Summary: He remembered when he was born as a human, even though he was now an Arrancar. Even though he had been a Hollow, he retained that one thing in his mind: The date of his birth.

Characters: Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, Shawlong Koufang, mentions of Di-Roy Rinker, Edrad Liones and Nakeem Grindina, and Yylfordt Granz.

Timeline: Before Grimmjow's personal invasion of the World of the Living.

Theme: Birthdays. Last minute chapter for Grimm's birthday!

Mood: Contemplative, curious, others.

He could count the days on the human calender to his birthday.

He could recall the day he was born in his human life clearly.

July Thirty-First.

There was no year that he could recall that could help him pinpoint his birth, therefore nothing to help him solve when he died.

There was only a month and a day, and how he physically looked.

Handsome, maybe late twenties to early thirties. About six foot one inch in height.

There could have been many people who had died that had his vague appearance, sadly, which made it a pain to figure out if he was listed among death records.

He stopped caring about his birthday after a while. Stopped thinking about it.

It was to much to think about and he had better things to do, such as try to kill a certain orange haired Shinigami.

It become another date he knew about, sadly, even though he wanted to share it with someone.

But they would call him stupid. Mock him until he blasted their heads off with a Cero.

Grimmjow let out a sigh as he stared up at the dark sky, fingers touching the mask he had on his right cheek, then the hole that hollowed out his stomach.

Perhaps he could go for a run in his Resurrección in order to blow off some steam...

Or he could stay in his chambers and mope about what use to be his life and how he couldn't remember a single thing about it.

How childish was that for the mighty Sexta in Aizen's Esapada?


He glanced over his shoulder at Shawlong, scowling. "What?"


He huffed and ignored his Fracción. "Don't need to go any where."

"Go to the Forest of Menos, Grimmjow-sama. Kill, maim, and enjoy yourself. Sitting here like a small child will get you no where."

"I don't need to go to the Forest, Shawlong. Go away."

"I beg to differ, Sir. I've already informed the Guardian of the Forest of your arrival and it would be best if you went. There's only so long he can wait before he gets frustrated enough to set a trap for you."

The blue haired Arrancar sighed and rose from his spot on the floor, body moving in a fluid motion. "Fine. But you better be ready to get your ass kicked when I get back, Shawlong. I don't need your shit."

"Of course, Grimmjow-sama." The eldest of the five Fracción Grimmjow commanded said, bowing to his lord.

"Aizen won't find me?"

"Not for a while, sir. I'll send Di Roy if he starts asking for you, however."

"Forget Di Roy. He's not strong enough to visit the Forest. Either get me yourself or send Edrad and Nakeem. Those two can work together to kill anything weaker than the Guardian. Yylfordt will piss and moan about his hair or some shit the entire time..." Grimmjow rumbled, stretching his arms and legs out, working his body so he wouldn't strain himself.

"Yes, sir." He was silent for a few moments. "Sir, if I may speak out of turn for a moment?"


"Are you thinking about that date once more?"

Blue eyes narrowed in a glare settled upon Shawlong. "What's it matter?"

"It is best not to dwell upon your human life, Sir. Forget everything you remember. Do not think about it. It's a weakness the enemy can use against you."

"YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT?! Why do you think I haven't told anyone but you about it, Shawlong?! Every single one of us would kill the person with the most memory of their human life." He shouted, voice lowering into a whisper after.

He drew his blade from its sheathe, pointing it a Shawlong's throat. "Stab me in the back and you'll be certain you'll never see the Human World again, understand? I'm not afraid to kill you."

There was a nod from the six foot three inch tall male.

Height was nothing compared to their ranks and power. Shawlong may have been taller than him by two inches (or four centimeters, if using a conversion of one hundred ninety and one hundred eighty six) but that didn't mean he could defeat him in battle easily.

"Go enjoy yourself, sir."

"I damn well will." Grimmjow murmured, using Sonído to leave him alone in the room.

Shawlong sighed and closed his eyes, basking in silence for a few moments. Hopefully, Grimmjow would come back and no longer be brooding over his old life.


A/N: BlackStorm wrote a journal about it over on dA, and I had forgotten it until like, two in the morning last night that today was Grimmjow's birthday and went to bed, forgot again, saw her journal and fanart and remembered my idea for his gift.