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Okay...for the last time...Metal Pointe

Metal Pointe EPILOGUE – EPOV

I sat at the piano and gazed out across the room through the light linen curtains, hoping to catch a glimpse of my family when they arrived.

My fingers rested on the keys, a soft melody played almost on instinct as I thought of the joy their impending arrival had on my heart … my soul.

It had been almost four years since Bella and I became husband and wife, almost ten years that I've been clean and sober, and I wouldn't ask for any of it to change.

We had to go through some rough spots … we had to learn to survive in the only way we knew how. Because now, well, now there were no obstacles for our future, nothing would ever tear us apart again.

I heard the crunch of the tires on the rocks before I spotted Bella's bright red car as it pulled to a stop.

My breath caught as I watched her laugh as she stepped into the sunlight. Her long hair sparkled with red and gold glimmers in the beams of light. Her laughter was like the most precious music to my ears, but when she smiled, that smile held my fingers in mid-air. I was too mesmerized to play another note.

She was happy, beautifully happy.

And, she was even more beautiful than I could ever have imagined as she let her happiness bathe her life, our life … us.

I couldn't fight the smile on my own face as she stepped to the back door of the car. Both back doors opened at the same time.

I blinked to hold back the tears of happiness I felt in my own life and my heart. My mind was completely blank except for the bliss I experienced in that very moment.

Bella would always be the Princess I remembered from that first day at four years old in the park, but things have changed. Oh my, have they changed.

I caught a glimpse of a copper-topped mess of hair as Riley walked around the back of the car to stand beside Bella. Their laughter continued before my wife reached down into the car to retrieve our most valuable and precious possession … our almost three year old daughter, Melody.

Their giggles continued as she gently set the pink tutu-wrapped little girl on the ground, grabbed Melody's hand in hers and made her way into the studio.

I couldn't wait to hear what all the laughter was about, as I was sure I was going to get an earful from the littlest princess.

I began to play again as I waited patiently for them to burst through the doors to greet me. Sure enough, less than a minute later, a very precocious little bundle of ballerina came sashaying through the studio door. Her hair flew behind her as she twirled across the shiny floor, hopping into my arms just before she reached the piano in the back corner.

"Hiya, Daddy," she said with a big toothy grin as she crawled up to stand on the bench beside me.

"Hello, my little princess." I leaned over for a kiss.

Her tiny little lips started at my cheek, then moved to my nose and finally puckered up extra tight to smack a kiss across my puckered lips.

Her arms came around my neck and I all I could do was sigh.

My Melody.

So special and amazing and perfectly balanced between Bella and I that it was hard to believe sometimes how much of an equal half of either of us she truly was.

"What's with all the giggles?" I asked as Riley and Bella made their way into the room.

"Mommy was telling us some names of music stuff, but Riley was laughing and making fun of them. I think it made mommy tickled." My daughter said in all seriousness as I looked around her to meet the eyes of my wife.

"Names, huh?" I said with a smile as I grabbed Melody and stood to greet Bella with a kiss, then tousled Riley's hair.

"Yep, I sure was." Bella's smile didn't give anything away, but I had an inkling I would soon find out, once Melody and Riley weren't around.

Once we'd worked things out with Carlisle and Esme, they allowed us to have a very close and natural relationship with Riley. While they would always be his mom and dad, he knew he was mine and Bella's natural child. In fact, this was something he guessed himself. It made the decision to tell him so much easier when he already knew. It took away all the fear about how he would feel when he found out.

We didn't push, but we didn't have to, he just naturally gravitated toward the both of us in different ways. His love of music no doubt came from my mom. Esme and I relished the fact he wanted to be a pianist. But I also knew that no matter what, I could and would never allow him to go down the same path I had.

So, here we were at the dance Studio Bella now owns and where I give music lessons when I'm not working on soundtracks or writing songs. Emmett had been devastated when I chose not to go on the road and become a bigger name in the industry, but he understood. He was still my manager to this day and my best friend.

Riley was about to begin his first year at the same academy Bella and I attended, but only by his own choice. After everything that had happened, Esme and Carlisle transferred back to Washington and moved to Port Angeles to be closer to all of us, especially because of Riley.

While Melody didn't know Riley was her brother, he knew she was his baby sister and took the role of big brother very seriously. She was the most protected kid on the playground, and I feared for what it would be like as they got older and boys started to come around.

Everything with Riley had not always been smooth sailing. He had gone through a rough patch where he didn't want to see either of us. That had been hard for everyone involved, but with therapy and a lot of talking, he worked it out and we all let him make the rules on his terms.

Now, it wasn't odd for him to be with either of us after school or on the weekends. Most days he chose to be in the studio, so he could play piano with me.

I loved my son with all my heart.

After a lot of heartache and long talks with Bella, our families and therapists, I truly felt the right decisions had been made out of some wrong scenarios. I still blamed Renee and that would never change. She was 100% responsible for the horrible shit both Bella and I were subjected to because of her meddling in our lives, but we rebounded and recovered.

Most importantly, we were both happy.

Neither of us had been in the right frame of mind to raise a child, nor would we have the life we have today. So, when Melody came along, it was like greatest treasure life could give us.

A new chance.

A new hope.

Our connection personified.

