Series: 24 for 24
Title: Six: Not-So-Opposites
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: Joss owns the psychic girl, Kripke owns the psychic boy. I own Zip.
Spoilers: Um, season 2? The BDMovie.
Series Summary: Twenty-four stories and crossings of worlds (read: insanity) to celebrate twenty-four years.
Part Summary: River sees more than she should…
Words: 293
Quote Source: We Looked Like Giants by Death Cab for Cutie
A/N: Went in a completely opposite direction than I'd been planning. Sort of.

24 for 24
Six: Not-So-Opposites

Fumbling to make contact as the others slept inside…

Her leg swung pendulously from the metal-grated walkway overlooking the cargo hold. She could see him there, with Jayne, pretending he was normal. She watched the glide of his muscles as he heaved the heavy cargo onto his shoulder. He was supposed to be her age - he was supposed to be a lot of things he wasn't. But then, so was she.

"Never stops, does it Sammy?" River Tam whispered, her words drifting to his ears.

"Watch what'cher doin', Singer," Jayne barked as the newest member of Serenity's family stopped just below River's perch. "You break it, I beat you, dong ma?"

"Er, right. Sorry."

"Don't be gawkin' at Moonbrain up there," Jayne scowled up at her. "Ain't you got some flyin' to be doin', crazy?"

"She's close to breaking, needed to gather her wits about her," River rolled her eyes at him.

"Is she talking about herself?"

"Nah, Crazy's not," Jayne caught the look in her eyes and shifted uncomfortably. "Get a move on, will ya?"

"It's getting close. Miranda was avenged," River called down to him.

"Who's Miranda?"

"Who are you, Dean Singer? Who are you that you don't know what brought the purple-bellied Alliance to it's very knees?" River murmured.

River's eyes fluttered shut as she leaned up and over the railing, sliding down the metal until it looked like their new crew member was standing on his head. He winced in pain, his brow pinched and twitching.

"The Reavers?" He said after a moment.

"No, Sammy. It was us," River sang. "Big brother's not far behind. He'll chase and chase and chase you through time and space. The big rescue, because that's what families do. My big brother took care of me, and Dean takes care of you."