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Episode 5: Awakened! The Final Power is Unleashed!

Tsukune and Valvatorez returns to Hades to see Artina waiting at the lobby looking angry. "Mr. Vampire! Where have you been? When you disappeared I had to deal with Mr. Werewolf and Ms. Fuka alone." Artina looks like she's been through a lot.

"Sorry." Valvatorez answered covering his face. Tsukune thought it was odd that Valvatorez didn't have any smart response to this.

"Actually…. this is my fault." Tsukune raised his voice. "During the ordeals I didn't think that the portal would summon Valvatorez. Because you know he…. is a tyrant now.

"Seriously? I never thought I would see the day my Lord would regain his powers." Fenrich looks pleased. "When did you get here?" Tsukune asked. "Um…" he was about to say something but.

"Hey, get back to work. You don't think you can pay off the 3 million HL you owe me by slacking off." Artina shouts to Fenrich who despondently went back to doing whatever Artina ordered him to do.

Valvatorez looks in amazement as he sees Artina dominate Fenrich, who would bow to no one other than himself.

Let's not ask what happened after Valvatorez was transported. That was the main thought that ran through everyone's minds.

"Lord Valvatorez! Big trouble! dood." a prinny runs towards us as fast as it can. "Lord Valvatorez! There's an anomaly detected near Hade's high security compound. dood." the prinny reported.

"Was there anything else?" Valvatorez questioned the prinny. "I don't know as soon as I saw it I ran in terror dood." the prinny replied.

"Gather the party we're going to investigate." Valvatorez called for all of us to gather at Hades high security compound.

Upon arrival, the party sees a portal akin to what they used only slightly different. What appeared from it was another matter. Several youkai emerged from the portal.

They were all wearing Fairy Tale's uniform. "Fairy Tale? Why are they here?" thought Tsukune. "So, they've come." Valvatorez said calmly.

"You mean you knew this was going to happen?" Tsukune asked looking even more shocked. Valvatorez responds, "No, I did not know this was going to happen. Just a hunch after the incident at their outpost."

GAAWWRR! The youkai prepare to attack. They were all of large stature. Giants to be precise. "Must be their vanguard." Valvatorez said calmly not intimidated by their size nor numbers.

The party prepare for battle. Just as they were about to engage the enemy Tsukune stepped forward and stopped them. "I'll take care of this." Tsukune said.

A massive aura erupted from Tsukune. The even the giants were afraid of such powerful youki. The aura was different though. It did not carry the same malice that Alucard had, but rather it was like Tsukune's own aura now.

Allow me to explain. After making the Shinzo's power his own he now no longer bears the risk of turning into a ghoul. His youki no longer carries the darkness of Alucard although it is still black as can be.

New Skills Learned:

[Bakuryuujin]: Same as always only more powerful and affects even larger and stronger enemies.

[Dimension Blades]: Channels pure youki through his hands to create blades on par with the Jigen-Tou. Can even be launched as projectiles and shape varies.

[Tyrant's Impaler]: Upon receiving Valvatorez's blood Tsukune can how fire a red spear towards enemies. The spear does lethal damage and drains health from enemies and converts it into Tsukune's own.

[Yami no Tsubasa (Wings of Darkness)]: Ultimate. Unleashes his true power. Wings form from his pitch black aura and takes flight. Destroying all who opposes him.

New Evilties/Passive abilities acquired:

[Pitch Dark Aura]: All enemies below Tsukune's level have their combat stats reduced and Tsukune's stats are increased by that amount.

[Bloody Battle/Absorption]: The true power of a Shinzo is to absorb the powers of other races. However that would make Tsukune inhuman so there is a different approach. Tsukune absorbs 15% of slain enemies' statistics and are added to his own. Also from Valvatorez's blood he gains more atk every time he slays an enemy and the longer he stays in battle.

[Tyrant's Orders]: Commands weaker beings to submit and follow your orders. Does not affect enemies with alliances such as Fairy Tale members and enemies with no free will. Effect occurs by being within a certain range of target(s) for 1 minute.

