by PrettyGirlRocks

Chapter 1

"What the hell Stefan," she let's out as she desperately tries to get her breathing back to normal. Her hand clings to her chest from shock, as she looks at the man who sits on the edge of her bed.

Having just got home from an emotional day of 'long-lost mother catch up time', the last person she expected to run into was Stefan Salvatore.

"What are you doing here?"

Silence. She wonders if he even heard her. His body sits erect, but his head hangs down preventing any kind of eye contact.

"Stefan what-" A hand fly's up, silencing her.

"Shut up."

"Excuse me?"

"Just shut the fuck up for a minute." His voice is low and husky and she should be scared but she is only angered by his behavior.

"Please tell me who you think you're talking to because it for sure isn't me." She lets out haughtily, a hand coming up to rest on her hip.

"Bonnie," her name escapes through clenched teeth, his tone full of warning.

"No Stefan,I don't care if you've gone all ripper on us, that doesn't give you the right to be an ass." She sighs trying to calm herself. "Look, it's been a long day, and I'm sorry we couldn't get all the coffins but we can talk about all of this tomorrow. I'm exhausted, and I want to go to bed."

She takes a step closer to her bed, to him, and suddenly his eyes are on her.

"Don't fucking come any closer," he growls, and it is now that she seeshis body heaving out of control, and more importantly, the veins under his darkened eyes.

Now she's somewhat scared. Before she can even process a clear plan of attack she is pressed roughly against the wall by her door. Her heart is beating rapidly, and he hears it all too loudly, hears the blood coursing through her veins.

"Your blood," he lets out, almost in a whisper as he lets a finger slide carelessly down her neck. "I'm so hungry."

She's pushing against him but he's stronger now that he eats people instead of animals. "Stefan let go of me," she whimpers pleadingly. She can't stop looking at his fangs. A fleeting memory passes of his brother attacking her, so long ago, and yet not long enough. She shivers at the thought.

He doesn't listen to her, only presses himself closer if that were even possible. "I'm so thirsty, though." His eyes take in her lovely brown neck, delicate skin that he yearns to tear into.

"Don't make me hurt you."

"What makes you think you could?" he challenges. His head dips down and he inhales her scent, before itching closer to the crook of her neck. "Anyways Damon and Elena already covered that for you. Though I'm sure you knew about your best friend kissing my brother." He's even angrier now. "It's a good thing I can turn it all off."

She's giving him multiple aneurisms but they're not affecting him, nothing is working, nothing is stopping him.

"What did you do?" she whispers, completely terrified now. "Why aren't my powers working on you."

"I'm angry Bonnie," he lets out huskily, ignoring her. "I'm so angry I can't see straight. When I get like this I get very thirsty. And you smell so good, I just have to-" Teeth slowly sink into flesh. Bonnie gasps her hands pushing with all her strength against the vampire.

She's too weak.

She hears him moan as he greedily gulps down her blood. She feels herself getting weak as he continues swallowing. He' taking too much. She taste of sweet strawberries and the finest of wines.

When her heartbeat starts to drastically slow he wants to slam her body closer to the wall and completely drain her, but he forces himself to pull away from her. He lets out a stream of curse words before moving the beautiful witch quickly to her bed, laying her down. He viciously tears through his own wrist and places the bleeding body part to Bonnie's mouth.

Her eyes are dopey, and she looks like she's high, but when the tangy liquid hits her tongue she pushes his arm away in disgust.

"No," She mumbles as she shakes her head.

"Don't be fucking stupid Bonnie, you're too weak without it." Stefan frowns before placing his wrist back to her mouth. She pushes it away again but this time Stefan holds it in place, forcing his blood down her throat.

When he's sure she's had enough to stabilize he pulls away. He doesn't miss her green eyes as they glare at him vehemently. She's angry.

"Get out," she growls, pushing him off her bed.

"Bonnie-" He says her name like a reprimanding parent.

"You bit me!"

"Don't remind me," he lets out huskily, running a hand through his hair. "I can still taste your sweetness on my tongue."

She wants to throw up. "You could've killed me you jerk," she exclaims.

"But I didn't so you're good," he lets out lowly; confidently. "I know what I'm doing."

"You're disgusting. The Stefan that I know would have never-"

"The Stefan that you knew is gone," he growls. "And I'm sorry,: he pauses, "well not really, but I was fucking pissed and I just ended up here and you smell so-"

"Please just go," she pleads with him. Not wanting to hear anymore. She never thought that it would be the other Salvatore that would violate her like this. She felt like something had been taken from her, forcibly, almost like she had been raped.

He leans down and before she knows it his mouth is latched back unto her neck. Teeth piercing her once more. She pushes at his chest in horror but he stops within a couple of seconds, and his tongue slowly sweeps her neck, as he licks the wound shut.

You're delicious...

The words echo in her ear drums repeatedly, but her room is empty.

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