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A Melody Hand in Hand

Chapter one: The Meeting

Xion Uchida was an average fourteen year old girl that attended Twilight high as a freshman. She was average height, had good grades, and was kind of popular. Xion also loved music and played the piano. She didn't pay much attention to it, but she was very beautiful.

Her most popular traits were that she had sleek, soft onyx hair and a nicely toned body. She wasn't too Tom boyish but wasnt girly either. She treated everyone equally and was very nice too. One of her most annoying traits was that she could become very stubborn when she was upset about something. Xion was single too and that was all it needed to make guys fall for her. Almost every day, guys tried to ask her out but as always, she sighed and rejected politely and continued her normal lifestyle.

She had an average circle of friends. They were: Ventus, Sora, Kairi, Naminè, Riku, and Axe.

Xion's PoV

It was a normal day at school and it was Friday. After Math period was over,I walked about of the classroom and heard the final bell ring. School was over for the week and I walked to the willow tree near the parking lot. My friends always met there after school and I sat on my usual spot on the lowest branch on the tree, everyone else arrived at the spot. Everyone except Sora.

Kairi was always worried about Sora. Xion already knew that she had a crush on him since she told her herself a couple of weeks ago. Since she was worried, she asked everyone the question.

"Hey, you guys, does anyone know where Sora is?"Kairi said worriedly.

Naminè spoke up saying,"oh come on Kairi! Don't worry about your boyfriend. He'll be coming soon. He told me himself that he would be a little late."

"what? Kairi I didn't know that you had a boyfriend!"Sora said as he arrived at the willow and sat down on the green grass. Kairi blushed and looked away,"N-Naminè was just teasing you know Sora! I-I don't have a boyfriend at all! Thats just ridiculous. Hahahaha!" Kairi said in her nervous voice.

"oh okay Kairi! I get it now. Well anyways!" Sora said changing the subject."I have something to tell everyone!"

Axel piped in,"so what is it Sora? Speak up!"

"oh come on Axel! Just wait a sec. Okay I have big news everyone! My cousin is coming to live here in Twilight town. He's fifteen like me. We look kind of the same too but he has hair kind of like Ven though."

We all looked at Ven as he pulled a strand of his hair and look at Sora with a questioning look. He shrugged and we all turned to look at Sora again.

"Well, he's coming at the tram station on Sunday on the noon tram so we should all come there when he arrives to greet him. So who wants to come?"Sora announced.

"I'm sorry, I have my drawing lessons on Sunday,"Naminè said guiltily. "I have to go to my karate lessons too. I'm sorry that I can't make it."Riku said as well.

"So I guess that leaves Kairi, Axel, Ven, Van, and Xion!" Sora said with a big smile."Okay, let's meet at the station at 11:45. That way, we can all be early for my cousin's arrival. Oh yeah. He's coming alone since his parents already arrived."

I had a question though,"Hey Sora, what's your cousin's name?"

"that's a secret! You have to wait for him to tell it to you in person." Sora said with a smirk and a wink. I sighed and said to Kairi,

"okay, I guess we will all go. Okay Kairi?"

"Yeah. Okay Sora, we'll all come at 11:45."Kairi said.

"Okay. That settles it! So you all promise?" Sora asked.
We all nodded in response. We said all of our good byes and went on our way home.

On Sunday, I was a little early arriving at the station since I had nothing else to do. I always rode on my yellow and black skateboard while listening to my iPod. When I reached the station, I went inside the building and saw Sora sitting on one of the benches near the ticket stands. I waved and he waved back with a cheerful smile.

"hey Sora! Noones here yet?"

" Well, Axel is always late so I don't worry about him. Van is at home. He decided not to come. Ven is in the bathroom.
I'm really worried about Kairi though. She usually isn't this late. I wonder what's wrong.." Sora looked anguished as he said this. I made a mental note to tell Kairi that Sora worried about her deeply. I smirked slightly and wondered what Kairi would think.

