Of Mice and Sweets

DorothyOz wanted me to do a sequel to "Clowns Are Not My Thing". Here it is. You don't have to read that story to read this one. All you have to know is that Sweets is afraid of mice, not that he'll admit that.

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Brennan had been examining the corpse lying in the barn, when Brennan noticed Booth take a stick and poke at the canvas bag laying a foot from the body. Curious, Brennan stood up and watched her partner's antics. Hooking the strap by the end of the stick, Booth lifted up the bag and then moved it about a foot from where it had originally lay and then dropped it. Booth then stepped a little closer to where the bag had originally been and moved the stick back and forth in the hay. Smiling, Booth nodded his head and leaned over to pick up what looked like a painted stick, until the stick started thrashing around.

Leaping back, Brennan said, "Booth, that isn't very funny. You take that serpent and leave this barn, right now."

Smiling, Booth said, "Oh, come on Bones. It's just a milk snake. It isn't poisonous. It eats mice, stuff like that."

Shaking her head, Brennan said, "I don't care what it eats, Booth. You know how I feel about snakes. Please take it outside."

Shrugging his shoulders, Booth carried the snake out of the barn. Seeing the owner of the barn talking to Sweets, Booth walked over to where Jeb Jenkins was standing and said, "Mr. Jenkins, I found this milk snake in your barn. My partner doesn't like snakes; but, I don't want to kill it. Do you have something we can put it in until she's done looking over the crime scene?"

Nodding Jeb, walked over to the tack room, attached to the barn and brought back a box. Taking the snake from Booth, Jeb said, "Thanks, Agent Booth. They're great at keeping the rodent population down so I'm glad you didn't kill it. How did you know that this isn't a dangerous snake?"

"Red next to black, venom I lack; red next to yellow, run away fellow. It's something I learned when I was a Boy Scout." Booth explained.

"That's pretty good. I'll have to remember that one. Thanks for not shooting it." Jeb said.

Smiling, Booth said, "No problem."

Turning around, Booth started to walk back to the barn.

"Wait Booth," Sweets said, "I didn't know that Dr. Brennan was afraid of snakes."

Stopping, Booth turned to face Sweets and held up his right hand, "It's none of your business, Sweets. You're not her therapist."

Nodding his head, Sweets said, "Yes, I know. It's just that phobias are a specialty of mine and if Dr. Brennan is afraid of snakes; then, I might be able to help her."

Shaking his head, Booth said, "I'm warning you Sweets. Let it go."

Frowning, Sweets said, "I think I should at least offer Dr. Brennan my services."

Looking up at the sky and then back at Sweets, Booth said, "Do what you want, just don't say I didn't warn you." Turning around, Booth started walking back to the barn with Sweets following in his wake.


Entering the barn, Booth saw Brennan hunched over the corpse again. Walking over to where Hodgins was working, Booth asked quietly, "Seen any more snakes?"

Shaking his head, Hodgins said, "No, just the one you found. As soon as you left with the snake, Dr. B. started to examine the victim again."

Nodding his head, Booth walked over to where Brennan was working and stood by while his partner looked over the victim's body.

Sweets, after entering the barn behind Booth, walked over to where Hodgins was working and waited for Booth to move on to where Brennan was working. Alone with Hodgins, Sweets hunched down next to Hodgins and asked quietly, "You noticed the snake?"

Smiling, Hodgins said, "I noticed the canvas bag next to the body move twice. I told Booth and he found the snake."

Nodding his head, Sweets lowered his voice and asked, "What was Dr. Brennan's reaction when she saw the snake?"

Frowning, Hodgins asked, "Why do you want to know?"

"If Dr. Brennan has a snake phobia; I'd like to help her." Sweets said. "Agent Booth wants me to ignore her fear and to leave her alone."

Nodding his head, Hodgins said, "Booth's right. Dr. B. will just get mad if you butt into her private business."

Sighing, Sweets said, "Why is it that no one wants to let me help them when I recognize that they have a problem; but, the second they think they have a problem they think it's ok to just barge into my office and expect me to help them?"

"Because we know you'll stop what you're doing and listen?" Hodgins asked.

Shaking his head, Sweets straightened up and walked over to where Brennan and Booth were. Leaning over the body, Sweets decided that this body wasn't the worse one he'd ever seen. Looking at Booth, Sweets saw Booth frowning at him.

Smiling, Sweets walked around the body and stood next to Booth. Looking around, Sweets saw the canvas bag, lying on the floor near the body, twitching.

Pointing to the bag, Sweets said, "Hey, that bag is moving."

Turning to look, Booth said, "I found the snake under the bag, maybe there's one inside."

Hearing Booth, Brennan stood up again and walked a few feet from the area, watching the bag.

Sighing, Booth started to walk towards the bag when he felt Sweets touch his arm and say, "That's ok, I'll get it."

Shrugging his shoulders, Booth watched Sweets walk over to the bag and pick it up.

Opening the bag, Sweets looked inside the bag to see if he could see if there was a snake in the bag. He wanted to show Brennan that there wasn't anything to fear about most snakes. Opening the bag wider, Sweets found himself looking into small, beady, cold eyes. Hearing the blood roaring in his head, Sweets passed out.


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