I was browsing tumblr recently and saw that a user named flowerofmemory requested someone write what they imagined the ride to visit Jerome's father for the first time was like. It took about a week or so, but I finally came up with something. I meant to write a short drabble, but it kind of exploded. It's still not very long, but I hope it reads well!

Please don't be too harsh, although all reviews are more than welcome! This is my first attempt at a HOA one-shot. If it goes over pretty well I may start a chaptered fic, but I'm not sure. Enjoy!

I don't own House of Anubis. If I did, my life would be fantastic!


Mara looked over at Jerome as they rode in a cab to see his father. He seemed more than a little nervous, but she knew if she asked he'd act as if the impending visit was nothing of consequence. She watched as he ran a hand through his blond hair and bit his lip.

Seeing Jerome so...vulnerable was something Mara could never quite get used to. While she wasn't happy to see her friend in such a state, she had to admit (if only to herself) that it felt nice to be trusted and depended on. It was a feeling she'd only had with Mick before, but this seemed stronger because she knew that Jerome never really shared his true self with anyone.

"It'll be alright you know," she said, finally breaking the silence. It seemed that if she'd kept quiet any longer without comforting him she'd explode.

Jerome looked momentarily startled by the sudden conversation before coming to himself and giving Mara his usual smirk.

"Oh yes, it'll be absolutely fine," he said. "Seeing my father in prison will be nothing less than a blast." The smirk faded quickly as Jerome resumed staring out of the window. They weren't far from the prison now, and Mara wished she could think of something better to say to help her friend.

"If you feel at all nervous, you can take my hand," she whispered, reaching for one of his. She applied a bit of pressure to it and smiled when he looked at her confused. "Squeeze it like this until you feel better. Later on we can both pretend that you went in without any sort of nervousness and you'll never have to admit to needing me."

The car was pulling into the prison, and Mara could tell that he was debating whether or not it would be a better idea to turn around and head back home. As the vehicle rolled to a stop Jerome quickly grabbed Mara's hand and squeezed gently, but firmly. Taking a deep breath he looked into her eyes for a moment before nodding and opening his door.

Mara couldn't remember every detail of Jerome's visit with his father, but even though she still had feelings for Mick she knew she'd always remember the feeling of Jerome's hand in hers and how his eyes made her feel vulnerable...if only just for a moment.