Tsukune easily toppled the giants with his bare hands. His fists leave craters in their flesh as he struck. "I never thought I'd become this strong." Tsukune said to everyone. "It's not over yet." said Valvatorez.

The portal lit up again. This time smaller youkai appeared and more of them are humanoid. "Alert! The vanguard has been defeated! Unit 69 return and report to HQ to send more reinforcements." the leader commanded his troops.

A small group of them went back. The party prepares for battle and attacks. Fuka broke through the front hitting bombs towards them with her baseball bat. Fenrich quickly decapitated several of them with his extreme speed.

The enemy retaliated with their own attacks. They got back into formation and began a machine gun barrage. Artina and Fuka took for cover as the guns kept firing endlessly.

Valvatorez, Fenrich, and Tsukune defend against the bullets effortlessly as they are too powerful to be harmed by mere guns. Valvatorez reached out his arm and creates a black hole among the crowd.

The [Bloody Hole] was formed and completed as the Fairy Tale soldiers were all helplessly drawn into it. After they were all caught, spikes appeared from all sides and impaled the confines.

Needless to say the bloody mess that emerged from the darkness cannot be described with words. Let's just say that there are lots of holes.

Yawn. Valvatorez was apparently bored. "You sure they are the ones that kidnapped your friend? They're so weak I was wondering why you never challenged them in the first place." he said in a dull tone.

"My Lord, it's just that you're too powerful. But I wonder what those supernatural beings would do in the netherworld. I'm sure they are not here just to sight see." said Fenrich.

"No…. I know why they're here. I'll explain it right now because it seems that it's going to take awhile before their reinforcements come." Valvatorez sat gathers the team and starts his story.

210 years ago

Told in Valvatorez's Point of View

It occurred 200 years after what had happened with Artina. The withdrawals I had from losing my powers grew more and more painful. At that time I was wandering around the world, searching for a new source of power, one that can replace human blood.

My search led me to Japan more specifically the house of Shuzen. It was the last remaining refuge for vampires in the area. I came to wonder how they were able to be so powerful without blood.

I was accustomed to vampire culture and ordered Fenrich to stay behind knowing that non-vampires were not welcome. I approached the castle and saw the guards there. Because I was a vampire I was welcomed only because it is the last refuge for vampires.

Vampires are a minority, a very very powerful minority. We are feared and hunted by the humans and angels. In the castle I met the lord of the castle, Issa Shuzen and his wife Akasha.

"So you are the Tyrant Valvatorez who was feared by demons and humans." he said to me. I obviously can tell that he is mocking me and knows that my powers have diminished.

Despite that my pride at the time compelled me to attack Issa in a fit of rage. I was immediately defeated by his overwhelming strength.

According to vampire law the loser submits his life to the victor. Just as Issa was about to finish me, Akasha stood between us.

"Akasha… you're just too nice." Issa said looking disappointed. He returned to his usual seat.

"Are you alright?" Akasha helped me up. She was so warm and radiant it was unbelievable to think that she held unparalleled strength within her.

Afterwards, I was escorted to my room and I fell asleep.

I lived in the castle as one of its residents for 9 years. I saw the daily battles between vampires and participated in their raids on the human world. I did not drink any blood despite how much the rest of them urged me so.

One afternoon on a depressing sunny day I was in my room when suddenly Akasha entered.

"Good afternoon Valvatorez-san." she greeted me in the most polite way possible compared to the rest of them. "What is your business here?" I immediately questioned her motives.

At the time I was still hostile to most things and treated everyone around me other than Fenrich coldly, especially Akasha. Her long flowing pink hair and selflessness reminds me all too well of the promise I made and failed to keep.

She said to me, "You've lived here with us for awhile now and you're welcome to stay. I was just wondering about your search for another source of power."

I was here because I wanted to see how the vampires in the area were so powerful. Obviously I see them drink human blood, but that was not the answer I sought. However Akasha intrigued me.

