WARNING:This story will have a very ooc Tony who will probably be even down right mean at times. It starts off as a Tiva but may very possibly end in a McGiva though I'm not sure yet. There will also very likely be some tragedy in it, I enjoy angst and character death. Who knows I might kill Ducky tomorrow(just kidding I could never kill Ducky) but there may be suicidal thoughts and such, I doubt I will ever have someone commit suicide but who knows thats why I'm warning you. So consider yourself warned that I am up for just about anything with this story and you should be too.

Chapter one

"You don't like it." They had been dating for 8 months and Tony had decided to make dinner to celebrate.

"No I do, I guess I'm just not that hungry." Ziva tried to give her dinner more attention but just the thought of actually eating something was causing her stomach to flip.

"You don't have to lie, if you don't want it don't eat it!" Tony raised his voice snatching his plate off the table and going into the kitchen.

"Tony don't be like that, Come sit back down with me." Ziva said following him.

"Don't be like what Ziva? I make you dinner and you're so ungrateful you wont even eat it just to appease me and yet I'm the one that's acting like something!" He yelled throwing his plate into the sink with a thunderous clank.

"I already told you I liked it Tony, you don't need to yell at me." Ziva tried for calm. This was typical Tony lately, one moment he was the sweetest guy you'd ever meet and the next he would blow up at the slightest thing.

"You're such a bitch! You've pratically ignored me all day and now that I finally try and steal a little bit of your attention you end up picking a fight and are even trying to pin that on me!" He stormed back to the diningroom roughly clearing the rest of the table.

"Tony just stop with the dinner for a minute, it doesn't even matter. I have something to tell you." She had tried telling him three times already but each time ended in an arguement.


"It's important so do you think you can calm down long enough for me to actually get through what I need to say." Ziva sat back at the table, she refused to ruin such good news by argueing with him.

"Just spit it out already!" Tony reclaimed his spot at the table as he tried to control his anger. He didn't know why but everything Ziva did lately made him see red.

"Not until you stop yelling and can speak with me like an actual person."

"Ziva I'm listening." Tony leaned in giving her his full attention. He might be angry with her still but his interest was now peaked.

"We're going to be parents." Ziva smiled placing her hand over Tonys.

He didn't believe it, had Ziva just said he was going to be a father?

"Tony?" He had been quiet for quite awhile and she was starting to worry.

"You're pregnant?" At Zivas nod Tony exclaimed excitedly, "I'm gonna be a daddy!"

"Yeah you're going to be a dad." Ziva laughed as Tony lifted her into a hug, "Oh wow, we're havin' a baby."

"We are going to have our own little family." Ziva wasn't sure how Tony would react to the news but now that she knew he was happy she couldn't help but be ecstatic herself.

"I love you... and you." He accented the first proclamation with a kiss to Ziva and the second with a kiss to her belly. "We love you too."

"We're gonna need a bigger place, a bigger car too. Maybe a mini-van, I can just see you as a soccer mom, and a dog. We have to get a dog, what kind of kid doesn't have a dog?" And as Tony went on Ziva tried her best to share his enthusiasm, she just hoped he stayed that way.


"I don't know if it's such a good idea we tell them just yet." Ziva shared with Tony in the privacy of the elevator.

"Why not?"

"Well it's still early and God forbid but I don't want them to get their hopes up for nothing should something happen." Ziva didn't like the idea at all but it was still a very likely possibility her being in the first trimester and all.

"Nothing is going to happen to our baby and that is why we need to tell them so you wont be placed in any dangerous situations." Tony wanted to make sure his child was as safe and protected as possible.

"Alright." Ziva agreed as she stepped out of the elevator.

"Hey McGatherer get Abby, Ducky and the gremlin up here, me and Ziva have something to tell everyone." Tony ordered McGee as he entered the bullpen.

"And that would be?" McGee questioned as he picked up his phone.

"Well if we tell you now then that would defeat the purpose of getting everyone together now wouldn't it?"

"Have you seen Gibbs yet?" Ziva sat on the edge of Tims desk, she didn't want to say anything without Gibbs being present.

"He's around here somewhere. Abby's on her way up and I'm calling Ducky right now." McGee really wanted to know what was up.

"So do you want to tell them or do you want us to do it together?"

"It does not matter." Ziva was just fine with it, either way the news would be the same.

"Tell who what?" Gibbs appeared coffee in hand.

"You and the team Boss, we're just waiting for them to get up here." Tony said rising from his chair.

"Behind you my dear boy." Ducky announced Palmer, Abby and his arrival.

"Well DiNozzo?" They had work to be doing and Gibbs didn't appreciate Tony interrupting that.

Grabbing Zivas hand he excitedly announced, "We're adding a new member to team Gibbs, Zivas pregnant!"

"Oh I'm so happy for you guys!" Abby was jumping up and down with excitement.

"Ziva?" Gibbs was worried about how quiet she was being.

"Yes it's true, I just guess hearing Tony announce it to everyone has finally made it cement."

"It's concrete Ziva." Tony corrected.

"Anyway it's finally hit home that I'm having a baby." Ziva had thought she had come to terms with being pregnant but obviously not, there was actually a person inside of her. She was going to have to care for a defenseless child, she was becoming a mother.

"You're going to be an awesome mom!" Abby assured giving Ziva a bear hug. "This kid is going to have the most awesome parents." She added as she turned to hug Tony.

"Congratulations you two, I'm sure you'll make fine parents." Ducky shook Tonys hand before delivering a light hug to Ziva.

"Tony, Ziva I wish you two the best." Palmer was still a bit hesitant around the others.

"Thank-you Jimmy." Ziva knew that she could do more to work on their friendship but his best wishes were still appreciated.

"Yeah I'm happy for you guys and I can't wait to see the rugrat." McGee wasn't really sure if he meant that but he wasn't about to spoil the celebration.

With a simple nod in Tonys direction and a kiss to Zivas temple Gibbs sat at his desk ordering, "Get back to work."

"You come and see me later, we most definately are going shopping." Abby told Ziva walking backward before slowly following Jimmy and Ducky toward the back elevator.

"You make sure she knows I'm not letting my child be dressed in skulls." Tony told Ziva as he powered up his computer.

"You tell her that."

"You're the mom-to-be." Tony was amused by what almost looked to be fear in Zivas eyes.

"There's no need to rub it in." She had a feeling Abby would have alot of these little shopping trips planned and that this was just the beginning of what was going to be a very long pregnancy.