Chapter 7 – Finally

L sighed as he stared at the plain boring white ceiling for what seemed like forever. He had been awake 8 days, and he had been told that Draco and Harry Potter had saved him, but he had yet to see either of them.

L felt his stomach twist. Draco was all he could think about, all he could see when he opened his eyes. But Draco still hadn't come. And L couldn't leave to find him.

L sighed as his twisted ankle twitched. He wanted to be up and about and walking. But Poppy, the mediwitch, had told him that she would break his wand if he did. So he did as he was told. But that didn't stop his feet from thinking about it, or stop his head screaming for Draco.

L woke to two voices beside him. He stopped himself from opening his eyes as he wanted to listen to their conversation, because it was clear that it was about him.

"You had to do it some time! God, your meant to be a bloody Slytherin, not some pansy."

"Potter," a second voice growled, and it took him a moment to realize that it was Draco himself, "Lay off! Now isn't the time."

There was a 'tsk' sound, and the sound of a fist connecting to something. "You love him Draco, and you told me yourself. So man up, and admit it."

L opened his eyes with a slight 'pop' and brought the attention of the two students.

Harry blushed at the stare that was going on between L and his Slytherin friend, and silently left the room, it was time for them to be alone.

There was a silence as they noticed Harry was gone.

"I never meant to lie to you, you know that right?"

The voice was soft, but he could hear every word clearly. Draco nodded, and squeezed the hand he was holding. "I know. It still hurt though, and I think it hurt so much because…. I… I love you."

Draco cursed himself for stuttering until he felt a finger turning his chin. He met the black eyes with his grey ones, and felt the love flow up and through him with every beat of his heart,

L sighed, "I love you too, my precious Draco."

Draco smiled before lightly pushing L onto the other side of the bed to make room for himself.

When Poppy came to check on L, both boys were twined around each other, and were fast asleep.

8 Months Later

Draco stood at the back of the little church, twisting his hands nervously. He knew that L was at the other end, waiting for him, and only him.

It was their wedding.

Harry stood in front of the second groom before smiling and walking down the isle at his cue, followed by Hermione.

Ron was standing next to L, and everything was set.

Now it was Draco's turn to walk towards his beautiful lover.

He turned at looked for the face that he wanted to see, and smiled when he saw he beaming L looking at him with pride, love and lust.

Yes, he thought to himself, this is what I want. He started the rest of the short walk to his new life with a grin on his face, eyes only for the man in white.