I sat down next to Sora and waited. About five minutes later, Kairi came running. She was ten minutes late.

"Hey! I'm sooo sorry I was late Xion! I hope I didn't worry you Sora too!"Kairi said exhaustedly, obviously tired from her long run.

"N-no Kairi, it wasnt any trouble at all..."Sora said with an embarrassed look on his face. Kairi shrugged it off and sat next to Sora. We all sat there until Ven walked out of the bathroom and sat on the bench beside us. Axel finally came late as usual and said that he had overslept. We stared at him. We had no idea Axel slept that long. Well we all sat on the benches and waited. I asked Sora a question:

"Hey Sora, what tram is your cousin coming in?"

He replied saying,"oh It's tram #5 at station #4."

I sighed and waited once more. There was an announcement on the station intercom that tram #5 was to be delayed for about 5 minutes. We all waited until we finally saw #5 arrive in the station. I felt nervous. Would he be nice like Sora? How was he like? Would he accept me as a friend? I sighed again as we all stood up and walkedtowards station#4. The tram doors opened and a crowd of people walked out. We waited. No one came walking towards out or waved to Sora and we waited.

And waited.

Suddenly we heard a crash and a sound of a cat yowling like in the movies. We heard an embarrassed 'sorry!' it sounded like a boy. The boy slowly walked out and turned towards me. The first thing I noticed about him was his deep ocean eyes. We had eye contact for about a second then the boy saw Sora. He waved with a smile.

"Hey! Sora!" he waved and came running towards us. I figured that he was Sora's cousin. Sora waved back with a huge grin on his face. Me and Kairi looked at each other and had a silent conversation:

Kairi:that guy is cute! Don't you think so?
Me: oh come on Kairi! Shut up. Sure he is cute but-
Kairi:ha! I knew it! It's love at first sight!
Me:nononono! You have it all wrong!

We had to end out little conversation when Sora introduced me and Kairi to his cousin.

"and this is Kairi and this is Xion. They're both good friends of mine.

"Oh! So this must be the famous Kairi Sora always talks about!"the boy said with a sly grin. Sora and Kairi blushed and looked away from each other. I smiled and thought how cute this couple was! The boy then turned to me and smiled. Wow he had a really nice smile. It was enough for me to like him instantly.

"Hey. You're Xion right?" he said cheerfully.

"Yeah. I'm Xion. Thanks for pronouncing my name correctly. It gets really annoying sometimes. Most of the time, guys always say my name as Xian or Zion. Some times even like 'exion'!" I replied with a cheerful smile.

"hahah! That's kind of funny. It's actually a pretty easy name to pronounce. Well for me anyways. Oh yeah! I forgot. My name is Roxas by the way. Roxas Hikari." he said with a laugh.

Roxas. I liked that name. It had a nice ring to it. I nodded at Roxas and smiled again. I saw that he wore a white collared short sleeve shirt and with tan khaki pants. It was plain and simple.

"so you're going to live in Twilight Town then?" I asked.

"yeah I guess so. My dad came here because of his work. He runs a large business and just built a new office here." Roxas said.

"since your with our crowd, I guess you have to stick with us now!" a voice suddenly said. Axel came about of nowhere and rubbed a fist on Roxas's head. Roxas laughed and shook Axel off. He straightened his hair again and said a greeting to him. "you're Axel right?"

"the one and only!"Axel said with a wide and corny grin.

"So you're the Axel that almost burned my cousin's house to the ground?" The boy said in a questionable tone. Axel froze in place and sweatdropped.

"uhh. Yeah."Axel said suddenly looking gloomy.

Me and Roxas looked at each other. We both laughed. I could tell that we were going to become good friends. Something inside me felt that it was just unlocked and it made me full of joy. I was happy I made a new friend.

