Gosh this was a One Shot I wrote ages ago in response to a PM requesting a story to the song "I Knew I Loved You" by Savage Garden. Well I'm sorry it took so long but here it finally is! Hope you all enjoy!


I woke up and shuddered, the ghost of my dream still fresh. I reached out to my right, searching. My large king size bed, as it always was, was empty on the right hand side. I barely stopped the grief that washed over me at the realization. I could hear my phone ringing on my nightstand but I couldn't bring myself to answer it. Depressed didn't even come close to what I was feeling right now. I had had another dream last night with HER in it. I didn't know who she was or if she was a real person even, but she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was smart, and funny and loving and caring and had completely taken over my dreams for the past two months. I was always so eager to go to sleep, to see her beauty and hear her glorious laugh. In my dreams, we talked about everything and anything under the sun and every night, we would be in my bed, my arms wrapped around her small frame as she snuggled into me, hugging me tightly. "Don't let go of me." She would whisper gently. I would laugh and kiss her gently.


It had been the same dream for months now and each morning it got harder and harder to wake up. She was like my own personal angel, stuck in a world I couldn't access in the waking.


I recognized my sister's voice from my front door. I shook my head, not wanting to face my reality.


I groaned and pulled my heavy gold duvet over my head in a futile attempt to hide.

In a moment my duvet was whipped off of me leaving my body to the merciless cold December morning air. I launched up, gooseflesh rising on my arms as I tried to acclimate to the new temperature. I glared at my sister Alice who was hi fiving my twin brother Emmett. Emmett held my duvet in his hands victoriously.

"What do you two want?" I growled in agitation. Alice tsked and shook her head, twirling on her designer heels and heading for my closet.

"Edward, don't you remember?" She asked, already flying through my wardrobe, looking, I'm assuming, for something acceptable for me to wear. I stared at her blankly as Emmett smirked and tossed himself on my bed to my right. HER spot.

"Just tell Mopey what's going on Al. He doesn't remember." Emmett said, flicking on the big screen TV in my room. Alice sighed from the closet.

"Today, my dear brother, is my first fashion show. Ever." She said glaring at me. I frowned.

"Ali, you've been to dozens of fashion shows." I said confused. Alice shook her head in clear annoyance.

"Edward, my line is going to be appearing in this show!" She said throwing a towel at me. I caught it easily as I realized what she was saying. "Edward, today is my big debut! And you two have to go!" She said glaring Emmett's way. He had completely tuned her out, having found ESPN.

"I'm sorry I forgot Ali." I said shaking my head. I couldn't believe I'd been so wrapped up in my life that I had forgotten my own little sister's achievements. She was a talented artist, amazing really, and a phenomenal designer. It had really been only a matter of time until she was recognized for it all.

Alice smiled and crawled onto the bed, giving me a tight hug.

"It's alright, I know you've been down. But this is going to cheer you right up. Believe me." She said grinning. I nodded and kissed her forehead.

"Thanks." I said smiling.

"So why the bad mood?" She asked, hopping off the bed lithely. I shrugged and Emmett glanced at me.

"Did you dream about her again?" He asked smirking. I ignored him and he grinned. "Did you guys finally do the nasty?" I glared at him and he laughed. Emmett couldn't wrap his head around the idea of me having nonsexual dreams about a woman. Alice rolled her eyes.

"Edward, I really think you should let go of this woman you've created." She said slowly. I stayed quiet. "It's not healthy." She whispered, sitting on the edge of my bed. I avoided eye contact. I was fully aware of how unhealthy it was.

"I know Ali, I just…" I sighed. "She's perfect. She's my other half, whoever she is. She fits me perfectly." I couldn't explain it well enough and Alice wasn't getting it.

"Edward, it's because you made her up." She said gently. Emmett was watching us now, the sports forgotten. I closed my eyes.

"Alice, I believe she's out there. She might not be what I picture her to be, but I know a woman is out there who is perfect for me. Someone I was made for and who was made for me. There has to be." I said quietly. She nodded and patted my hand gently.