She did not have any scent of blood on her at all. I estimated that she must not have drunken blood in at least 300 years. "What makes you so strong?" I asked her rudely.

She gently answered my question, "I am who I am. If you're curious then it's because I feed on animal blood."

The thought never occurred to me because most vampires would die before choosing to drink non human blood. Well human blood must give more strength to vampires but Akasha was just special.

Satisfied, I began packing my bags. "Are you leaving already? It'll be lonely without you around." she said with sad eyes.

"Don't worry about it." I said in kind. "You have Issa and the other vampires."

"But none of them have the kindness in their heart like you do." said Akasha. I was bewildered. It was the first time I was considered "kind." I replied, "Nonsense! I am a tyrant (former). There is no way that I have kindness in my heart."

Akasha's eyes became deeper as she knows I'm lying. Why? Why? Why must she be so much like her?

Just then an ominous wave passed over us. Alarmed we took a look outside to see darkness covering the planet. "It's Alucard." said Akasha. Her face has a seriousness I have never seen before.

Akasha sprints toward the source of the darkness. I follow after her barely keeping up with her speed. I saw her waiting on a cliff with two others.

I approached them and as I got to the edge I saw it. A monstrosity beyond my imagination was below us ravaging a human city. "I never thought Alucard would go this far." one of the two companions said. "We should have stopped him before." said the other.

"Can someone explain this to me?" I said even more baffled at the scene. Akasha explained, "Alucard is a vampire with the power of a Shinzo. He plotted to destroy the human race, but everyone objected. He was missing for centuries until now. Now he has absorbed several different races and become like this."

I can understand why one would want to destroy the human race. It's something all demons aspire to do, but doing so is more foolish than the humans themselves. We need the humans to collect fear energy to survive.

Obviously the reason why all the other youkai, demons, and vampires objected was because of this consequence. The monster named Alucard seemed to have lost all reasoning and is rampaging before us.

Seeing humans get slaughtered is typical for me, but today it disturbed me the most. If this continued then everything would be destroyed. I jumped into the fray and flew towards Alucard.

As I approached Alucard, several tentacles swung at me. Using whatever strength I had, I destroyed them. To my surprise the destroyed flesh instantly regenerated itself and continued attacking.

I evaded the tentacles for awhile. Suddenly a massive claw appeared from the ground. It grabbed me and I was immobilized. Dark youki like I had never seen before collected in his gaping mouth.

Alucard fired a massive black energy beam. My vision was fading as my life flashed before my eyes. I kept thinking to myself. Why? Why? I was never like this before. What had cause me to change so much? Before, I would indiscriminately slaughter entire villages.

I bet the people I've killed are satisfied now. My life is over suddenly. I always knew that death is inevitable, especially for someone like myself, but what is this sense of regret I feel?

I've felt that regret always until now.

My consciousness was returning and I lay wounded and powerless before Alucard. Over me was Alucard with his mouth open ready to eat me.

Before his fangs made contact, suddenly Akasha jumped in and delivered a flying kick. It was so powerful that it sent Alucard's whole mass flying backwards. Unbelievable, I thought.

It was the first time I have seen Akasha use her true strength. "Valvatorez-san, stay back. You are in no condition to fight him." Akasha said and she helps me up.

She picks up a piece of Alucard's flesh from the ground and hands it to me. "Eat it. The Shinzo blood will make you stronger." said Akasha.

It was questionable whether or not I should eat it. But in my hopelessness I ate the flesh and drank the blood.

Overflowing power courses through me and I felt extreme bliss from the taste. The blood was darker than any darkness and immediately I felt it trying to corrupt me.

I subdued it with my Tyrant's blood and assimilated his power as my own. With my new strength I went to confront Alucard once again.

Arriving at the scene, Alucard was being confined within several magic circles. The other two Dark Lords were surpressing Alucard with seals and youjitsu while Akasha attacks the main body.

