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It was early in the morning at around six, almost time for students to get up and get ready for class. Only that there was just one thing, no classes were held on this particular day. But most of the students were already used to waking up early and there were also those who woke up even earlier. And what's more, Hibiki Hiroto, favored this day more than anything else. but that doesn't mean he's a very morning person.

And that's how he found himself half -awake in his now shared room with Kurusu Shou.

Rubbing his eyes sleepily, he dragged his feet to the door after hearing some sort of noise from the other side. Opening it briefly, he closed to shut shortly after and stalked towards the kitchen to get himself ready, bringing his mini luggage with him.

"Why do you always take this luggage to the washroom?" Shou asked curiously some time after Hibiki had switched rooms with Natsuki.

"Oh, they are my necessities," Hibi replied with a cheerful smile.

Shou glanced at the luggage which probably contained a lot more than what he brings to the washroom whether it was for a bath or not. Hell, Shou didn't even bring a single bag into the bathroom. All he had in his hand were his clothes and stuff.

"Do you have a lot of things to use?"

"Of course I do," Hibiki spoke and opened up his luggage to reveal the contents.

The inside luggage was completely unlike the outer appearance of the luggage. It was bright pink in color and what was contained within the confines were… makeup. And many other things relating to that such as skincare as much as a girl would've used. As a crossdresser aspiring to be like Ringo Tsukimiya, Hibiki had researched every inch of the internet for beauty products. He wouldn't have any trouble to get them since he was from a well-to-do family… like ninety-nine percent of the students in this school.

"…" For once, Shou had nothing to say.

A few minutes later, it was time for Shou to wake up. He rubbed his eyes sleepily, just like how Hibiki did it, and glanced towards the other bed only to find it empty. Right, he was no longer sharing a room with Natsuki. Although Natsuki and Shou had been best friends ever since, Shou was grateful that he didn't wake up to himself wearing some sort of weird adorable outfit. Honestly, Natsuki ought to learn how to control himself.

"Hibiki, are you in there?" Shou called out to the direction of the bathroom.

"Yeah! Just give me five minutes!" Hibiki called back.

Shou shook his head. Hibiki never meant his words when it came to the amount of time he would spend in the bathroom. The last time he uttered that five minutes word, it took fifty-five minutes for the other to emerge from the bathroom. Scary, but true. And Shou usually had to end up using Mikuri and Natsuki's bathroom when he wasn't the first to use his.

"Forget it. I'll just go to Natsuki's," he announced and walked towards the door.

"Okay but be careful," Hibiki warned just when Shou opened the door. "There are tons of heart shaped presents leaning against the other side of the door."

And that's how Shou found himself at the bottom of a huge pile of presents. And it wouldn't take an idiot to find out what was the cause of this. Fourteen February; Valentine's Day. It may be any famous guy's nightmare but it was certainly every girls' dream. Said famous guy was only barely making his way out of the pile with much difficulty.

"W-Where did they come from?" Shou exclaimed frantically.

A sound of shuffling could be heard from the bathroom before he got his answer. "Isn't it obvious? They come from your fangirls."

"But why are there so many?" he complained as he moved some boxes off his back.

"That's just the amount of fangirls Starish has. I'm sure the others must be experiencing the same thing," Hibiki remarked.

"YAY! CHOCOLATES!" Ittoki cheered cheerfully while looking at the pile which landed on top of Tokiya.

"Damn… it…" Tokiya groaned from the bottom of the pile while concluding that it was useless to ask Ittoki for help.


"Ah… presents from our little lambs," Ren murmured as he took one of the boxes and brought up to his lips. The girl who gave him the present would've fainted in bliss if she ever saw that. "Exquisite and fragile. They would require lots of care."

"What am I supposed to do with these…?" Masato pondered aloud as he looked at his own pile.


"Look! This one is shaped as Piyo-chan!" Natsuki exclaimed excitedly as he held one up to show his roommate.

"Delicious," Mikuri complimented as he took one of the chocolates and munched on it even though it was not meant for him.

It took another good few minutes to get himself out of the pile. Brushing his hand through his hair, Shou looked at the pile with slight annoyance but gratefulness at the same time. He had never received so many chocolates before. It was really flattering but it would be troublesome to store or move them. Perhaps he could send them back to his home and let his family enjoy. Kaoru, for one, wouldn't mind some good boxes of chocolates.

"Do you want some?" Shou asked his roommate.

"Nope. Chocolates make me fat," Hibiki replied from the bathroom.

And Shou wasn't surprised at the answer.

"Anyway, the gang are going to bring Nanami to the amusement park today. Do you want to come along and bring Mikuri too? I think they wouldn't mind having the both of you on board. Nanami mentioned that he wanted to meet you two," Shou requested.

"Sure," Hibiki chirped. "Ah, I'm ready now!"