"I know Edward, I agree, there is someone out there for you. But doesn't it make sense to start meeting women and dating them to try to find her?" Alice asked eagerly. Emmett grinned.

"She has a point bro." I ignored him.

"I don't know, I…" I didn't want to tell Alice I didn't want anyone else but the woman in my dreams. She couldn't handle hearing something like that. She wouldn't understand.

"Trust me Edward. You need to let go of this woman, but keep her memory. Keep her traits in mind. That way, you can go find your perfect fit." She said smiling. I nodded slowly.

"I guess you're right." I said slowly. Alice grinned.

"Of course I am." She said winking at me. I laughed. "But now you have to come to my show." She said turning serious.

"Why is that?" I asked curiously. She grinned.

"I know the perfect girl for you." I rolled my eyes and flopped back onto my pillows.

"Geez Alice, want to wait a few minutes before pouncing that on me?" Alice shrugged.

"I've been telling you about her for months. She's perfect for you, but you've been so wrapped up in your dream girl you don't listen to me." She said shrugging. I sighed.

"Fine." I said seeing the determination in her eyes. She grinned, her smile infectious as she stood up.

"Great, now go shower."


"Hey, are we supposed to get Ali something for this?" I looked at Emmett and frowned. We were in my car on the way to the event. Alice had run out of my house, after making sure I could dress myself, to get everything ready. Emmett had brought over his tux to my place and we had played some video games before getting ready.

"Like a congratulations card?" I asked. Emmett shrugged.

"I don't know, something. This is kind of a big deal for her." He said rubbing the back of his neck. I nodded.

"Yeah, I think I know just the thing." I said, spotting a Tiffany's Jewelry store across the street. I pulled over and hopped out of the car.

"You are going to buy her diamonds?" Emmett asked. I smiled.

"If I know anything about my little sister, it's that she loves anything that sparkles." Emmett nodded, considering my words before bolting to the door.

"I've got dibs on a necklace!" he cried. I laughed and followed him inside.

The first thing I noticed about the store, was the smell. A beautiful combination of strawberry and freesia filled me, leaving a sense of familiarity deep in the pit of my stomach.

There weren't many people in the store, a few employees that greeted us flirtatiously and two female customers, one with short blond hair and one with long brown hair. The brunette was leaning on a counter, looking bored while the other was examining rings in the case, sighing after looking at each one.

"Is there something specific you are looking for?" An employee asked me. I had already forgotten her name. I shook my head.

"Something nice, but elegant. Maybe a bracelet or some earrings." I told her, glancing around. She nodded and led me to a case. The brunette was only a few feet away now and I was hit again by the delicious smell of strawberry and freesia. I shook my head to clear it and turned my attention to the case. There were many overly gaudy items, nothing that was really Alice. Then I saw it. The perfect bracelet. It was small and delicate, with little diamonds cut as leaves and flowers. It was perfectly Alice. "I'll get that." I said, pointing to the bracelet. The sales woman nodded, unlocking it from its case.

"An excellent choice sir. I'm sure she'll love it." She said smiling. I nodded.

I could hear Emmett speaking to someone, though I didn't look to see whom.

"Is this for your wife?" The sales lady was fishing and I was in no mood to play. I ignored her and glanced at Emmett. He was talking to the brunette who looked to be like she was headed out the door. I heard her laugh and was immediately stunned by it. It was HER laugh. My Angel.

Frantically I started toward her, but she was already out the door. I caught sight of her profile and gasped. It was Her, the girl from my dreams. The girl I was sure who only existed in my mind.

I ran outside to stop her, but by the time I got out onto the busy street, she had disappeared in the crowd. I couldn't believe it. She had been this close and I had let her slip away.

"Emmett!" I called running back into the store. Emmett looked up at me, surprised.

"What?" I shook my head, stunned.

"The woman who you were just speaking to. Who was that?" I asked desperately. He frowned.

"I don't know, why?" I shook my head.

"What's her name? What did you talk about?" I urged. Emmett shook his head.

"Calm down Edward what's wrong."

