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This is dedicated to users Jasmine Shigeru, Cris P.C and iheartcorpsebride249 who helped me keep this story going. I thank you lots as this story was my first fanfic and was the hardest to create as I had very little ideas to work with back from the story of the original. So enjoy and I welcome any feedback as I want to improve.


Previously from chapter three

Three months later…

"Shhhh We don't want to get caught."

"What are we doing?" I whispered yet struggled from laughing.

"I want to show you something" he said.

"In the middle of night within the dark forest you're crazy"

"Nope just determined"

Chapter four

What was that?

Next thing I knew my hand was pulled forward and my back hit near a tree.

I gasped and then I was swepted into a rough hard kiss, I closed my eyes, feeling hands holding the sides of my cheeks. So warm then slowly became colder.

'Why is it getting colder? I should be getting warmer and flustered'

I tried to open my eyes at his face but I saw no one. Just darkness and the rustling sound of the trees. I was the alone.


I gasped and sat up. I was back in my bedroom underneath my warm layer of blankets.

'What was that?' I thought brushing a soaked lock of my hair away from my face.

'What does it even mean?'

"Urghhhh" I groaned. Well first I need a shower, I feel absolutely sweaty. Not a good look to start the day and to present as a Larden lady.

I lifted the covers away and exited out of my room with a robe and closed the door.

What I failed to notice, watching my every movement at my window, when I awoke was a black raven. As it saw me leave it squawked outside then flew away.

"What do you think the dream meant"

"I think you have crude dreams"


"So am I" He laughed.

"From what you telling me, you have been dreaming about a tall, dark, suitor…..and in my opinion that's extremely disturbing."

Since this dream I haven't been able to sleep properly at night so I asked for advice from the only person I could, other than Andrea. Henry. We were sitting in the Larden dining hall, no one else was home so I asked him if he was free.

"How so?"

"HOW SO…WHA" he paused and took a breath then continued.

"Emily, a man you don't know, was luring into the dark forest in the middle of the night, alone and he kissed you"

"What do you think it means?"

"That I….need….to….find a suitor that can make me feel that way too." I slowly suggested in random words.

"YESSSSS…." He breathed out with his eyes closed then he froze.

He opened them quickly and stared at me.

"Wait what….."

"That I need to find a suitor to help me feel excited and give the intense thrill like in my dream."

Slowly considering my scrambled words as the answer I was looking for.

"Whoaaa, whoa Emily I didn't say that" He protested

"I meant that you..."

"Like how he made feelings change"

Henry sighed. 'And she's out of the room again' he thought.

"Like the seasons of summer and winter it was so …." I continued.

My hands without thinking held up to my cheeks, I knew I must be blushing.

"You are one strange girl Emily Larden…." Henry muttered to himself and smiled as I rambled on and on.

'If only you knew…'

"You think I'd find someone who will look at me and not Lydia?"

"Huh?" he said in surprise.

I walked back to my seat opposite him. I smiled at him and startled him by entwined my hands in his and squeezed them. "Do you think I'd find love like Lydia?"

He returned my squeeze and said through his intense hazel eyes "I don't think, I know"

Henry always says such things but sadly if it were about one for me being courted I doubt him and just nod my head each time.

"Come over here Em"

I willingly went in to his waiting arms. Smelling his sweet scent. I know its weird smelling someone of their scent but when I do, it gives me comfort.

For Lydia it was lavender. For father a less pleasant smell of cigars or mainly red wine but I didn't mind and Andrea, for her it was her sweet smelling scented candles of rose that she uses every night as her night light.

I remember it well because I would complain about not going to sleep as I wasn't tired and still wanted to play outside, even in the dark.

So to settle me down, she promises me to read my favourite story before bed and has that certain candle illuminate my room.

And Henry he smelt or maybe to, just felt like home, a place, no matter where I am, home.

'Why do you doubt me when it comes to love, why can't you see you through my eyes?' Henry thought sadly and rested his chin on her dark brown hair head.


After that long conversation Henry had to start his half hour back on his carriage shift so it was just me again at the house. I found myself back on the thought of trying to retrace the details of the dream. Dark trees, it was a snowy day so the patch of grass was to be seen. What about the stranger?


'Ah! I know, it just… might work'

I marched upstairs down the left hall towards father's study. I wonder if he's back yet. He did say he'll be back near eight o'clock. Last I checked it was quarter past eight. I tapped on his door three times.

"Father …?" no answer.

Father, it's just me, can I come in a minute" I called.

No answer ….

Good that means I can sneak in and borrow his charcoal.

I turned the door handle and pushed the door with a soft creak. And indeed the room was empty left only to the eye of smooth vanishings and polished furniture for a working businessmen.

I sighed sometimes I think he cares more for his work then us since mother left us. It wasn't her fault I could see father didn't love her as much as she did for him. She really tried for us me and Lydia but knew it just wasn't going to work. So she left…..

I shook my head.

Come on Emily! Focus before the dream becomes less vivid by tomorrow.

I searched a couple times but I found it finally found what I was looking for and then grabbed a couple of scrap papers then headed back downstairs to my room.

Slapped them down on my vanity dresser and decided to draw what I thought I imagined at the start of the dream. Oh if Lydia could see me now. She knows I haven't done drawing in forever ever seen my last artwork was of my late pup Maddie.

With Maddie around I also loved drawing and she was my favourite thing to draw. But when she was gone I never felt the need to pick up a drawing utensil again.

Until now.

I let my hand guide me with the black charcoal, making rough lines, curves, shading and then shadows.

What was I expecting to see? I thought as I was sweeping the charcoal this way and that. After 5 min I decided to feel drowsy so I picked up a handkerchief and wiped my hand roughly and because my knees were giving out let them rest at the bottom base of my bed and let my head rest on the blanket and gave in to black….

Authors note

So what did you think she drawn what did the dream appear on paper. Be patient and Chapter five will come.