A/N: Something to amuse my need to write short things. One hundred word prompts in X amount of days/weeks/months and here's my first one.

Summary: Ichigo's reflection on his childhood and how he always use to love anything flavored Orange.

Characters: Kurosaki Ichigo, mention of Kurosaki Masaki

Theme: Orange. Mind you, the fruit not the color.

Mood: Sorta happy, sorta thoughtful.

Pairings: None to list.

He loved oranges. The fruit, mind you. Never-mind the fact his own hair was orange! But he loved the tang of citrus on his tongue as he bit into the fruit. Even as a kid, he adored the fruit and went for a month eating only eating the orange Froot Loops for breakfast.

At least until his mom explained how eating only the orange ones wouldn't help him focus in school and help him grow big and strong enough to protect Karin and Yuzu. He stopped after that, since after all, she was his mom and his mom was amazing like that.

And the only way he would take his medicine as a child was if it was flavored orange or mixed with orange juice. Even today, he still ate an orange every morning on the way to school because he simply loved the fruit and the memories biting into it brought up.

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