My first Uta no Prince sama fanfic! This is an idea I had been having in mind for past few weeks and hadn't gotten around to write it out until now. Although I have my own opinions about OCs, I dislike marysues and will try my best NOT to make my characters as such. They will have their own strengths and weaknesses. I will only be introducing two of my OCs into this fic.

Hibiki Hiroto and Mitsuri Mikuri although this fic will center more around Hibiki.

I've drawn a pic of them and hopefully it's alright. Dx - http : / / i900. photobucket. com/ albums/ ac206/ DaRkZeRoGaL/ IMG_ 08331. jpg (Remove the spaces)


Hiroto Hibiki was currently in his second year of Saotome Academy. He was in Class A and his teacher was Ringo Tsukimiya, his idol. Hibiki has short dark purple hair (although it looked like black sometimes) with his frinch in an M shape and brighter purple eyes. Although he was at the same age as anyone of them in class, he was one of the shortest and sprouted an almost chibi-like facial shape in accompaniment with his bigger bright eyes.

The new year started with everyone flooded into the room. Although there were a few who didn't quite make it, the classroom still remained as lively as ever. The main attraction was Ittoki Tokiya and Natsuki Shinomiya, two of the class's most energetic students. On top of that, the two of them along with Masato Hijirikawa in Class A, were three of the famous new idol group whose debut was the greatest hits. Practically almost everyone looked up to them and the boys, of course, gained a huge fanbase.

"Okay class, settle down!" Ringo sang as he clapped his hands for attention. "Now congratulations for those who managed to get into the Second year! Yay!"

Everyone clapped their hands until Ringo wanted his attention again.

"For this seamster, we will be repeating what we did last year regarding you students working in pairs. And of course, the rules will change," Ringo announced and gave a teasing wink to the class. "Similarly, we will be matching all of you up with different classes but I hope everyone thinks that no one is a stranger in our school. And now, I will announce the new rules."

Ringo held out his pointer finger.

"Number one. Those who are paired up will be sharing a room for this seamster only. If any cases whereby a male and female were to pair up, we will work something out for the safety of our sunshines."


Ignoring the cries, Ringo continued and lifted up another finger. "Number two. Everyone will be doing a song based on romance, no exceptions. There must also be a male and female lead although we will not pair up according to gender," Ringo spoke as she gave another wink. Obviously he would love the idea.

Another chorus of cries rang through the walls.

"Number three. Strictly no swaps!"

"Each singer will pair up with another singer for this particular 'exam'. Song composers will first work out the lyrics and will be allowed to work together. After that, submit them to me in two weeks time. Meanwhile for our dear singers, you are free to do as you like within the two weeks but after that, practice comes in," Ringo finished with a smile while the students took some time to take this in.

"Oh and before I forget," Ringo chimed in suddenly. "The rule of 'No romance allowed' is omitted for this year. Hooray!"


"Oh my," Ringo remarked at the shocked silence as he brought his hand up to hide his giggle. "Now then, you will find a piece of paper on your desk. Write your name and class," he instructed before bringing out two boxes labelled 'Composers' and 'Singers'. "After that, put your paper into the respective boxes of your choice. Let's get onto it!" Ringo clapped.

"I wonder if we will be pairing up with each other again this year," Hibiki's friend, Mitsuri Mikuri, remarked in a bored tone.

Hibiki looked at his paper and pondered a little. "Perhaps not."

"Why the pessimistic thought?"

"It was more of a hopeful one, actually."

"I'm hurt."

"Sure, you are," Hibiki spoke as he sighed, not forgetting what he had been through last year. Mikuri could be pushy if he wanted to and often ended up chewing more than Hibiki could take. However, the both of them were the first friends for each other every since they enrolled. "Let's submit our papers."

"Yes, yes…" Mikuri muttered tiredly as he stood up.

After everyone had submitted their papers, they settled back into their seats and waited for Ringo's next instructions.

"The results will be posted on the bulletin board tomorrow in the morning. Be sure to check them out before heading to class~" Ringo sang and proceeded onto the first lesson of this year.

The next day arrived slower than anyone of them expected. Of course they were nervous but excited to see the results. They had been anticipating for it ever since this 'exam' was announced. Although some wished to pair up with those whom they knew, there were much more who prayed that they would be paired up with one of the famous group idol, Starish. They were mostly girls and surprisingly, a few boys too.

Hibiki and Mikuri were walking to the bulletin board while trying their best to look out for their name. There was every students from each classes crowding around the bulletin board from left to right. There was almost no space in the midst of the crowd at all. It was much easier to see when each student walked away from the board to search for their designated partners and it was then Hibiki caught sight of the name beside his.

Kurusu Shou

"Who did you get?" Hibiki asked his friend. When he received no answer, he followed Mikuri's eyesight to the name beside his.

Natsuki Shinomiya

"Aren't we lucky? I'm sure that there are many girls who would die to be in our places," Mikuri commented as he whistled.