I watched Akasha fight for awhile. Her speed was insane, her attacks devastated Alucard preventing him from even regenerating, and her form was graceful and dignified.

Even so, Akasha has her limits. Alucard gave a massive roar, breaking free of the seals and captured Akasha with the limbs that Akasha didn't destroy completely.

He was about to use the same attack he had used on me. I quickly circles him several times and fired the [Tyrant's Impaler] several times, aiming for his mouth.

The spears struck and the force of the impact sealed his mouth. Just like a stuck cannon, his mouth exploded from the inside. The things holding Akasha loosened and she broke free.

"Thank you." she said as she got down. We were examining the corpse, but then the head began to regenerate like crazy. In seconds it was fully restored. The monstrosity rose before us.


Alucard's roar was deafening to the ears. The Dark Lords began setting up a seal. The barrier crackled with electricity as Alucard tries to escape.

"Impossible! He should be dead." I exclaimed. Akasha replies in a concerned tone, "He is. His body is driven by his malice and spite. We have to separate his soul from his body. That is the only way to stop him."

I had an idea. I told them to surpress Alucard for as long as possible. Using what's left of my strength, I transformed into my true form. [Tyrant Flughugh]

"Vile demon! Follow my order and offer your vile soul!" I began to forcefully pull Alucard's soul. His soul was as dark as his aura and I locked hands with it. "Restrain his body more!" I shouted to Akasha.

She nodded in agreement and continued destroying Alucard's flesh even more. The body and soul were slowly beginning to separate. I used all my strength to rip his soul out. Once removed the soul was vulnerable.

"Death! I command you! Follow my order and sunder thou soul from thy flesh. Seal it within the deepest level of Hades never to be released." I used the last of my power as a Tyrant.

Alucard's soul was broken down and taken by a grim reaper. His body stood motionless but still regenerating all its damage even with Alucard's soul gone.

Afterwards, we parted ways and I applied for a job as a prinny instructor at Hades. I found my true calling there, sardines, and a reason to be there. I was watching over Alucard's soul which was sealed in the high sec compound.

Before you (Tsukune) arrived, I noticed that the seal is weakening. Someone must have awakened Alucard from the outside. His soul is slowly returning to his body. This was inevitable with any seal, but we all know what would happen if he was awakened.

This is why we must renew the seal on Alucard before Fairy Tale can release him, causing a rude awakening that would destroy the Netherworld.

POV returned to 3rd person.

After hearing Valvatorez's story, the party jumped back in shock. "This is strange." said Valvatorez. "There hasn't been any reaction from this portal for a long time now."

Explosions were seen from the other side. A prinny ran frantically towards the party. "Emergency! Emergency! Intruders coming from the south side. They're too powerful! We're all gonna die dood!" it shouted and ran away from the chaos.

The portal lit up and more Fairy Tale troops appeared. "Dammit this is just a diversion." Valvatorez's expression turned from calm to angry.

"We don't have time! Fuka, Fenrich, hold them off here. Tsukune and I will stop the intruders." Valvatorez quickly gave his orders and dashed into the compound with Tsukune.

They head towards the elevator which had been destroyed. The guards lay dead in the halls; they appeared to be killed by hand.

"The seal is in the lowest level. Hurry!" said Valvatorez. He jumps down the elevator shaft into the darkness. Tsukune followed after a brief delay.

The two of them crashed on the elevator and arrived at their destination with a crash. More guards littered the corridor as they rush forward.

"Ahhhh!" a scream was heard followed by gunfire and steel clashing. Up ahead there is a squad of Fairy Tale troops engaging Hade's guards. Tsukune and Valvatorez rushed in and quickly dispatched them.

The path ahead was sealed by blast doors, but they were all cut open by a blade of some sort. As they continued to the last door they found that it was still intact.

"Why is this the only door not broken?" Tsukune asked. Valvatorez replied, "It's a special sealed door that can only be opened when you inscribe the correct kanji. It won't break and can't be opened with force."

Valvatorez inscribed the password on the door. It was the kanji spelling "Nippon Ichi."

