"Nice place you've got here," Hawk admired, casually strolling through the kitchen of her new temporary home. She shrugged off their duffle bags, then reached back for her sheathed sword. "Fang has good tastes."

"I bought it too," Sky gruffed, not at all pleased with this arrangement. Vanille rubbed her lover's arm.

"It's big," Hawk wandered, peeking into a room across the dining room. "Ooh, this room's nice! Look how well my sword goes with the furnishings!"

"Hey!" Sky snapped, pulling free of Vanille's attempted soothing. She grabbed Hawk's shoulder and turned her right around. "That's our room." Hawk cast her a charming smile over her shoulder that Sky completely dismissed. "Don't even think about it. The doors have locks, and if you break something, we're kicking you out."

"But… my fingers can crunch steel! It's so flimsy here!"

"Then you'd best make other arrangements— "

"Sky!" Vanille chirped, crossing over to them, "You break things all the time. Stop being a bad sport. Hawk, you can stay as long as you like to recuperate." Hawk brightened while Sky's face fell considerably. Vanille took her lover's hand. "I'll still have sex with you, sweetie."

"I wanted alone time for us," Sky mumbled.

"Aww," Hawk cooed, "You two are a picture of cute." She slapped a hand to Sky's shoulder. "Don't worry, buddy! I'll take Fang's room while she's out and leave you two your… alone time." Her eyebrows lifted and dropped suggestively. "In fact! I'll start thanking my hosts immediately! Who likes jerky?"

Vanille offered her a smile, "See, Sky? She wants to make food!"

Sky just looked ill.

"Right!" Hawk agreed, undeterred, "I'll make some dinner and jerky! You two…" she grinned at Sky, "best start making babies for the engagement! How great would Vanille look all round and full at the mating ceremony, eh?" Hawk nudged her, drawing Sky's inconsolable eyes, even with a smile like that and an offer of food. "Ehh?" Hawk provoked, then quickly moved in and kissed Sky's cheek. "Thanks for letting me stay!" she whisked away off to the kitchen before Sky could even swipe.

Sky pleaded to Vanille. "The walls aren't even soundproof here."

"You didn't seem to mind that before."

"It's different," Sky glanced at Hawk in their kitchen. "She's not Fang."

Vanille hugged her Yun around the middle. "It's just for a little bit, Skyy. She's on vacation." Sky still felt disheartened. Vanille squeezed her. "Will sex make it better?"

"Not unless it scares Hawk away." Vanille was surprised. Sky was really down!

"Unlikely!" Hawk chimed from the kitchen.

"Something else would… maybe."

Vanille glanced up at her Yun, able to read those eyes exactly. "Should I meep?"

Sky scooped her up. "I'll make you meep."

"I won't even be able to! With that full, succulent di— " Sky kissed her, silencing the little thing for the wonderful tightening she brought between her legs. Effortlessly toting her back to their room, Sky shut the door with a backward jab of her foot.

Hawk grinned at the first squeal.


Lightning collapsed gratefully to the bed after only moments after returning home. She didn't wake again until hours later when Fang came through the door again. Lightning sniffed the air, finding something savory there. Fang offered her a friendly smile when she found her awake. "Brought you dinner," Fang offered kindly, the first sight of a plate registering.

"Dinner?" Lightning checked the alarm clock, which blinked 9:00 PM. "I was out that long?"

"You were tired," Fang passed off, lowering the plate to the bed in front of her. "It's been a long week."

"I suppose," Lightning blinked at the dish, breaded chicken marinara with melted provolone and mashed potatoes and a sliced, peeled orange, her favorite dinner. "Did you make this?"

"Serah mostly. I just followed orders and tried not to burn things." The light caught her eyes, making them shimmer at Fang, who warmed.

Fang shook her head after a moment to shake that off. They were both still sore and tired from the last week after all. "We should look at your shoulder again," Fang suggested instead, providing a suitable distraction for herself. "You need the salve again tonight, and fresh bandages couldn't hurt." She rummaged through a still-unpacked duffle for the supplies, catching Lightning's grimace at the reminder. "I'll try to be gentler," Fang added, knowing how tender she still was today.


Lightning started taking her shirt off and winced. Fang appeared in an instant to help, gently easing Lightning's arms up to pull off the material. Lightning allowed it because it hurt too much not to. She still hadn't even the will to put on a bra yet. Fang discarded the shirt. Moving her hair to the other shoulder thoughtfully, she tugged the end of the wrapping, unraveling her wound. When that was down too, Lightning checked the front of her shoulder where jaws had snapped upon. Though the worst of it had been on the back of her shoulder, the front looked considerably better. Maybe the wounds were smaller, too. It was hard to tell without expertise of injury.

