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-day dreams- (third person)

More Then A Friend

Chapter 1 – The New Pharaoh


I stared at him, unable to tear my eyes away from him. I wanted him. He had just been crowned as Pharaoh, and I wanted his attention, but at the same time, I didn't. I was meant to be his best friend, his confident.

But I wanted to be more. I wanted to lie by his side and watch him sleep. But it was impossible. Not only would it be frowned around, he doesn't feel that way about me. And I should know – because I am the one who knows him best.

I sigh, as I turn away, unable to look at the females fawning over him. I walk away, not wanting to listen to the gush of praise the sprout to their new ruler. I walk to the window, looking out over the city, and the desert, where the land and the sky meet. I wonder what it would be like, to be able to touch the sky.

I look back over my shoulder at my new ruler. He's sitting in the middle of the group of females, looking at one of them in particular. I feel a rush of hate run through me before I turn my back and start to walk to my rooms. I need to be away from them. Away from the noise, the females, and Ramses.

Moses' Rooms

I shut the door quietly behind me, not wanting anyone to see or bother me. I just wanted to be alone. I quickly got changed before I slid into the between the crispy, cold sheets on my bed. I took the wig off and let it fall to the ground, not caring. It would just go back into place in the morning when I put it back on.

I sighed as I turned and faced the double-windows, looking at the stars and the moon, the colour of the sky. Not for the first time I wished that I could draw, that I was an artist and could capture this amazing scene. But I knew it was hopeless. I had tried and failed, and no matter how much I practised, I just wasn't able to do anything. So I contented myself to watch, and to wonder.

I don't know what time it was when I woke, nor did I know when I at last slept. But I saw the brightness of the sun, and I got up, sounding the small gong, calling my slave to help me get dressed and ready.

When he finally came, I had my wig, skirt and shoes on. All I needed was my jewellery and make-up, and I was ready.

Ten minutes later, I was walking down the hallway towards the room where I knew Ramses would be. I wanted to see him. Wanted to see if he and the girl he had been looking at all night had been together, if they were together now.

My heart broke a little at the thought of Ramses being with anyone else but me, but it was Fate. We would never be together, no matter how much I wished it. So instead, I put a smile on my face as I walked into the room. Ramses and some of his father were there. I bowed, before standing straight and removing my smile.

Ramses was the first to notice that I was standing there.

"Moses… How good of you to finally join us." He smiled a bit before continuing. "I trust you are well? I saw you leave the party early."

I faltered. He had noticed me leaving while he was staring down the girls dress? I hastened to reply.

"Yes, Pharaoh. I am well. I had a headache, and thought I should get some rest before today."

Ramses looked at me like he knew that I was lying. But I knew that he didn't. He only suspected. So, I smiled brightly at him, and watched as he relaxed a bit before turning to his father.

"Father… I would like to make Moses my right-hand."

The old man nodded, and someone was sent to draw up the forms. There would be an official announcement made later.

I couldn't believe it. I was the Pharaoh's right-hand.