Jihl Nabaat stepped outside her front door and breathed in the fresh, beautiful Gran Pulse air. With a small cottage behind her, a servant girl to care for her needs, and seclusion from the dirty world of Cocoon, Jihl felt at complete ease with her new settlement on these abandoned plains. She had not a care in this beautiful world to bother her, and everything a woman dreamed.

Stepping out to the back yard, she found Penitence kneeling over her small garden, tending to only the healthiest herbs for her body to absorb. A lovely girl of the Dia clan, Penitence would serve her faithfully to her every need without complaint. Jihl smiled at the shy girl who bowed her head respectfully at her approach, timid. "Good morning, mistress. May I get you anything?"

"Not at the moment, girl," Jihl smiled pleasantly. "I'm off to the cliff today."

"Are you sure you don't want my protection, mistress?" Penitence asked dutifully.

Jihl chuckled delightedly. Penitence was a Dia, a farmer, and not a fighter. Her loyalty both amused and pleased Jihl. "That won't be necessary, Penitence. I am more than capable."

"Of course, mistress," Penitence agreed, "I meant nothing otherwise by it."

"Continue here," Jihl commanded, offhandedly gesturing to the farm. "And prepare me a warm bath by two."

"Yes, mistress," Penitence nodded her bowed head. "Enjoy your venture, mistress."

"I shall." Jihl left the silly girl and started for the cliffs where the air was even fresher with the soothing of nature all around. A gorgonpsid crudely snapped at his fellow's neck until the animal bled. Jihl found it refreshing and easy to be here again, back in Gran Pulse where she belonged. She remained unnoticed by those creatures around her, which suited Jihl just fine. It didn't do anyone well when she had to draw her powers; not when other lives depended on that energy within.

Jihl settled herself at the top of the cliff where the view was gorgeous and clear for miles of uninhabited, wild Pulse. Jihl basked in the nature around her, at peace and at home. Her wild heart had finally settled, full and ready as she was.

Jihl pressed a hand to her bare, swollen belly. Her heavy breasts brushed it as she pulled up her aching legs in a knees-up position to help support her bulging stomach. "Soon, my babies," Jihl promised, stroking her stomach. "Soon."