The door was unsealed, but before that Valvatorez says, "You go on ahead. I'll keep watch outside." Tsukune objects, "But don't we have to stop Alucard from awakening?"

"No we have to stop whoever is trying to fully awaken Alucard. They have not made it past this point yet and I need you to go inside deeper and strengthen the seal on Alucard's soul. You can do it. You have Shinzo blood as well."

Tsukune was reluctant at first, but went in ahead. After Tsukune was out of the sight, Valvatorez glares intently at the shadows between the walls. "Show yourself! You can't hide from me." Valvatorez shouts.

A figure appears from the shadows. "I couldn't get past this door even with my [Jigen Tou], but now that it's open; I have no more use for you. Die!" the figure dashes towards Valvatorez.

With blinding speed, a flattened hand thrusts towards Valvatorez's heart. He easily grabs the arm and intercepts the attack. Valvatorez took a closer look at his assailant.

Upon inspection, the assailant was female, had black hair, and was wearing a tradional Chinese cheongsam popular among martial artists.

Valvatorez instantly knew she was a vampire and a strong one at that. Her eyes differed from his however because of the white crescent within them.

Alarmed she broke free from his grip and deftly flipped backward creating distance between them.

"It's been long since I need to draw my sword." said Valvatorez as he reaches to his side like he was drawing a sword. Darkness materialized around his hand and a sword was drawn.

Valvatorez's blade gleamed like moonlight and was long and silver. He directs his blade at the enemy, his eyes morphed into slit pupils, and his battle aura gradually increased.

The assassin dashed toward Valvatorez again even faster aiming for a quick kill. He rapidly swings his sword, forming a defensive wall preventing her from getting close.

Just as she withdrew her attack, Valvatorez swings his sword horizontally firing a shockwave from his blade. It was wider than the corridor and slashed along the wall towards her.

Unable to dodge the attack she parries it with her hands. The wave was pushing her back along the corridor until it faded away and she stopped.

"Impressive." remarked Valvatorez. "It would be quite insulting if I never knew your name. I almost forgot, I am Valvatorez; a prinny instructor/tyrant. Are you trying to make me look rude by not introducing yourself?"

"Who needs introductions when they are going to die?" she replied. "But I can see that you're not one to die so easily. So my name is Akua Shuzen. It's the last name you'll ever hear before I send you off to the darkness."

"Yeah, I get that a lot from all those villains that think they are cool and can always finish off one of the main characters in one battle. Really? Does that ever happen anymore? Or at all for that matter?" said Valvatorez cynically.

…. All is silent…

The silence is broken when Valvatorez initiates. He dash to Akua and swings his blade quickly. Akua parries the swing with her hands, however suddenly a massive shockwave blasted her back even further from the door.

A black hole quickly formed behind her and swallowed her up. "Take this! [Bloody Hole]." Valvatorez shouted. Spikes begin piercing the darkness rapidly and with numbers uncountable.

The hole dissipates, but nothing was inside it. "Impressive. Even I had a hard time evading that." Akua appears from the floor ignoring that fact that it is a solid object.

"So you can use the Jigen Tou on yourself." said Valvatorez unimpressed as it seems. But then he felt screaming pain through his body. He felt a hand pierce him. Obviously it was Akua but she was infront of him.

"Fooled by a simple after image. What a joke." said Akua. Before she could pull out her hand, Valvatorez quickly grabs it and holds on tightly.

"Lass, I'm afraid you have fallen right into my trap." mocked Valvatorez. The Valvatorez holding Akua quickly morphed into a massive arm. The arm gripped Akua tightly and Valvatorez reemerged behind her.

"I can only partially transform in a small space but this is enough to stop you." said Valvatorez as he tightens the grip.

Akua struggles to break free even with her Jigen Tou she could not pass through the hand for some reason.

"Don't try to escape. My power is strong enough to force you back into solid form." Valvatorez tightens the grip even further.

