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"I'm home!" Adara calls from the kitchen. I finally got Orion to fall asleep, so I leave his bedroom and go downstairs to find my daughter.

"How are Mom and Rion feeling?" She asks, skinning a rabbit at the counter. Katniss and Orion had been sick all week, and they only seemed to be getting worse by the day. Katniss has it easier than Orion, though. The poor boy can't keep anything down.

"Your mother is the same, really. Your brother seems to be making progress, though. I managed to feed him a piece of bread. So far he's kept it down." I said. From upstairs, someone starts violently coughing. I think I spoke too soon. Adara looks at me urgently, and I run up the stairs to my son's room. Orion is still fast asleep, which is a relief. But that means that Katniss is the one getting sick. Which frightens me even more. She isn't in bed when I get to our room, but I find her in the bathroom, propped up against the door.

"Kat, you ok?" I asks, frantically.

"I'm fine, Peeta. I'm pretty sure it's just morning sickness." She mumbles. I help her to stand up again and half lead, half carry her back to bed, moving the trash can closer to the side of the bed.

"Call me if you need anything." I kiss her forehead lightly and turn the lights off as I Ieave the room and head back downstairs. By the time I get back to the kitchen, Adara has the rabbit completely skinned and is working on a squirrel. I take a pot out and start chopping up vegetables and cubing the rabbit. After she finishes skinning the remaining squirrels and a second rabbit, I offer the go with her to the Hob. Besides the fact I don't like her going over there alone, I need some fresh air. Haymitch comes over to check up on us with perfect timing and volunteers to watch Katniss and Orion while Adara and I are gone.

Watching Adara at the Hob is like watching Katniss. A few years back, Katniss and I told her that anything she earns at the Hob is hers to keep. Between our bottomless bank accounts, we don't need it, anyway.

"And how exactly is that fair? Just look at this, I got him clean in the eye. Not a spot of blood on this pelt. Now. Are you going to give me a fair price, or am I taking my business elsewhere?" Adara tells the woman running the stall. "6 weeks until winter hits, and temperatures are already dropping. If you give me what I'm asking, you can double it easily within a few days. The people are going to want warm gloves and boots. I'm giving you a fair price for the number of squirrel pelts I have, here."

The woman seemed to consider what Adara said before making another offer. "How about this, girl? I'll split you the difference, and I'll give you this for that little brother of yours." She says, pulling out a stuffed dog from under the counter. Adara sighs.

"Ok, deal. But only because Orion's been sick, and I want to cheer him up a little." She says, holding her hand out. The woman shakes it, presses a few coins into her hand and passes her the stuffed dog. We walk across the building to Greasy Sae's stall.

"That was nice of you, Dara. Thinking of your little brother." I tell her.

"Ah, I was getting tired of haggling with her anyway." she shrugs. I roll my eyes just as we get to Greasy Sae's stall.

"The Mellark's minus two! How are Katniss and Orion feeling?" She asks as Adara flings her game bag onto the counter and pulls her self onto a stool.

"Slowly but surely getting better. Well, Orion anyway. Hard to tell with Katniss. Morning sickness just keeps getting worse, at least that what she says it is." I explain, sitting next to Adara.

"Well, I'll give you two a little something to take home to them. What do you have for me today, Adara?"

"A couple squirrels and a rabbit. Nothing more exciting, unfortunately. But, then again, anything more exciting would have given dad a heart attack." Adara said, emptying her game bag. She and Sae both laughing. Adara must have known what was coming, because she turned to me and said- "Dad, save the stories. We've all heard them a million times." She smiles and goes back to her soup.

"You better watch yourself, sweetheart. Haymitch could always use some help with his geese, and he has some stories himself." I teased.

"I can take care of those stupid geese." She said, pulling her bow off her back and pulling the string back and letting it go. But when she lets go, the string snaps and lashes the both of us. A good deal of people turn around and go silent. Adara turns bright red. "Um, who'd be willing to trade me for a new bow string?" She calls. Most of the people laugh and one of the venders nearby offers to fix it for her. She accepts, but insists on paying him. Greasy Sae packages up some soup for Katniss and Orion and we leave for home.

We found Haymitch passed out on the couch when we got home, and decide to just leave him there until our dinners ready. I reheat Greasy Sae's soup for Orion and Katniss, since it seemed like it would be easier for them to keep down. Adara volunteers to take Orion's food to him, since she still had the stuffed dog to give him. I creep into Katniss and I's bedroom quietly, only to find Katniss was already awake.