I stared at him a moment before sighing.

"That was her Emmett. That was Her." Instantly he knew who I was referring to.

"That was her?" He asked in disbelief, looking toward the window. I nodded.

"I recognize her laugh. Emmett, I have to find her. Now that I know she's out there…" I let my sentence drift off. He nodded in understanding.

"That's great that she exists Edward, but we can't go hunting for her now. We have to get to Ali's show." I nodded in disappointment. I was too unfocused now, too caught up in my thoughts.

"Sir?" The sales woman flagged me over and I nodded, numbly pulling out my wallet and handing her my credit card. I didn't even register the price of the bracelet as she wrapped it up and put it in one of the famous little blue boxes women went nuts over.

I couldn't believe she was out there. I couldn't believe my dream girl was real. She was a real person, attainable. Hope fluttered in my chest, and for the first time in two months, I was happy to be awake.


"Hey Ali! I just got back from Tiffany's. Here is that necklace they loaned you." I said holding the box carefully. I looked up at Alice who was waving at me, frantically.

"Bella! Disaster!" She cried. Instantly I was on guard.

"What? What happened Ali?"

She shook her head frantically. "Beatrice called. She's got the stomach flu!" She cried. I shook my head.


Alice nodded. "Bella! Bee was my lead model! Who is going to fill in for her?"

The thing I loved about Alice Cullen's designs, were that they were built for normal women, not coat hangers. All of Alice's models had curves and were sizes 0 to 16. Bee, who was about my size, had been Alice's centerpiece. She had tailored everything to Bee's body and without her in; the show would suffer a major blow.

"Can you call in a replacement?" Alice shook her head.

"No one with her measurements! I made it to fit her exactly!" she wailed. I bit my lip, trying not to panic.

"Well, can one of the other girls cover?" Alice shook her head.

"No one else has a 5'4" slim body type in my line up." She paused and looked at me, her eyes calculating. I frowned.

"Ali, what are you thinking?" I asked, almost afraid to ask. She shushed me and grabbed my arm, twirling me around.

"Bella how tall are you?" She asked. I frowned.

"5'4"…" I said slowly. She nodded.

"What size bra do you wear?"

I blinked. "What?"

But instead of waiting for an answer, she grabbed me, measuring my breasts against her hand.

"Hm… Hold on." She said dashing off. I bit my lip. I had a sinking feeling I was about to be in a very sticky situation.


"I hate you Alice." I hissed as the stagehands finished zipping me into my dress. Alice smiled angelically.

"Thank you so much for filling in for me! Bella, you've saved my whole show!" She said throwing her tiny arms around me. I signed.

"Alice, don't thank me yet. I'm no model. Hell Alice, I'm only the show coordinator." I said, starting to panic. Alice shook her head.

"No panicking. Bella. You look amazing and you fit all the outfits perfectly. Plus, you are the best friend a girl could ask for." She said grinning. I sighed.

"I'm only doing this because I love you." I hissed. She grinned.

"Oh trust me I know." She said winking. I laughed and she kissed my cheek. "Thank you so much Bella. Really." I nodded.

"You're welcome Alice. But you so owe me." She smiled, a mischievous smile and nodded.

"I know how to repay you." She promised before flouncing off. I shook my head and laughed. Only Alice could get away with all the stunts she pulled.

With a moment alone, I moved to sit down on a vacant seat, letting my mind drift to my dream the previous night. I had dreamt about HIM again. The most beautiful man in the world though I was fairly positive he was no actual man. More like an image of a Greek God I brought to life in my dreams. Except this Greek God liked to cuddle with me and talk all night long about things most people found boring. And unlike any would be real Greek God, this one thought I was beautiful and wanted me, a sure sign that I was dreaming.