We went to the usual spot in the alley. Axel sat on the ladder, Kairi and Sora both say on the old couch, and me and Roxas sat on two separate oil barrels. We all introduced ourselves to Roxas. After talking about weird and random stuff we split up and went home. Me, Roxas, and Axel went up to the clock tower. As a treat, Axel brought some sea salt ice creams. It was kind of a small welcoming party for Roxas. Roxas sat in the middle, Axel to his right and me to his left.

"it tastes salty. Ugh I don't like it. Wait- its sweet now!" Roxas said curiously.

"hah! That's exactly what Xion said when she had her first sea salt ice cream!"Axel said with a laugh.

Me and Roxas only ate one ice cream but Axel ate like ten! We talked for a while about where Roxas was from and the kind of stuff he does.

"so where did you use to live Roxas?"Axel said lazily.
"oh I used to live in Traverse town. I had three friends. Their names were Hayner, Pence and Olette."

"oh! I used to know Olette. I used to live in Radient Garden before I moved here. Olette was a temporary exchange student at our school."I said in a matter of fact way.

"wow! I didnt even know she was an exchange student at Radiant Garden. I only lived there for about 4 years. Before that, I used to live in Hollow Bastion. I was born there actually."Roxas said.

We talked and we talked while Axel listened to us while devouring Sea Salt ice creams one after another. He was already on his fifth when me and Roxas were only halfway into our ice creams!

After Axel was done, he burped a long burp and said that he was going to go back home. He left, leaving just me and Roxas. By the time Axel left, Roxas was eating his last bite. I saw that there was a 'WINNER' on his stick.

"WOW! A WINNER stick! Those are super rare! Roxas you are so lucky to get one on you first one here!"I cried in surprise. "Well, Xion, you got a WINNER on your stick too!" Roxas said with a grin.

I looked at my stick. Sure enough, I had a winner on my stick too. I held it up."Wow! I've been eating a bunch of ice creams for a winner stick. I'm kind of excited that both of us have a winner stick now." "Yeah."Roxas said with a happy sigh."I guess this was our lucky day. I got to meet new people, I met you, and I got this winner stick. Even you got one. So. What do you win?" "huh?"I fumbled trying to remember," oh yeah! You win a free ice cream."

Roxas looked at me then stared at the sky with a funny expression on his face.

"I guess you don't get much for getting something super rare. Kind of a rip off.." he said disappointedly. He then turned to me once more with a slight smile. "hey. Xion, why don't we keep them? That old lady at the ice cream stand will probably throw away the stick you have been working so hard for so I guess it would make more sense if you just keep it." he said as if it were obvious."anyway, the reward isn't even that cool anyways. So do u agree?" We stated at each other for a while. I blushed and looked away. He still kept his eye on me though.

"I-I guess so. It does make sense that we keep it. So it will kind of be a sign of our newfound friendship!" now it was his turn to blush.

"I think we.. We are going to have a great and long friendship before us."Roxas smiled his brightest smile I've ever seen. He put both of his hands down and his left accidentally landed on mine. I blushed and pulled my hand away but he caught it in his own. I saw him blush a little and I blushed even deeper. Roxas quickly put my hand down and looked away.

"I-I'm sorry about that Xion..." Roxas got up and gestured for me to go with him. We walked the long way down the clock tower. Roxas's back was turned towards me the whole time. When we reached the bottom, he turned towards me with a smile. I was surprised.

"do you play a musical instrument?"he said. It was a random question so I was stunned for a second."yeah. I play piano."I said."really? I play it too. What about tomorrow, you show me your skills after school in the music room's piano and I'll show you mine. Okay?"he looked so cute at the time that I had to smile and say yes.
After I confirmed the request, we said our farewells and left. Roxas took a skateboard about of a backpack he was carrying and boarded down to the tunnels. I was surprised that he had a skateboard but I discarded the no important thought and I took mine and boarded down the way to the station plaza. It was my favorite place to board since it was smooth and steep. I laughed as I glided down the slope and arrived into the station plaza. My apartment was near the hole which led to the forest. I took my house key and walked inside.

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