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Chapter 5:

"So...," Damon starts off. They've put some distance between them and the manor, so he feels he can now speak freely.

"You guys are fucking?"

"Damon," Bonnie let's out in a strained, tired voice.

"You don't understand, you're brother is basically-" She pauses because she doesn't want to say that he's taking advantage of her. It makes her feel weak, and that's just not her. She refuses to be that girl.

"Nevermind, I'm gonna take care of it," she finishes, nodding. She's determined.

She has to take care of it.

"It's just that, man," one of his hands runs through his black locks, while the other lazily holds onto the wheel. "I didn't realize things were like that between the two of you," he shakes his head in shock, letting out a snort. "I've never seen him act like that."

"Like an ass-"

"No," he interrupts her snide comment, turning his attention momentarily to the witch beside him. "Possessive," he finishes his blue eyes growing big.

"He was like that with Elena," she quickly argues.

"No," he lets out. "Not like this. This is like a whole new level..." He pauses, his mind running over the images, Stefan grabbing onto Bonnie, roughly meshing his lips to hers.

"It's interesting," he quips.

"Whatever," she huffs, her green eyes rolling.

"At any rate, about Elena..."

"Damon, I don't want her knowing any of this! This has to stay between you and me, ok?"

"Perfect," he replies all to quickly and his answer throws Bonnie off.


"You think I want Elena knowing that you're screwing around with Stefan, aka my brother in which she's still has feelings for," he asks, his brow quirked at her. "No."

"So this has nothing to do with my well being and wanting to make sure I don't lose a friend over something I can't control, plus look like a total slut or anything?" She questions as they pull into her driveway.

"Not really."

"You could at least pretend to give a damn," she snaps, turning away from him.

"Aww don't be such a baby, I got you your 'witchy spell book' for you didn't I?"

He chuckles when all he gets as a response is her middle finger.

She's moving to open the car door when the engine finally cuts but a cold hand to her shoulder stops her. She turns back around her green eyes meeting Damon's ice blue ones. "Be careful," he slowly lets out.

She huffs, "You be careful Damon. You're the one playing with fire."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. Elena? Damon, really? How could you do that to your brother knowing that he still loves her, that they still love each other?" Damon's eyes move away from her suddenly finding the trees outside very interesting.

"You know what," she continues, "I should be setting your ass on fire cause if it wasn't for your thing with Elena, Stefan wouldn't feel the need to hang around me-"

"You mean fuck you, AHHHH," Damon screams as his hands move to his throbbing head. "Stop it Bonnie, I was just kidding."

She doesn't stop. At least not right away.

When she does her hand instantly grabs onto the door handle and she hops out, slamming the door behind her.

"Let's not go to bed angry honey."

"Fuck you," she yells angrily over her shoulder as she quickly keys her way inside her safe haven.

It's dark inside but she doesn't turn on any of the lights downstairs since she's headed up, instead she uses her phone screen to light the way only turning on the light of her bedroom once she's inside.

She yelps as her eyes land on an all too familiar scene.


"What are you-"

"You know if you ask nicely he'll do it," his voice comes out huskily, cutting her off.


She eyes his form but it's no use because his head is buried in his hands and she can't tell where he's coming from, emotion wise, or what his words mean.

"What are you talking about?" she finally asks.

"If you ask nicely he'll fuck you. Damon I mean," he explains his gray eyes finally meeting hers. It doesn't do any good because she can't tell what he's thinking, but she can't help but cringe at his words.

"Stop it."

"You said it not me. It's what you want, right?"

"I don't want none of this." None of this.

"Really," his face breaks out into a smile as he moves towards Bonnie's still form. "Because I didn't get that impression when my dick was inside you earlier. I'm pretty sure you wanted that."

"That will never happen again," she lets out through gritted teeth as her eyes close. She's ashamed.

He's right in front of her now but she refuses to meet his gaze.

"You know that first night, I don't know what I was doing, and today in the classroom...definitely didn't expect things to go that far, but," his fingers lightly trace her cheek and he's elated when her breath catches. "Now that they have I don't think I can go back."

He presses his body into hers and she tries not to notice his hard dick up against her right thigh.

"Get off me," she whispers when she feels her back meet her bedroom door.

"Can't do that," he darkly replies as his hips start to move against hers. He groans into her neck, the delicious friction between their bodies getting to him.

"Fuck," he barks as he steps away from her, big fingers fumbling with his zipper, before he pulls it out.

It's hard and at least 8 inches long and it's the first time Bonnie's seen one, had time to stare at it. So of course she's terrified. Her hand moves up, attempting to send him flying across the room, only the spell has not been reversed yet so nothing happens.

"Stefan no," she commands. "You keep that thing away from me."

"But Bonnie," she hears his deep voice protest.

Before she realizes it her hand is wrapped in his as he presses them both to his cock, grunting.

"See, not so bad," he huffs into her ear as he rubs their hands up his length.

White liquid coats her hand and it's her first time giving a hand job but she doesn't want to dwell on it, she can't think about it. She wants it all over.

"Fuck Bonnie that feels so good, keep doing that," he groans placing soft kisses against her neck. He seems to be in his own world as he continues to mumble.

"Shit that feels so good," he lets out thrusting himself into their hands, repeatedly before throwing his head back in pleasure.

"Put your mouth on it Bonnie," he whispers his dazed eyes meeting hers. "Please baby, just let me feel that soft sweet mouth of yours on my dick, fuck, I'd cum so hard down your throat."

She's appalled by his language, angry at the images he sends playing through her mind. More importantly she's frustrated that she's even contemplating it, that she wants to know what he taste like.

She doesn't feel like herself anymore.

Something is terribly wrong.

"Shut up," she moans pushing his hand away; hers stays. "Don't say another word."

She can't take it. She just wants it all to be over, for him to go away so she can start working on making this all stop.

That's why her hand squeezes around his cock. That's why she moves it, up and down, slow and fast, squeeze then release, everything.

That's why she allows him to push her body to the ground, lets him slide his big dick against her wet tongue and fuck her mouth.

Because as his hips thrust against her mouth forcing her to take it, she makes a silent vow. Tomorrow will be the day she undoes whatever spell has been done.

Then she will have her revenge.

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