It had started a couple months ago. I had had a weird dream where I was lost in a forest and had stumbled my way upon the most beautiful white mansion I had ever seen. The owner was standing on the regal porch, looking out to the trees, almost as if he was waiting for me. As soon as he saw me, his face broke into a heart stopping grin and he rushed to me, holding me to him as if I was the one he'd been looking for. That night we spent the night talking about everything that came to mind. The next night, I went back to that place in my dreams. Each night I would go back to him, the beautiful God, and as we had gotten to know each other better, we ended up in his bed, cuddled against each other. Nothing sexual ever happened, but the intensity I felt with him was stronger than anything I had ever felt before. It was driving me mad.

The worst part was the waking up, facing reality as I woke in my bed, cold and alone. I was sure that this God was going to destroy any hope of me ever finding a suitable man. No one could compare to this God.

"Bella!" My attention snapped up and I looked at Alice who was grinned. "Are you ready?" I shook my head, suddenly panicking. "Great it's show time!" she said grinning. I gulped. Oh Boy.


"Edward!" I smiled at my mother as she pulled me into a hug, kissing both my cheeks. "How are you honey? I haven't heard from you in a while. Are things okay?" She asked holding my face in her hands. I smiled.

"I'm fine mom, don't worry." I said smoothly. She nodded as if she knew better but didn't push it.

"Well how about calling me more frequently huh?"

I nodded and kissed her cheek. "Sure thing."

She nodded and turned to Emmett. I smiled at my father and gave him a hug.

"Hey dad." I said. He smiled.

"How are you Edward?" He asked. I shrugged.

"Same old." I said blandly. He laughed and nodded.

"I understand that." He said sipping his glass of champagne. "Have you seen your sister yet?" I shook my head.

"Not since this morning." I said grabbing my own glass of champagne. Carlisle nodded and leaned in closer to me.

"You didn't happen to get her a gift did you?" I laughed and nodded, pulling out the box from my breast pocket. He chuckled and pulled out his own blue box from his pocket. "I hope we didn't get her the same thing." He joked. I laughed.

"Bracelet?" I asked. He shook his head.

"Earrings." I smiled.

"I think we're safe then. Emmett got her a necklace." Carlisle laughed.

"Well you're mother got her a handbag. I'm not sure the significance of it, but I'm sure she'll love it." I smiled and nodded.

"I'm sure she will."

A moment later we were ushered inside the 'theater' so to speak, though I preferred the term, 'arena'.

"Isn't this exciting?" Esme asked wrapping her arm through Carlisle's. I nodded smiling.

"Yeah I'm really proud of her." I said taking my seat in the front row. Esme nodded.

"Me too honey. Me too." She said sitting next to me. Emmett nudged me on the left and I looked over at him.

"You think Alice will introduce me to any of her models?" He asked grinned. I rolled my eyes.

"No." I said smirking. He glared at me a moment before grinning.

"This is great, it's like looking through a live catalogue, picking out the hottest chick." He said not letting my comment ruin his fun. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention forward.

There was a woman across the catwalk from me, eyeing me with what I could only describe as hunger, though it was in no way appealing. In fact, it was somewhat disturbing. Though she was pretty enough, I wasn't interested. She wasn't for me. I could see that clearly.

The lights dimmed and the show began. The first designer was a man by the name of Michael, and though I didn't know much about fashion, I appreciated his designs.

After Michael was another designer, a woman this time, with a name too French for me to pronounce. Emmett was watching all the models intently, as if looking for his soul mate. I laughed at him as his head turned with one model's hips up and down the catwalk.

"I love fashion shows." He whispered to me as another model came out. I laughed and shook my head.

As the second designer's collection ended there was a ten-minute break as everyone started setting up for Alice's collection.

"Edward darling will you get me a glass of champagne?" Esme asked as I stood. I nodded and headed out to the bar, Emmett by my side.

"So did you see anything you liked?" Emmett asked as we made our way through the crowd. I shrugged. I hadn't even been paying attention to the models. "The girl sitting across from us was eyeing you the whole time." Emmett said nudging my arm with his. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah I caught that. That was a little too," I was caught off as the woman who had been sitting across from me, stepped into my path.