Lightning felt the warm touch of the soft pad of a finger. "How's it look?" she glanced over her shoulder, but couldn't make out the worst part of it.

"Better," Fang's finger lightly grazed over it. Lightning barely felt it. "It's a lot better," Fang reassured, fingers leaving her to dip in salve. Lightning half missed them. "Your healing's really coming along. At this rate, I'll be able to take out the stitches tomorrow."

"That quick?"

"Regen's pretty good like that. Give it a few days, it'll heal up anything. I could take them out now, but just to be cautious." Fang's fingers returned to her back, cool now for the dabs of salve. "You should be okay for work tomorrow, though."

"Work." Lightning sighed. Until this point, she'd completely pushed it out of her mind over the course of this past week. Returning to work after the week that'd felt like a month brought back a rush of anxieties like getting bit all over again. Lightning's heart sunk at the notion. "Serah has tests this next week." The plate caught her eye again, "Why's she spending time making me dinner? She needs to— "

"Whoa, Light," Fang's hand on her shoulder guided Lightning back down. She hadn't noticed she tried to stand. "Serah's studying right now. She even had her books open while we cooked." Lightning glanced back to check, but Fang didn't appear to be lying on Serah's behalf. She tried to settle back down.

"Sorry," Lightning offered, trying to remember all Serah's subjects. She should quiz her tomorrow morning, and get their blocked up mail on her way home. Serah liked their fanmail too much, it might distract her. And what day was it? "I have bills…" Lightning murmured, reminding herself. Those had to come after work too. And she should quiz Serah's next subject, whichever it was.

"You're tensing," Fang's free hand eased her tight shoulder. Lightning inhaled breathily, eyes momentarily closing with how wonderful that felt. A soft moan issued from between her lips. "Lightning," Fang coaxed, easing her back to the bed. "Lie down." She took a gentle push to it, but Lightning lowered stomach first to the bed.

"Just one," Lightning told her, "Real quick."

Fang's hands were like magic on her taut back, slowly leaking the concerns from her again until Lightning only focused on one. At least the one she would do tonight.

God, how it felt to be gripped by Fang so strong. The woman even lifted her after her back had been all soothed. Eyes closed, Lightning basked in the feel of her hands on her sides, then her stomach, massaging every rough edge in her.

Lightning's hands covered hers when she'd moved far enough up her ribs. She turned in Fang's arms and kissed her, grateful, something almost automatic that'd passed over from the last week. "Thank you," Lightning exhaled fully, eyes opening on those brilliant viridian eyes that caught her.

It took Lightning all of six seconds to remember they were back home. She pulled back and offered in turn. "Do you want one?"

"I'm okay," Fang assured rather quickly. Lightning glanced down, but she sat half-hidden by blankets.

"You sure?" Lightning double checked.

"Yeah…" Fang brought back up the bandage. "We should wrap up your shoulder, Light."

"Okay," Lightning turned for Fang, who started wrapping with careful, practiced fingers. She wished tomorrow would never come.


Lebreau spotted her the first instant she hit their floor. Parting ways with Fang at the elevator, Lightning started back over to work. With every step, Lebreau's eyes widened just a little bit more.

"Lebreau," Lightning greeted, "Good to see you."

Lebreau's eyes almost popped. They darted to Fang's retreating figure quick, then back to Lightning, who started back behind the bar. She stepped behind Lightning and quickly re-directed to the back kitchen. "Brue!" Lightning hissed. A flash of pain went through her shoulder as Lebreau reappeared to push her back against the wall. The kitchen door swished shut to their right. Lebreau held her shoulder to the wall. "Le— "

"If there's one thing I know almost better than anything," Lebreau interrupted, quite serious. "It's a girl's gait after she's had something too thick between her legs. I've known you for quite some time, Lightning. And I know you don't use toys. So for the love of all that's holy in my life, spill. Pleeease."

"Let go of my shoulder, 'Brue." Lightning pushed at her grip tenderly.

"Why? Did she bite you there too?" Lebreau dragged down her shirt shoulder a little, revealing the most minor of her bites. Her eyes pillowed, "She drew blood?" they returned to Lightning incredulously, "You let her draw blood?"

"That's from a behemoth, not Fang." Lightning brushed her hand away.

"You let a behemoth draw blood?"

Lightning rolled her eyes. "You should've been an artist with that imagination."