"Hi, Kat." I say, smiling.

"Hi, Peeta. What's that?" She asks.

"Something Greasy Sae made for you and Orion while Adara and I were at the Hob this afternoon." I say, sitting at the side of the bed. She tries to take the warm bowl from my hands, but I take her hand off.

"You feed me when I'm sick. Let me." I whisper. Katniss sighs lightly but complies. I stay with her until she falls asleep.

Adara must have already woken Haymitch up, because as soon as I close the door, I can hear him laughing. I decide to quickly check on Orion before going to get some food for myself. He's sitting in his bed, eating with one hand while tightly holding the stuffed dog Adara got him to his chest.

"Looks like somebody's feeling better." I say from the doorway. Orion glances up and grins.

"Yup! Look what Dara got me!" He holds up the stuffed dog and then hugs it tightly again.

"I know, buddy. I'll come back up in a little bit and read you a story, ok?" I ask. He nods and goes back to his soup.

I go downstairs and into the kitchen, finding Adara and Haymitch at the table.

"There you are! Where you been?" Haymitch calls. I get myself a bowl of stew before joining them at the table.

"With Katniss, for the most part. Wanted to make sure she ate and went back to sleep." I say, before tucking into my dinner. For the most part, I just listen to Adara and Haymitch talk. I'm still amazed at how different he is since he sobered up. He still treats Katniss and I the same, though that's probably for the better. He's even nice to Effie, when she comes to visit, which is still terrifying, even though I know he's doing it to mess with her. After I finish, I leave the two of them alone to go read to Orion.

Adara promises to get herself to bed, so I can take a shower. I only agree since it's been a few days since I last showered. Katniss appears to still be asleep when I walk into the bedroom, so I don't turn the bathroom lights on until I close the door. I think she's been calmer in this past week than she has been since we found out she's pregnant. I know she's stressed, but it still stings when I try to kiss her and she pushes me away. The warm water feels great, and I instantly feel less grimy. I hear the door hinges squeak and I turn around. Katniss is standing in the door, with a blanket wrapped around her.

"Peeta?" She asks.

"Yeah, Kat?"

"It's getting cold in there...can I stay in here?"

"Of course. You can get in with me, if you want." I say without thinking. But Katniss doesn't seem to mind, she closes the door and gets undressed before joining me in the shower. She wraps her arms around my neck, and my hands find the small of her back as I kiss the top of her head.

"You feeling better?" I ask, ducking my head to kiss her neck. She nods.

"Much," She mumbles as her lips catch mine. She catches me off guard, and her back ends up against the shower wall. I move one of my hands to hold her hip, while the other moves to the wall as a support. One of her hands slips down south and grabs my manhood. I groan, and she smiles. Two can play to that game. My hand slide up her side to her chest, and she tenses up. I quickly slide my hand back down. I forgot how sensitive she gets when she's pregnant. I easily ignore the soap that assaults my back at random with Katniss distracting me. The water eventually shuts off automatically, and I groan out of frustration. I fumble for the manual controls and we're suddenly blasted by cold water. The way things are going, we aren't going to need warm water, anyway. My hand runs over her stomach, and I pick her up. Her legs wrap around my waist and I freeze. Something screams in the back of my mind, reminding me that we have to be careful. Katniss senses my anxiety and mumbles into my neck, "Nobody ever said anything about sex."

I'm still nervous, and Katniss is obviously getting impatient. She shifts her hips and slowly lowers herself onto me. We both groan, and I forget whatever it was I had been worried about. We've never had sex in the shower before. The bedroom wall,sure. A million times. I take a few deep breaths before I pin Katniss against the wall again. I try and take it slow, which annoys Katniss to end. My lips stay locked to hers and when she climaxes, she bites my lip too keep quiet. That sends me over the edge, and we slide down to the shower floor, exchanging lazy kisses.

"You ok?" I ask, running my hand over her stomach, which has recently acquired a slight bump.

"I think so," She says.

When I regain my composure, I turn off the water and help Katniss up. The dryer comes on as soon as we step out, and I pick her up again to carry her back to bed.

"I love you." I whisper, when we're both under the covers, slowly starting to fall asleep.

"I love you too," She mutters, resting her head on my chest as she finally drifts off.

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