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Chapter 9: Drink Up Me Hearties

Jack Slowly stirred awake grumbling as the sun blinded him. He slowly smiled as he remembered what had happened the previous night. Tortuga had never looked so welcoming than it had as the battle weary crew entered its cove. Every Single pirate, including those who were too drunk to know their own names, had been celebrating. Catherine had even been smiling as the pirates shouted toast after toast for the great Catherine Porter!

Jack sprang up. He was alone in bed…in Catherine's bedroom. Clothes were strewn everywhere around the room, his hat lay upside down underneath her desk, Catherine's clothes lay crumpled around the room as well. Jack ran quickly around the room getting dressed as he muttered about "damn women."

He slammed the door behind him and quickly ran towards town. Suddenly he froze. The Pearl. The Pearl was gone. Jack sprinted towards the docks dodging around unconscious pirates and all the while praying Catherine was still in Tortuga.

Jack slowed once he reached the docks and recognized a familiar figure lying on the ground.

"Mr. Gibbs!" Jack called okut as he neared him, "Mr-" Jack looked around and found a pail of water sitting on top of a barrel. He immediately picked it up and poured it on Gibb's head.

"Mr. Gibbs," said Jack as he sputtered awake, "any particular reason as to why my ship is gone?"

Gibbs resettled himself with his teddy bear, ready to go back to sleep, "We're on the ship."

His eyes suddenly jerked open as realization hit him. Gibbs jumped up, "Jack! The ship is gone!"

Jack rolled his eyes as he stared after his disappearing ship, "Bugger! Bugger!" he shouted kicking a barrel. His toe exploded in pain as the barrel was filled to the brim. Grumbling a stream of curses he slowly turned away from the Pearl and walked defeated back to Tortuga.

"Jack," came a familiar voice, "You missing something Jack?"

Jack turned to see Catherine sitting on the edge of a small ship, one leg resting on the railing, the other swinging freely below her. She was wearing a simply blue dress that only accentuated her extreme beauty. In her hand she held a tube of bamboo strips.

"I just found it," he smiled walking over to board her ship.


Barbossa picked up a peanut from his plate and fed it to the monkey Jack.

"Ooh, that's a good boy, you're Daddy's boy," he cooed, his face gave the illusion of happiness, "Yes you are."

Pintel, as well as half the crew, cautiously approached him.

Pintel cleared his throat, "Sir, some of the men don't feel entirely settled about leaving Captains Sparrow and um Sparrow behind…"

"…Again," nudged Ragetti.

"…again…" corrected Pintel.

"Is that so?" asked Barbossa, any trace of happiness had disappeared as he straightened up to face the crew.

"It would make us feel a whole lot better concerning our fortunes if we could see that item you mentioned…"

"On the charts," specified Marty.

"With our own eyes," added Pintel.

"To ease our guilt so to speak," justified Ragetti.

Barbossa, though slightly frustrated at having to show his crew everything, unrolled Sao Feng's charts.

"Aye. Feast your eyes on these, mateys. There's more than one way to live forever. Gents, I give you the Fountain of Youth!"

The crew looked towards each other in confusion. Barbossa, seeing this looked towards the chart himself to see the large hole cut from the center, removing every valuable part of the map.



Catherine smiled as she spun the map, Barbossa would be opening the remains any minute. Jack's shadow fell over most of the map.

"Jack," complained Catherine playfully glaring at him.

Jack simply smiled as he gazed into her eyes. He slowly reached over to take away the map so he could kneel in front of her.

"Jack," Catherine scolded, "we need something to trade with Barbossa for the Pearl."

Jack stood up next to Catherine, "I have the Pearl," he said softly.

"We need the actual ship," said Catherine just as softly, slowly surrendering to Jack.

"I have all I need right here," said Jack pulling Catherine close and kissing her as they sailed into the sunset. The maps thrown to the deck of the ship. Forgotten.

Sequal: Teague looked at Jack, he was tired, his whole persona showed it, yet at that moment, he forced it away as he focused on Jack, "Do you honestly think Jackie, that the Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court would let two Pirate Lords marry and leave you two alone to enjoy your happy matrimony did you?"

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