To say I hated her is an understatement.

It didn't start that way, of course. When I ran from the Shadow Beasts, she took me in, fed me, and tried to help me. At the time, I hated the fact that she had submitted to the Usurper King, turned her people into souls, and trapped herself in a high tower.

Even if it was fitting for a Princess.

But I never felt a strong hate towards her. Pity, perhaps, maybe even love. We were sisters, twin braids of dark and light trapped in different worlds. So I brought Link to her, teased her, criticized her, and made sure she was okay right before we departed.

I didn't expect to fall for him.

But then, what did I expect? I fell in love with the Hero, the light of his world and a final savior. It was stupid, to smile at him and act like a friend. I saw his glances when he thought I wasn't looking. I thought that maybe he felt the same way. That it was possible. I had never loved anyone before, but I thought I might feel that strongly for him.

Then she saved me.

I felt so horrible, my life ebbing away. He wouldn't be able to do it without me, and I knew that. We visited her. I saw her face, so pale and thin. She looked worse than I. I screamed at him to stop her, because when that Triforce on her hand glowed, I knew what she was doing. When the process was finished, I stood. He led us out of the castle as the barrier went up.

Our souls melded together.

I could feel her, her thoughts swirling inside my head, her feelings in my heart. When I saw him, so did she. It felt weird, her light and my dark fighting for a place inside my body. But I smiled.

I wasn't supposed to pry.

However, with ourselves connected so forcefully, it was hard to ignore. Hard not to feel the pain in her heart. Hard not to watch her crumble under the pressure of past, present, and future. Hard not to see where her love actually rested. I couldn't escape it, the faces of thousands, and then only one, separating and appearing in images from multiple lives. A collage of random faces that she had no name for.

She only wanted her people.

Wanted acceptance, wanted to save them from horrid fates. She cared little for the Hero, my Hero. Only wanted her people to be happy. A desire embedded in her soul that she refused to try and deny. Weak.

But I saw her tears.

When I cried, the last of my tears destroying that mirror, I saw the same well up in her eyes. At the time, I asked myself why. A strong Princess, so used to formal displays of affection and perfect at controlling her emotions. But I saw Link look at her while I disappeared. Sorrowful. As if they felt the same way. She probably deceived him. But her pain is not for me. She had no empathy, merely thoughts of minor sympathy. She must have broke him.

Or so I thought.

I felt a strong wind one day, from the place of the destroyed mirror. Whispered words passed through the land. "The Queen, dead." "Our Hero killed her." "I heard it was an accident." "He showed no remorse though!" "I heard his words when they hung him. He said that he loved her too much to let life get in the way of her dreams." The voices were muffled, barely audible. I thought she was cruel, leading him on. But he killed her.

Was it all just a game for her?

I hated her smile, her laugh, her eyes, her hair, her body, her mind, her heart, her soul. I hated how empty she felt during the years of her life, having no goals. She really never loved. She never stood a chance against fate. Neither did I.

I shouldn't show any emotions towards this.

Then why do I still feel pain in my chest? It hurts to remember her. My sister, my friend, my enemy, my sadness. She was the source of all the pain I have felt since I met her, all those years ago. However, hate and love braid together, dark and light, moon and sun, Midna and Zelda.

To say I hated her is an understatement.

But to say I loved her would be the same.