Summary: the Doctor has to pass judgement on Donna's clothing.

Disclaimer: I own this as much as my licence fee will allow me.

A/N: this was written in response to the Travellers' Tales prompt #59 – compliment at doctor_donna.

Complimenting A Fashion


Donna stood in the Doctor's bedroom door and contemplated him for the few seconds it took for him to notice her standing there.

Inevitably he started as he hastily calculated what his reaction should preferably be. "Hello, Donna! I didn't see you there," he decided to begin with.

"I thought not," she tightly said. "Well? What have you got to say?"

His mouth moved silently until his brain fell on an actual sound. "I erm… I thought… Yes," he eventually stuttered.

"Yes?" she echoed, clearly confused.

"Yes, I think your outfit is lovely," he quickly told her.

"You do?" she queried suspiciously.

"I do," he confirmed; warming to his subject now. "The skirt has a beautiful cut that skims your hips but doesn't hide your gorgeous legs." He threw out a hand to point out said assets, as though he was a quiz show hostess.

Donna involuntarily glanced at her legs before arching a quizzical eyebrow. "And the rest?" she asked.

"The rest…? Well, the top is wonderfully revealing, and the colour compliments your locks. So all in all I'd say the whole ensemble is a winning outfit," the Doctor enthused.

Donna's lips tightened as she held in a snarky repost. "I'm glad you approve," she forced herself to admit. After some moments she added, "You didn't mention the shoes."

"Didn't I? Oh, sorry!" he bumbled. "The shoes are… they're not quite my taste in style," he joked, trying to lighten the rebuke.

"I thought so," Donna conceded. "So, Spaceman…." She drew in a deep breath. "You know what I'm going to say now, don't you?"

The Doctor fought his urge to act sullen. "Yes, I know. You want me to strip, don't you?"

Donna merely nodded in response.

"Even if that means standing here naked before you," the Doctor continued; and Donna nodded once again.

They stood staring at each other, waiting for him to make a move, but none was forthcoming.

"And you want me to stop wearing your clothes immediately," the Doctor concluded.

Donna nodded with more enthusiasm. "Hand it over," she ordered him, beckoning a response.

He spluttered indignantly. "Even the bra? But it completes the whole effect!"

"Exactly! That's why I want it back…. Without your added padding, thank you very much!" she exclaimed wearily.

"But… but… Donna!" he whined.

"But… but… Doctor!" she mocked him in return. "God knows what Martha ever saw in you."

He blushed before replying, "She thought I was handsome and intelligent."

"Did she?" Donna asked, clearly disbelieving such a thing. "Intelligent enough to not only steal my clothing but to get caught! Yeah, you're quite a catch." Seeing his expression fall dramatically, she stepped forward and placed a consoling hand on his arm. "How about we take you shopping to get your own outfit tomorrow?"

His little face lit up. "Would you really do that? Would you come with me and help me choose?" he anxiously asked.

"Yes!" she replied, drawing out the syllable in emphasis. "That's what friends are for."

"Do you know what, Donna? You are brilliant! You're the absolute best!" he exclaimed happily.

"Supertemp!" she modestly answered; and she began to mentally compile a list of items for his expedition. As long as the end result gave her a fair amount of friendly teasing to indulge in she'd be happy. She already had an excuse worked out to take photos on her phone; he'd want to see how everything looked after all…