AN: Hi! So me and my mate Lindsay have been writing this fanfic, which we uploaded to our collab account but we had problems with it being on there so we decided to put it up on my personal instead. We basically co write Sebastians and Blaine's interactions, be it conversations, facebook, calls, texts etc, her taking Blaine and me taking Seb, and we'll switch up writing out full chapters every so often (depending on the POV or the idea, really.) So, I hope you enjoy our first stab at a joint Seblaine fic!

For the first time.


Blaine spends most of his evenings online.

He had nothing better to do these days, with most of his friends - including his boyfriend - being seniors and preparing for both finals or their coveted solos at Nationals, his social life was currently on hold. He had not been afforded a star slot at New Direction's second attempt at the New York crown and his exams had ended a week previously, so both study group and extra rehearsals didn't fill up his time. Thus, it got spent online. It's nearing two weeks since he'd last seen or even had a conversation with Kurt, so as he logged onto Facebook that night, the status update came as a genuine surprise to him.

Kurt Elizabeth Hummel

Ladies and gentlemen… boys and girls… it is my delight to announce to all my adoring fans…. I'm going to NYADA b*tches! New York, New York, here I come!

Blaine should be grinning. He knew that. Grinning, smiling, whatever, signs of delight should be adorning his face as he read the news of his boyfriends dream coming true. But he found himself smirking at the screen. A facebook update. This is how he found out - over social networking. Why hadn't he called him? Even texted? He glanced at his phone, just in case he'd missed something. Nope. But he was being selfish, Kurt's excited and Blaine was only thinking of himself and his hurt feelings. Absolutely pathetic! He quickly typed a reply.

Blaine Anderson: HELL YEAH! I knew you would! So happy for you!

He wasn't the only one offering up his congratulations at the news, of course, but he still felt hurt as the red notification popped up with Kurt's reply.

Kurt Elizabeth Hummel: Thanks all! Love ya and leave ya! EEP!

Brilliant. He'd been lost in a sea of others - distant relatives, New Directions, kids from Spanish class, Dalton students and Warblers - despite the fact he'd helped him fill out his application and prepare for his audition, he was just one of the crowd. Finding out with the rest of the world. Kurt had assured him that they'd make it work if he did get in, but now that he had, Blaine wasn't so sure about their future. What if Kurt had only said that because he thought there was only a slim chance of him even getting past the preliminary stages of applying? Did Blaine? No, of course not. He was adamant to make the Long Distance thing work, it was only a year, and then he could join him and Rachel in New York.

Another red notification. This time, his private messages. Kurt must have been writing an excited response to him simultaneously, of course he was. Blaine began to breathe a visible sigh - one that hitched in his throat on the way out as he saw who the message was from. Not Kurt. Sebastian.

Sebastian Smythe:

Must suck. You alright?

Confused, and slightly pissed off for no reason at this unexpected "concern" from the Warbler, he hastily tapped his keyboard.

Blaine Anderson:

Uhm sorry?

Sebastian Smythe:

Your delightfully effeminate boyfriends' big announcement.

Blaine Anderson:

Yeah, it sucks he's moving away, but I'm happy for him.

Sebastian Smythe:

That's not what I meant.

Blaine raised his eyebrows that the screen, but barely had time to consider what he had meant by that when a follow up came through.

Sebastian Smythe:

The fact that you found out with the rest of the world.

… how did he?

Blaine Anderson:

Excuse me?

Sebastian Smythe:

I excuse your baffled ignorance at my talent to read people.

Sebastian Smythe:

Which in this case is just my general talent at reading my news feed.

Blaine Anderson:

Some might call that facebook stalking.

Sebastian Smythe:

What would you call it?

As usual, the boys every syllable flirted. Of course that didn't surprise him anymore. As he typed his response, he couldn't stop the sly smile creeping up the corner of his lips.

Blaine Anderson:

Sexual harassment.

Sebastian Smythe:

Good boy.

He felt slightly disturbed now, despite the fact he expected nothing more from him. Maybe it was the fact the creeping smile had turned into something someone somewhere might call a grin. Still, with that he shut the laptop, slid it under his bed and slipped under his comforter. It was only ten, but frankly, he was exhausted. No point staying awake and stressing about Kurt and Sebastian. He closed his eyes, his hands automatically clasping at a fold in the duvet that he, like every night, cuddled right in to. It felt almost like a second body, a warmth that kept his nightmares at bay, he could almost imagine that it was Sebastian, that he could hear his steady heartbeat and feel his warm breath against his neck, his fingers curling around his own while his other arm was draped protectively across his body, always pulling him closer, gripping onto him tighter whenever he felt him stir uncomfortably at night.

Wait. Blaine's eyes flew open. He was not thinking of Sebastian. No. He definitely did not imagine that was his face, his lanky legs tangled in his. No. He didn't. "You've got to be kidding me," he mumbled to himself. "This is the third time this week."

It was only Tuesday.

The thing was, there was more to Blaine spending time online than he fact he had nothing better to do. Truth was, he found Sebastian Smythe fascinating. Alluring, interesting, mysterious, self-absorbed, sure, but enticingly so. He both infuriated and excited Blaine. But Kurt didn't like them spending time together, in fact, every time he caught wind of them meeting at The Lima Bean, or at Dalton, he positively flipped. Insisted that he trusted Blaine, just not Sebastian. Yes, the Warbler was forward and didn't hide his alleged sexual attraction to him, but he was harmless. Fact was, he had the inexplicable feeling Sebastian needed a friend, and he genuinely enjoyed talking to him, so why not?

