Misadventures Of The 'Tragedy' Dorm

A/N - I've never written a story in the Shakespeare section, lalala~ don't kill me please! I'm harmless!

Far away a small isolated island hovers in the sea unknown to many. This island is known for one thing and one thing only. A bizarre social experiment. An experiment not even the students know the motives behind.

A school and it's dorms are the main buildings there, it goes by the name of 'Shakespeare's Children'.

The student's of this school are selectively chosen all across the world, their personality precisely matched to one of Shakespeare's characters. Upon their arrival to the island by private jet they are given their new 'name'. Once given this name, it becomes their own, personal names are not to be used. Ever. It was one of the main rules of the experiment.

The rules are very simple:

1. Never tell anyone your true name.

2. Never ask anyone their real name.

3. Do not mix with other genre's "dorms" unless instructed.

4. Do not leave the island. This will be impossible anyway.

Allow me to explain rule three, the dorms at the school are broken up by their genre. And once in those dorms, it is then based on gender as to which level you stay on. Girls are on the top floor. Boys are in the 'basement' level.

Various classes and events are held constantly as well as 'balls' which are held at the end of every school term.

Each dorm is often known for it's specific behaviour and while one would think the 'comedy' dorm would get up to the most amusing and troublesome acts it is surprisingly that of the 'tragedy' dorm known for such acts.

With that I welcome you.

Welcome to the school of 'Shakespeare's Children'.

A/N - Yeah the purpose of this introduction is so you don't get totally confused by these random yet also related one shots. There will be no specific order unless otherwise stated as in for example: 'part ½' which would indicate a two shot story.

NOTE: These stories are not to be taken seriously, they are so supposed to be a funny and/or stupid depending on how you view my rather idiotic sense of humour.

They also may or may not contain homosexual themes, nothing hardcore, but it will be there =w= Shakespearean yaoi FTW~