"Wait a minute," Lebreau stepped back for the sink and turned it on. She splashed water towards her head.

"What're you doing?"

"Washing my ears out. I could've sworn you just made a joke to me."

Lightning's lips twitched faintly. "A shame you're not hearing straight," Lightning pressed open the door, glancing over her shoulder as she did so. "Here, I wanted to tell you about fucking with Fang."

Lebreau froze, wild eyes flicking back to her, frenzied. The door swished behind Lightning's exit. "I knew it!"

She found Lightning just outside behind the bar. Ignoring their visitor, she came up behind Lightning and gripped her elbow, turning her. "I've been daydreaming about you and Fang since that beautiful beast first hit on you. I need details. Need."

"Disturbing nature of that aside," Lightning moved her elbow away, then nodded to their one early visiting customer. "You tell me why he's still around, I'll tell you about Fang."

"Ahh, girl talk." Rygdea comprehended, "I'm off to work, 'Brue. I'll catch ya later." Lebreau motioned him over with a finger and kissed him across the bar, a kiss that included tongue.

"Now get outta here before you get me all fired," Lebreau waved away her suddenly happier soldier.

"Bye, love…" Rygdea almost tripped on his way away.

Lightning watched the man stumble, eyebrow clear as day. "Love?"

"Uh-uhh," Lebreau shook her head, "You go first before I kiss you. Where, when, how, positions, inches, tell me everything. Every healthy thing you squeezed and how wet you were to do it. Has Fang opened your interests to women? I've been dying for this day."

"You never fail to disturb me with that."

Lebreau tugged on her shirt. "Liight!"

That faint amusement touched her eyes again. Much as Lebreau thrived in the filth of happy perversion, she'd long-stood as one of Lightning's only friends. Lightning would call it appeasing her starved apatite, but no one else could appreciate good sex like Lebreau. Not in this manner anyway. Much as Lightning would deny the necessity of it, Lebreau's presence eased things. She never judged Lightning's previous lovers and Lightning knew she never would.

"…bigger than anyone I've ever fucked," Lightning continued, giving Lebreau what she'd call 'not enough.' "It was two days ago and I still feel a little sore. It's been awhile, but still more than I've ever taken in. When girls say they're not sure it'll fit?" Lightning's eyebrow told her the rest.

"Mann," Lebreau practically groaned, "You're making me wet thinking about it. I know you don't exaggerate." Lebreau bit her lip, then checked back with Lightning. "Did you give her head?"

"No, 'Brue." Lightning's brow furrowed. "We're friends, not mates. We just fucked."

Lebreau's eyebrows went up. "Mates?"

"Yun term." Lightning apologized, "Means married."

"I still think you should try it. Fang wouldn't mind, I'm sure…"

"Yeah, no. I'll leave the sucking to you."


"Stop that," Lightning curtailed, mentally noting to watch her words again.

"Just observing," Lebreau noted, "So tell me more. What's she like? You had to have topped her. You do in my every imagined scenario."

"She's athletic. And very strong. Stronger than anyone else I've been with too, come to think of it."

Lebreau smiled. "Sketch this out for me. You were in the bar, then you took her outside? Did her against the establishment?"

"Something like that."

"How many times?" Lebreau cut off that eyebrow again, "Oh, come on, Lightning. You're a hound when you've got an itch, and you're both too fit to have only done it once."

"I am injured, you know."

"Pff," Lebreau waved off, "I don't buy it for a second, especially with how you're describing her. It had to be upwards of three at least."

"I'll let your imagination fly with that."

"And I'll ask Serah later, get all these details I'm missing out. I'm sure she's talked to Fang about it."

"I wouldn't bet on that." Lightning glanced to the empty spot Rygdea had just been. "What's with the repeat? You find yourself a favorite?"

"He's virile, sweet, and doesn't mind admiring with me," Lebreau answered, sounding too practiced, then added on second thought. "And he gives me head a lot. I mean like almost every time. Says he likes the taste."

"How nice."

"It is!" Lebreau insisted, then answered Lightning's look. "Girl, you tell me you wouldn't do Fang again after getting fucked like that, best lay of your life."

"I would," Lightning allowed.

"Yeah well, that's how it is with him. Plus a couple actual dates because I let him."

"Fang doesn't want to date me." Lebreau snorted. "She doesn't," Lightning reaffirmed. "We're not changing anything, just relieving some stress. It wasn't easy for her to lie to her family. That's something I can relate to."

Lebreau sighed, "Well, at least you two got together the once. 'Relieving stress' as you say," Lightning gave her a furrowed look, "And it sounds like it might happen again?"

