This is the last part of American Sexuality. I felt bad just leaving it the way I had it before :) Hope you enjoy.

America didn't know how he had gotten stuck taking the passed out Arthur home. Alright, he did know, France would have tried something to the unconscious blonde and Matt had mysteriously disappeared. He kicked the front door, his arms full with the unconscious European. Darkness painted the room in shades of blue and charcoal.

Alfred laid Arthur out on his coach. It red. Like the red on his flag. So cool. He turned the radio on to have some sound in the house. Otherwise it'd be creepy… for Arthur… if he woke up to a silent house. Yeah.

"I like it when you grind with that booty on me," the radio crackled a bit, the bass making the speaker bounce a little. Alfred laughed, yeah the sex never stopped. Arthur was still knocked out, but Alfred was still pleasantly buzzed and had the munchies.

He pulled open the fridge door. Yellow light blinded him for a moment before he pulled out left over Chinese. General Sou's. Yum. He peeked over at Arthur. Times like this it was nice to have an open floor plan. Everything was in one room so it was super easy to keep watch. Alfred pulled off his shirt. It stunk of booze and sweat.


England woke to the radio. He listened for a moment, "say you independent. Get it from your mama," the man rapped. More of America's sex filled music. England gave a lopsided smirke. Alfred was half naked in the kitchen. He was very independent. And get it from his mama? …well not quite. The Brit rose on unsteady feet, determined to finally see the sex drive Alfred had been absorbing from his citizens.

"Put it down on me. Down, down on me," Alfred mumbled his hips rocking in the chair, munching on some greasy thing.

Arthur let his mouth drop down on warm skin. He sucked for a moment. Salty. Chop sticks were dropped and Alfred leapt from his seat.

"Wha!" Alfred exclaimed, "Arthur?"

The booze loosened up England's lips. "Grind for me, Alfred?" England asked before whispering, "Show me what your citizen's have been teaching you."

Alfred blinked. And for a moment Arthur thought he was going to refuse. Then slowly, every so slowly the boy's hips started rolling to the beat. America kept his eyes on the older nation. His hands ran up and down his thighs, teasing.

England took a step foreword. Alfred took one back still wriggling. England growled and stalked the boy until his back was pressed against the wall. It was like the superpower's hips weren't attached to the rest of his body. The former colony continued to grind against the wall. England licked his lips before pushing up against Alfred. His fingers slid up bare skin. A dark pink flush spread across America's chest. England smirked, curious how far that blush spread underneath his pants. A hand circled one hardening, brown nipple.

"Upstairs?" Arthur asked.

"Damn straight," America said.


The next morning America woke to feel his body being used as a teddy bear and a sore ass. When he cracked open his eyes he could see weak sunlight beginning to peek in through the windows. His brow furrowed before it all came together. The booze, the music, the dancing and… everything else. He let out a little chuckle. England mumbled something and flexed his arms. Alfred stopped laughing and smiled instead. He'd have to remember to thank his citizen's somehow for becoming so much more liberal about sex. He closed his eyes, it was really to early to be getting up anyway.

For those of you who wanted it, sorry about not including the sex scene. I've never written it before and couldn't be bothered to attempt it this late :D

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