"Hi." She said smiling in what I suppose was a seductive manner. I nodded stiffly as Emmett tried to hold in his laugh. "I noticed you sitting all by yourself over there." She purred. I frowned. Had she not seen my family? "I was wondering what a gorgeous man like you was doing all alone." She said stepping closer to me, playing with my collar. I stepped back.

"I'm not alone." I said on instinct. I knew what she was talking about. I knew she was referring to my lack of date. Both she and Emmett looked at me in surprise. "I'm with someone." I continued. The woman frowned.

"Are you sure?" She asked coyly. I scowled at her.

"Yes I'm very sure."

She glanced at Emmett in confusion and he held up his hand.

"Oh no, I'm his brother. No life partner business here." He said shaking his head. The woman looked back at me.

"So if it's not him, who is it?" She asked stepping yet again closer to me. I stepped back again and held my hands up.

"One of the models." It was out of my mouth before I could stop it. Emmett's eyes bugged out in surprise behind the woman but I ignored him. The woman nodded.

"Right, well we'll see I guess after the show won't we." She said patting my chest gently. She clearly didn't believe me. "See you around." She said winking. As soon as she was gone I headed to the bar, Emmett trailing behind me.

"What if she pounces after the show?" Emmett asked. I ignored him. "Dude, you just dug yourself in deep." I bit my lip. What had I just done?


Emmett and I got back to our seats just as the show was starting up again. I handed Esme her drink and she smiled, kissing my cheek. I turned to the catwalk and sipped my own drink as the lights dimmed and the music started playing.

I almost choked as the first model came out.

It was Her. My Angel. Looking more gorgeous than I ever thought anyone could.

She was strutting down the catwalk, looking like a Goddess.

I couldn't pull my eyes from her, my mind reeling in complete shock. I knew Emmett was trying to tell me something, but I couldn't hear him. I was too focused on her.

I watched as she pivoted gracefully at the end of the catwalk and turned back around, her hips swaying rhythmically. I wanted to jump up on the stage and pull her to me. I wanted to hold her and never let go. She was real, and I wanted her, more than I had ever wanted anything before. She disappeared off stage and I stood up, anxious to go get her. Emmett caught my arm.

"She's not going to be out yet. She has more outfits to walk." He reasoned. I nodded slowly and sat, anxious for the show to be over.

She came out at least six more times, each time looking more stunning than the last. By the time the show ended, I was ready to plow down anyone in my way. I hurried back stage where Alice was ordering people around. She saw me and grinned, running to me. I tried to smile at her, but my attention was elsewhere, looking for her.


I started to look at Alice when my eyes locked on Her. She was staring at me in shock, her chocolate brown eyes wide. In the instant our eyes connected, I could see my future. Our future, together. She was the one for me. I knew it in that moment. She was my future.

As if being drawn by a magnet, I pushed past Alice and started walking to her. She started toward me, pushing past the crowd of people. The closer we got, the more urgent the need was to hold her and suddenly we were both running to each other, pushing people aside.

She was in my arms in a moment and without thinking I bent to kiss her. Her arms wrapped around my neck, pulling her body closer to mine. Finally, finally she was in my arms.


He was real! Not only was he real but he was here! Holding me as if his life depended on it, kissing me with more passion than I had ever felt from anyone. Breathe Bella, don't pass out.

I pulled away from his lips, holding his face in my hands. I didn't realize I was crying till he brought a hand up to wipe a tear.

"You're real." I whispered, shocked and thrilled at the same time. He smiled, hugging me tighter.

"So are you." He breathed, leaning his forehead against mine. "I'm Edward." He whispered. I smiled, happy to finally put a name to his beautiful face.

"Bella." I whispered. He grinned and kissed me again. I couldn't get enough of him, I was completely overwhelmed.

I heard someone clearing their throat and turned to see Alice watching us with surprise.

"Alice." We both said at the same time. I looked at Edward in surprise as he looked at me. "How do you know Alice?" I asked. Edward glanced at her.

"She's my little sister."

My jaw dropped as I looked at Alice. "This is your brother?" I asked. She nodded with a shrug. I turned back to Edward stunned. "This is who you were trying to set me up with?" I asked Alice. She nodded smiling. Edward's eyes lit up.

