around killing and robbing people. Dead bodies were piling up. They were no guards no police just criminals. Minutes later they brought them inside and knocked the heroes to their knees in front of their boss. With his seat turned away from them.

"Sir I think you'd be most intrigued on what we found." Said Quita."Two power rangers."

The boss's seat immediately turns and his Appearance was sinister. He had bulging muscles and a scar going down his face. He is also African American. He is astonished as he speaks to the first prisoners to be Power Rangers.

"Hello rangers! Welcome to the Temponaut. I've only been here for a couple of months and I'm already running things here. Let me introduce myself I am Azarenka.


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