Warning,This is a Kowalski and Private FLUFF!also,if ya don't like thean don't read.

Title:Bad Dreams


Summery:Private has a nightmare and Kowalski's there comfort him.

-A monster about 8 feet high was chasing him,our little brittish penguin was running as fast as he could,but it was not fast enough, and the monster caught him."HELP!"The bird screamed as loud as he could in his dream.-

Private woke up and tried to convince himself that it was just a dream and not looked around and saw that Skipper and Rico were asleep but Kowalski was decied to get up and looked around the HQ some more,because he couldn't go back to sleep cause he was worried he'd have the dream agin."Huh,K'walski's in his lab".He thought whean he saw a dim light from that direction.

He went over a nocked,and was allowed in.

"Hey,Private,why aren't you asleep?"The older one asked,walking over to the younger.

"I could ask you the same."Private responded."I'm up because I had a bad dream."

"Private,monsters and other creatures that could scare you are not 's only a dream"Kowalski whisperd to Private.

"Are you sure?"Private asked.

"I'm positive."Kowalski assured.

"I'm sleepy agin."Private yawned."I'm going back to sleep."

"Bye,Private."Kowalski said as he went back to his reserch and experiments.

"Nite,K'walski"Private said as he left.

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