"You're still in the mood to joke? Go and find your partner," Hibiki ordered teasingly and gave Mikuri a friendly shove.

"You sure you don't need any help finding yours? Seeing how Kurusu is almost as short as you, you would probably need some help in looking out," Mikuri stated while Hibiki wasn't sure whether to take this as an insult or not. "How about if we just shout his name?"

Hibiki's eyes widened as he grabbed onto the arm which was about to move itself to cup the hands around the mouth to shout. "No-"

"HIROTO HIBIKI!" A cheerful and familiar voice rang throughout the area.

"IDIOT! I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO IT!" A more childlike voice followed in suit.

"Over here," Mikuri loudened his voice and waved his hand.

The girls cheered and squealed when two of the famous Starish group made their way to both of them. Although it was difficult initially, the fans finally moved away to make a path for them when they politely asked. As they made their way to them, Hibiki and Mikuri soon became part of the attention. Some of the fans were muttering disappointments. Hibiki really didn't like this while Mikuri simply ignored with a blank look on his face.

"Hello~ Are you Hiroto Hibiki~?" Natsuki asked Mikuri cheerfully.

Mikuri shook his head and motioned to the shorter boy beside him. "No, my name is Mitsuri Mikuri. This is Hiroto Hibiki, my friend."

"Wow, isn't that great? You have another shorty accompanying you!" Natsuki exclaimed in delight while Shou made a remark not to be rude. But Natsuki simply ignored it as always and bend down to get a closer look at Hibiki. "Oh, you're from our class! I saw you before and wanted to pet you since you look a lot like Elizabeth."

"Eli…zabeth?" Hibiki inquired while not sure what to make of it. It was a girl's name.

"His pet dog," Shou responded to his question with a sigh before smiling and extended his hand. "I'm Shou Kurusu and I'll be working with you from now on. Pleased to meet you."

Hibiki decided to shrug off the 'Elizabeth' comment for now and took the hand, shaking it gently. "As you already know, I'm Hibiki Hiroto and pleased to meet you as well," he greeted back with a small bow of his head.

Meanwhile, Natsuki and Mikuri were conversing.

"What do you play?" Shou started off the conversation.

"The Cello," Hibiki replied with a small smile. "I heard that you play the violin, right?"

Shou blinked in surprise. "I do. But how o you know?"

"Word gets around with you guys and Mikuri often joins in the conversation with the other students. Then he'd tell me about it," he explained before laughing. "Why are you surprised? I thought you would know that the whole school would be talking about Starish."

"I do," he admitted while glancing around. "But I didn't think they would know about anything else."

"Girls like to dig out information like this. Some even knew that you are a big fan of Hyuuga-sensei," Hibiki pointed out.

Shou's eyes widened in shock at that. "They do?"

"Yeah," Hibiki laughed once again when Shou face palmed in embarrassment. "Why? I think it's great though. To have someone that you look up to. I'm a big fan of Tsukimiya-sensei myself," Hibiki admitted with a light blush.

"You are?" Shou asked with a hint of excitement at having found someone else who understood him before blinking again. "Wait, Tsukimiya-sensei?" he repeated as the crossdressing male appeared at the corner of his eyes, dancing as it seems.

Hibiki looked down in embarrassment and nodded. "I like the way he sings. Sometimes it was energetic and there are also times whereby it's slow and smooth. Like a girl, you know? Whenever he moves, it was graceful, like a dance. And-"

"He cross-dresses," Mikuri suddenly came into the conversation. "Especially crossdresses." He added.

"That too," Hibiki confessed.

Shou glanced at Ringo again before looking back at the two. Although he really want to remark on it, he chose not to. Because most of Ringo's fans consists of girls and all those fans whom he knew are girls, in his class anyway. Because Ringo was a role model to them, being beautiful and a strong woman at the same time. Of course, a guy in disguise too but not many paid attention to that so crossdressing was never part of the issue.

"Do you know that Hibiki crossdresses too?" Mikuri tilted his head in question while Hibiki quickly turned his head towards him in horror. "It was a time like this," Mikuri said as he fished out a picture from his pocket*.

"THAT IS SO CUTE!" Natsuki exclaimed as he inspected the picture.

"Hey, it doesn't look bad at all," Shou remarked.

"Shut up! So what if I do crossdresses?" Hibiki shouted at Mikuri with a huge blush on his face as he tried to hit other repeatedly but was held back when Mikuri put a hand on his forehead. "Let go of me!" He growled.

"Don't wanna."

And a small friendship was developed.

Sorry if it's a little short, this is all I can get through in one chapter. I'm not sure when I'll be updating this, hopefully this plot goes along well.

Once again, this is a picture of Hibiki and Mikuri - http : / / i900. photobucket. com/ albums/ ac206/ DaRkZeRoGaL/ IMG_ 08331. jpg (Remove the spaces)

*The picture Mikuri showed - http : / / i900. photobucket. com/ albums/ ac206/ DaRkZeRoGaL/ IMG_ 08341. jpg (Without the arrow things and all of course xD)

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