The past couple of weeks he'd kept it to Facebook and Tumblr, but at about half five in the morning he awoke from a blurry dream of warmth and softness to his vibrating phone on his bedside locker. He muffled something unintelligible into his pillow before rolling onto his side and blindly grabbing the mobile, scrambling for the answer button. "Hello?" he was mid yawn as he spoke, rubbing his eyes with his free hand.

"Blaine!" an impossibly cheerful, awake voice greeted him.

"Too loud, no, no too louud," he protested. "Shhh. Quiet. Quiet." Blaine squeezed his eyes shut, the light from the screen even too much for him to take. To say he wasn't a morning person was an understatement.

"Sorry, I didn't realise it was that early." the boys voice softened in tone, and his ears finally registered it as Sebastian's.

"Seb, why are you even out of bed? It's still dark."

"How would you know? Your eyes are still shut."

This was what was slightly creepy about Sebastian. He just knew. Everything. "Seriously, are you watching me or something?"

"You wish, Anderson." he scoffed. Blaine could just picture the smirk on his face.

"No, you do."

"Too right. Anyway, I was awfully bored, so I thought I'd call my favourite boy and see if he wanted me to swing by and bring him to The Lima Bean before school to nurse his hangover?"

"I don't have a hangover."

"Then you're either a liar or you were just having a really dirty dream." The smirk would at this stage definitely be the prominent feature of his face. It should irritate him, really, but he couldn't help but think of Sebastian's blue-green eyes lighting up, sparkling with mischief, ever teasing, lustful.

He wanted to pinch himself. He really shouldn't be thinking of him like this. But he also wanted to see him, so despite his extreme exhaustion and the chill that ran up his skin every time he tried to move from under the comforter, he agreed to let Sebastian swing by at his corner in fifteen minutes time.

Fifteen minutes proved to be a challenge. By the time he'd managed to stand up, make his way to the light switch and adjust his eyes to the new found brightness, a third of that time had passed - and then Blaine caught his reflection in the mirror. "Jesus Christ," he muttered, running a hand through his untamed black curls. He didn't have a hangover, but he sure looked like he did. If it was Rachel, or Mike, or even Kurt he was meeting for an early coffee he'd usually say stuff it, they'd just have to deal with him like this, but he knew Sebastian would really enjoy him looking like he'd had a wild night in the bushes.

But partially, Blaine also didn't want to look like a total slob in front of the no-doubt perfectly presentable Sebastian. So, he compromised with himself. He left his hair as was, but pulled on his usual attire since he was going straight to school afterwards. He hesitated for a moment, then grabbed the bottle of hair gel and stuffed it into his bag before darting out of his room, down the stairs and out the front door. His parents wouldn't miss him. Maybe not even notice he was gone.

By the time he reached the corner of his street where Sebastian had met him once or twice before, he was pretty much out of breath since he was convinced if he kept the boy waiting, he'd just drive off or something. But he saw it, the silver two-seater convertible, flashing it's headlights at him. Blaine threw up his hand in a wave as he jogged across the street and pulled the door open, popping his head in first. "Hey, stranger!"

"You sound so much more chirpy than you did on the phone, Anderson." the orange-lit face of Sebastian Smythe was smiling at him, and it had been a while since he'd seen that smile anywhere but his mind. "But you look just as adorably fuck-able. Get in."

He decided to ignore his comment, but he couldn't control the blush - he just hoped it blended in with the hue on his face from the rising, blazing sun. "The sooner you get me my medium drip, the sooner I'll be able to hold conversation."

Sebastian threw his head back in a short fit of laughter. "Oh Blaine," he winked as he turned the key in the ignition, "There's a lot I can do with you that doesn't involve conversation."

"So, Blaine, tell me. How do you really feel about Kurt moving to New York without you?" Sebastian trained his eyes on the boy opposite him over his Lima Bean styrofoam cup.

"Uh," he uncomfortably scratched the back of his neck. "Honestly, you really don't wanna hear about the troubles in my love life."

"Ah, so there's trouble." he nodded at him. Usually, Blaine would expect a smirk or an inappropriate comment here, even a wink, but nothing that suggested Sebastian wasn't taking this seriously. "Look, for what it's worth, long distance sucks. I mean, I cant imagine being with someone that you can't even see. What's the point in that?"

He gave him a look. "Have you ever been in love, Seb?"

"Have you?" he countered. This stopped Blaine in his tracks for a moment, and the boys carefully scanned each other's faces for what felt like hours. Sebastian's cocked eyebrow, challenging eyes, Blaine's hitched breath, burning cheeks. Both of them lightly drumming their fingers against the side of their cups. And then, simultaneously.



Sebastian grinned at him then. "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours."

"You know who mine is."

"Do I?"

"Yeah, I think it's pretty damn obvious."

"It is to me. What about you?"

He broke the eye contact as he took a deep slug of medium drip. "I should get going. Five cups of coffee later and I'm finally ready to face McKinley."

"Actually, I was hoping we'd take a little… adventure."

Next: Sebastian's plans don't go as he'd hoped, while Blaine struggles to deal with his increasingly intense thoughts about Sebastian.