"You're Alice's friend." He said nodding, as if everything suddenly made sense. I nodded with a smile.

"So does someone want to explain how you two know each other?" Alice asked curiously. I looked up at Edward and smiled. How could I explain this to anyone?

A large man came bounding up to us and beamed, patting Edward on the back with enough force to send us both stumbling. I looked up at the man and smiled. It was the man I had spoken to in Tiffany's just a few hours ago.

"Hey!" He said loudly with a big smile. "You found your dream girl! And look! It even looks like she likes you!" He said grinning at Edward. Edward smiled and pulled me closer to him. "Get out now while you can, he's a total jerk." He stage whispered to me as Edward whacked him upside the head. The man winced and winked at me. "See? You want to be with someone abusive?" I laughed and leaned my head against Edward's chest.

"Wait. This is your dream girl?" Alice asked stepping forward. Edward nodded, looking down at me happily. "The girl in your dreams?" Alice asked again. Edward turned to her.

"Yes, the one you said didn't exist." He said squeezing me to him. I hugged him tighter in response. Alice shrugged and looked at me. I nodded with a smile.

"Well, that's a whole new level of weird that even surpasses me." She said shrugging. We all laughed.

"What's your name beautiful?" The large man asked, holding out his hand to shake. I smiled and pulled him into a hug, letting go of Edward just long enough to do it.

"Bella." I said grinning. The man nodded.

"I'm Emmett, Edward's better half." He said winking. I laughed.

"Feel free to ignore everything Emmett says." Edward said pulling me to him again. "I've been doing it all my life." I smiled up at him.

"We're twins." Emmett explained. "But I clearly got all the brains and beauty." He said flexing his arms. I turned to Edward and smiled.

"I don't know about that." I whispered. Edward smiled at me and leaned his forehead against mine.

"Alice! You were spectacular!"

I looked up and grimaced as Tanya, Alice's declared nemesis made her way over to us. Tanya had been trying and failing to steal Alice's work for years, but Alice proved to be too clever. Though it was never said out loud, everyone knew how Tanya felt about her.

"Thanks Tanya." Alice said sweetly. Tanya was already looking past her though.

"Bella, I didn't know you were a model. How… charming." She said giving me a classic Tanya condescending look. I smiled at her, trying not to let her get to me. She looked up at Edward with a look of surprise. "I didn't know you knew Bella." She said to him. He looked down at me and smiled radiantly.

"Yeah, she's the love of my life." He said gently. My breath caught in my throat and I reached up to kiss him, tears burning my eyes. He was too perfect.

"Okay make out later!" Alice said swatting us. "We have to get going to the after party." She insisted.

Edward pulled away form me and pulled out a slim blue box from his jacket pocket.

"Ali, here. I'm so proud of you. You are amazing." He said hugging her quickly and kissing the top of her head. She smiled and hugged him back.

"You didn't have to get me anything." She said gazing at the box excitedly. Edward smiled.

"You love gifts, plus you deserve it." He said winding an arm back around me. "It's also to soften the blow when I tell you I'm bailing on your after party and taking your main model with me." He said smiling. Alice stared at us and sighed.

"I figured you'd do that." She said rolling her eyes.

"Is it okay?" I asked. She smiled.

"Duh! I'm going to have hundreds of shows of which you can come to the after party. Go now before I change my mind." She said shooing us away. I smiled and kissed her cheek.

"I'm so proud of you Hun."

"I know. I'm proud of you too. And thank you for filling in, you really did save the show." She said smiling. I shrugged.

"You're my best friend, what wouldn't I do for you?" I asked. She grinned at me.

"Okay now get out of here you two!" She insisted. Edward and I both said our goodbyes before he lead me out of the building. He led me to a sleek black car and held open the door for me. It should have been strange, leaving the show with a man I had just met, but it wasn't. It felt natural, like I was meant to be here, with him.

He got in behind the wheel and smiled at me. "Where do you want to go?" He asked. I smiled back.

"Let's go home."