"Maybe," Lightning shrugged, "We had a good time. And she's equipped, so it wasn't all that different. Less hairy with boobs."

"And drop-dead gorgeous, half-of-cocoon-would-kill to have her," Lebreau added.

"She's striking. All the Yuns seem to be. It'd be your paradise if they liked Cocoon women."

Lebreau sighed, wistful.

"We'll see," Lightning finished, "It was a nice get-away for a time."


"On the table?"

"With Jaeger standing right there," Serah grimaced, remembering all too vividly. "And Claire was thrashing, Fang on top of her…"

"Fang on top?" Lebreau gawked.

"Claire saying the dirtiest things, bucking to make Fang ride her…"

"Oh, okay." Lebreau breathed, "Just physically."

"All that panting and gasping and writhing on top of her…"

Lightning covered her sister's ears from behind, giving Lebreau a dirty look. "Do you mind?"

"She started it!"

"Ohh, Claire," Serah buried her head in her arms on the table, "I can still hear and see it so clear."

Lightning rubbed her shoulder, wondering what could distract her. "Why don't you think about… "

"Hawk!" Fang suggested helpfully.

Serah's head lifted slightly. "I liked Hawk…"

"Who's this Hawk now?" Lebreau questioned out, "Find yourself a strapping Yun, Serah?"

Serah blushed and glanced back up at Lightning, who was just glad to have her mind off her and Fang. Lightning nodded gently. Serah started off cooing, hampered by the occasional blush.

Lightning crossed to the kitchen near Fang, where she munched a granola bar. "I have to make dinner," Lightning murmured tiredly, reaching for the first drawer.

Fang noted the quick flicker to the mail stack. The television buzzed about their return from behind where Fang wouldn't look. It delighted Serah, sadly, so Lightning kept it on. After being sneak attacked by reporters again, Fang could understand the unease. "Hey," she took Lightning's wrist gently, turning Lightning to face her. "I'll do dinner, Light."

"But Serah wants roasted behemoth cuts— "

"I'll get it, Light." Fang assured again, then to Lightning's tired, overworked eyes, "I'd offer to do your taxes instead, but I think you should get some help more than hampering."

The very edges of her eyes softened. She offered her best effort to an exhausted, partial smile. "Thanks, Fang."

"It's no trouble," Fang nodded back to the stack, "Go finish up the last of your work, yeah?"


Lightning startled, having half a heart attack when she entered her room. "Sorry," Fang apologized, pulling away from their shared dresser. She placed the picture she'd been holding down, a happy one of a younger Lightning and Serah. Judging by the ease of her smile, Fang wagered the picture had come before the accident. Lightning glowed in it.

"I thought you'd be asleep," Lightning recovered, hand lowering from her chest. "It's late. Or… early."

"Couldn't," Fang shrugged, "Re-acclimating to Cocoon, I suppose."

Lightning nodded once in shared understanding. "Do you want something to help? Sleeping pill, warm milk… liquor."

Fang smiled softly at the attempt. It was a big readjustment, coming back from Gran Pulse. Even for Lightning, it seemed. "I'll be okay."

"Well," Lightning's next attempt was weaker yet. "I'm going to shower."

Fang glanced at her shoulder. "Your stitches could probably come out,"

Lightning reached for them idly. "You think so?"

"Yeah," Lightning still hadn't moved yet, "I'll get them."

She waited a moment, eyes flicking across the floor, then moved to the bathroom, removing her shirt as she went. "Ok." Fang followed in after her as Lightning brushed her hair over the opposite shoulder, back to Fang, who moved in behind her. When the wrap came off, Fang delicately touched her skin, her fingers warm.

Lightning closed her eyes.

Fang worked in silence, practiced fingers gentle in every brush against her skin.

Lightning missed it when she stopped.

"All done," Fang announced, throwing away the handful of stitches. Lightning reached back and touched her hand.

And Fang was kissing her then. Lightning vaguely recalled turning for it, but it all felt so thick. Fang's mouth on hers, slow. Gentle. Caressing. Lightning liked the fingers that grazed her cheek.

They pulled away mutually, Fang's eyes softer. Lightning felt lost.

"I'll be in the bed," Fang promised, indicating the shower Lightning didn't really want.


After she'd rinsed, Lightning found Fang as promised, asleep on her side. Lightning slipped under the covers and discreetly backed close enough to initiate Fang's unconscious notice, where she rolled onto her side and bear hugged Lightning in her arms.

Lightning slept warm.