The door opened and what came out didn't seem to be the one Shou was talking to. It was a girl, with a high ponytail tied to the side of her head with shorter strands coming down from the back. The girl had bigger blue eyes and wore a simple white frilly dress. And another thing was that the girl looked exactly alike to the picture Mikuri had showed them of Hibiki's crossdressing look. It wasn't anything alike the models in the magazine though, but however, held some traits of a young, average teen.

"Are you… Hibiki?" Shou inquired uncertainly.

Hibiki huffed, almost seemed insulted at the question as he folded his arms beneath his 'chest'. "Of course I am. I can't believe you had to ask." Was it Shou or was Hibiki talking differently as usual. "Anyway, Valentine's Day is the day for girls to shine! And since I'm going out, the more I have to make myself presentable~"

Was his guy self not presentable?

"I've been meaning to ask, how do you manage to make yourself look like a girl? I mean, what do you use to get… everything." Shou asked.

"Oh, it's quite simple. The most basic thing you must have is makeup to change your face. Then you need to have contacts to make your eyes bigger like most girls has," Hibiki answered with a thoughtful expression. "You will also need tons of paddings for your chest. Not to mention you must have a wig and dress ready," he finished and clapped his hands together with a smile.

Nope, Shou would never understand the fun of it. The time Natsuki made him crossdress into Shouko, he was scarred for life.

The Starish group, Nanami, Mikuri and Tomochika were already at the canteen (their meeting place) when Shou and Hibiki finally arrived. Shou had to explain the amount of time Hibiki took hogging the bathroom and Mikuri understood immediately. The rest of the group did have different reactions towards Hibiki. It was the same ones whereby they first found out Ringo was a male back when they were watching television. Nanami, on the other hand, was in awe.

"Hibiki-kun is great! Tsukimiya-sensei would be proud!" Nanami remarked with a look of admiration.

The rest of the guys were unsure if they could be as enthusiastic as Nanami, save for Natsuki, Mikuri and Ittoki. But going out with Hibiki would be like going out with Ringo Tsukimiya, which they hadn't done before, of course. But nevertheless, the group still departed for their destination with conversations held during their trip.

"By the way, did you guys get the chocolates? There were A LOT!" Ittoki sounded too happy to be annoyed as he spread out his hands as emphasize.

"Yes, there was a lot," Tokiya spoke and sounded the exact opposite as his roommates.

Nanami giggled at them before facing them with an adoring smile. "The girls must have loved your performance so they decided to give you chocolates out of admiration and love. I think it's sweet for them to go through all the trouble. Oh! Speaking of that, I have one for each of you too!" Nanami finally revealed the bag she was holding that contained six boxes of chocolates inside.

"You shouldn't have gone through the trouble," Masato murmured but gratefulness could be detected in his tone.

"A present from my little lamb is everything compared to the amount I have gotten," Ren remarked and gave Namami a charming grin which made her blush. It was soon ruined when he was delivered a small kick by his roommate.

Ittoki beamed and took his chocolate. "Thank you Nanami! This is the best present ever!" he exclaimed while Tokiya simply uttered a grateful 'thank you' with an almost hidden smile.

"Thanks, Nanami," Shou thanked as he lifted up the present with a smile.

"Thank you so much, Nanami! You even got a Piyo-chan wrapping paper for mine!" Natsuki squealed in happiness as he hugged the girl.

"Y-You're welcome, everyone," Nanami stuttered nervously before turning to Mikuri and Hibiki. She bowed apologetically and held the empty bag in both of her hands in guilt. "I-I'm sorry that I didn't get you anything. I didn't know that you were coming with us…"

Hibiki looked at her in confusion. "Wouldn't it be weird for a girl to give another girl a Valentine's day present?"

"But you're a guy," Mikuri pointed out.

"Oh hush the little details," Hibiki shushed and slapped onto Mikuri's arm playfully. "Nanami-chan is really cute so she must have a lot of suitors. I heard that you were mentioned among the boys too. Do you have a boyfriend?" Hibiki asked as though she was a girl trying to get a good topic for gossip.

Tomochika laughed and shook her head. "Nanami couldn't have one even if she wanted to. There are already six best guys in the school gunning for her. They'd be shot down immediately," Tomochika teased playfully while Nanami let out a squeal of embarrassment. "What about you? Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Eh? No way. I like guys," Hibiki revealed.


"I don't know how to put it but wouldn't it be nice to have someone you can swoon over? Like a girl in love? That's what makes a girl so adorable!" Hibiki exclaimed with sparkles around him while Mikuri simply shook his head. "The feeling you get when your heart goes thump over someone you admire. Someone which you think can domina-"

"We should hurry to the amusement park," Mikuri interrupted before Hibiki could go on.


Despite Hibiki's protests, Mikuri pushed the group towards the direction of the amusement park before Hibiki could say anything else. As much innocent as Hibiki looked or seemed, his desires could be as much as a fangirl in love. And that was what Mikuri didn't want to see or let anyone experience it. It was a good thing that Hibiki hadn't found a boyfriend yet. Poor guy would be coddled over so much that he could hardly breathe.

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