After a short while Akua lost consciousness, even then Valvatorez would not release his grip. A dark aura gathers within his hand. The darkness beyond all darkness, the signs of a Shinzo shows itself within Akua.

Akua's darkness manifests and empowers her to break free from Valvatorez. Akua has awakened to her true power. Her malice filled the room and overflowed.

Shit! I didn't think she would be a Shinzo. I've not regained enough of my strength to deal with this. But I can't let her through no matter what; I can not allow those two to meet. Valvatorez's thoughts ultimately focused down to one thing: I must buy as much time as possible.

Akua rushed Valvatorez once again only this time she was so fast that even Valvatorez didn't have time to react. BAM! A direct punch to the face coming from Akua sent Valvatorez flying.

It was not over yet, Akua's relentless assault continues as she pursues her mid air target.

BAM BAM BAM. Several more punishing blows followed with a brutal air combo finishing with a drop kick sending Valvatorez pummeling to the floor.

Akua stood on top of him ready to deal the final blow. Pure dark youki gathers in her hand for a devastating final attack.

It's over. Valvatorez was a bloody mess. All of his ribs are broken and his limbs won't move. Just as Akua lands her finishing blow…

A flurry of white feathers surrounds her wrapping her like chains. She was thrown crashing along the wall and finally an arrow of light struck her. The arrow kept flying taking Akua with it along the corridor.

"Mr. Vampire all you alright? You're hurt." said a familiar voice. Valvatorez could barely make out her face. "Artina?" he said.

Valvatorez's rapid regeneration kicked in and he got up like nothing ever happened. "Artina, where have you been?" asked Valvatorez.

"I was worried. I felt something bad was going to happen to you so I discreetly snuck away from Mr. Werewolf and Ms. Fuka to watch over you." replied Artina.

Author's notes: Artina was not mentioned/ missing from when Valvatorez ordered Fenrich and Fuka to stay and hold off enemies.

"Well you should go back now, she's too dangerous for you to fight." said Valvatorez. "No way. I'm here to help you and that's final. Besides if you die who will fulfill all those promises you made to all those people?" Artina replied.

Akua appeared in their sight and looked even more pissed off. Artina smiles and looks at Valvatorez and says "You owe me one." Artina put her hand in his mouth and before he could say anything; she used her other hand to push his jaws down forcing him to bite.

The blood was delicious beyond imagination to Valvatorez. Feeling powered up his strength increased dramatically. His eyes turn from the usual white to agitated red. Dark youki gathers around him as his Shinzo powers awaken as well.

The two exert their power trying to dominate the other. After awhile, Akua stopped and said, "Well I have done my job. With the release of such massive youki Alucard is going to awaken even without me undoing the seal myself."

"You bitch!" before Valvatorez could finish his swear, Akua disappears into the darkness. Valvatorez and Artina head into the seal room.

Tsukune was at the seal where he saw it for the first time. The disembodied soul of Alucard was bound by spiritual chains inside a massive pentagram. The room was the size of a coliseum and has a spacious roof.

"GRAAWWWWWLLLLL!" the spirit roared. Rampaging inside the seal it attempts to break free. "Dammit I have to stop him." Tsukune muttered to himself. He could feel it himself. Some of his youki was being drawn into Alucard.

Valvatorez and Artina arrive at the scene. "Are we too late?" Valvatorez said. The spiritual chains were breaking one by one. Soon the spirit of Alucard would be free and return to his body.

The soul broke free from its chains and stayed there. "Odd. I would think he would be transported to his body by now." said Valvatorez who looked puzzled. Artina responded, "I think there is something else keeping him here."

At the bottom of the pit a lone warrior stands to challenge Alucard. Their fated showdown continues… in Episode 6!

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Tsukune: Alucard's soul breaks free from his seal. Disaster will fall upon us if it reaches its body.

Valvatorez: But a lone warrior stands in the way!

Artina: Who could she be?

Valvatorez: The fate of the world is upon us.

All: The epic battle begins in Final Episode: Bonds of the Soul

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