And now … well, now we were overjoyed a new little person would join our family, as Bella was five months pregnant. It seemed overnight her stomach just popped out with the tiniest little bit of bubble that held our baby.

I loved it.

I loved every fucking minute of it.

I couldn't keep my hands off of her and her sexual appetite was insatiable. Not that I minded at all.

Riley knew Bella was pregnant, but we hadn't told Melody yet. So, when I found out they were laughing at names, I was curious as to what Bella had found out at the doctor's office this afternoon.

Would we have another princess or another knight?

Riley had situated himself at the piano next to me and began to pick up the tune I was playing when he walked in. Of course he knew it by heart, it was Melody's song. My girls had begun to shed their extra clothes to get ready to dance before the early evening classes started to fill the studio.

"Daddy, play my song for me and Mommy to dance to, please?" She asked as she gave a little twirl, a smile and batted those eyelashes at me.

I couldn't help but laugh.

She owned me and she knew it.

How could she not with so much of Bella in her? Her mommy would always own every part of me too.

"Of course, little princess," I said and re-started at the beginning as I prolonged the intro waiting for Bella to get ready.

The tune was light and soft and so perfect for the moment we were in; sunlight beamed through the curtains, giggles floated in the air, love wrapped around us, happiness twinkled on the rays of light we all emoted.

"Black Star …" Melody's voice began to sing, Riley joined in and I just listened as they struggled over the words, timing, and to stay in tune.

My eyes never left Bella's as she twirled and danced and moved with our daughter, her tiny bump showing slightly through the soft pink fabric of her dance clothes.

Riley sat beside me, moving with grace and ease across the lower end of the keys while my fingers moved without thought.

We had survived the world by the shield of my metal sword, and we rescued each other in the moments of life that threatened to doom our lives.

But as Bella moved and began to twirl on pointe a few beats at a time, I marveled at the reflection of our lives. I watched the two of them swish around the room. Flashes of smiles, glimpses of pink cloth as it flew eloquently from their bodies as I listened to the sounds of their laughter.

We lived on a metal pointe for so many years only to now be able to hold onto those memories without fear, hurt or loss.

We had each other.

We had our children and another on the way.

We had our lives to live, together, for eternity.

I would cherish that for the rest of my life as I stopped playing and rubbed my hand over my heart.

My misty eyes met Bella's and she smiled as a tear of her own slid down her cheek.

"Forever, Knight." She mouthed and twirled.

"Always, Princess," I replied and continued to play.

Metal Pointe

Bella's POV

There were several days I would never forget. So many of them included Edward, actually all of them. The first time I met Edward, the first time I made love with him, our reunion, our first meeting with Riley, the day we got to tell Riley we were his biological parents, the first time I got to tell him I was pregnant, when Melody was born and the first time he held her. None of those days would ever be forgotten.

Edward picked Riley up and took him to the park. I had a few errands to run so I met them later. When I got to the park, Edward and Riley sat on a bench; both had their head in their hands. Both were clearly deep in thought.

"Hey guys, what's up? Everything okay here?" I quirked an eyebrow at Edward in question. I realized he looked lost. He had no idea what to say and it scared me. There was only one question Riley could ask that would cause that kind of reaction… the 'parents' question. We knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Riley had hinted at it for a little while, so we knew, we just weren't prepared, no matter how much forethought we put into it.

"Are you and Edward my real mom and dad?" Riley pulled no punches. Edward's sigh told me he had heard the question before. This had to be what caused the downcast positions I saw when I arrived. Edward and I exchanged a look and the plea in his eyes put the answer on my shoulder.

"Riley, we are. We were young and neither of us were in a position to take care of you the right way. We were both sick and needed to get healthy in order to be good enough for you. Carlisle and Esme couldn't have kids, they had tried for so many years and just couldn't. My mother gave you to them to raise while we got healthy again. For a long time, neither Edward nor I knew where you were. As soon as we did, we came to meet you and to be involved in your life." I laid a hand on his hand. "Please don't ever doubt that we loved you or that Carlisle and Esme love you as well. We have loved you with all of our hearts, but we just didn't think it was fair to take you away from Carlisle and Esme. We talked about it. We wanted to be selfish, to take you back and not care if that action hurt Carlisle and Esme. But we knew you would be the one that really got hurt. So we left you in the home you knew." Riley's face never met mine. He stared at his pants as I talked. "Again, we sacrificed for you. We love you, we always will, no matter what your address is." I took a deep breath and prayed he would believe me.

Riley's hand gripped mine and his other hand flopped over to cover Edward's as well. He looked up and his smile could blind us both. "I knew it. I have Edward's hair." He stood up and marched off to play with a few other kids that had arrived. Edward and I both let out a loud breath. All the build up and worry, and Riley took it without any difficulty.

The next day that stood out was the day I told Edward I was pregnant with Melody.

I had felt sick for a few weeks. Alice helped me see it; she talked to me and pointed out my symptoms until I recognized it for myself. I was stunned to say the least. I was sure with my history of the eating disorders it would take us so long and I had resigned myself that it might not ever happen. So to see it had, was a true miracle in my eyes. I couldn't wait to tell him. Now, how was I going to break the news to him?

Alice had helped me paint 'Precious Cargo' on my still flat stomach, and I covered it with my regular clothes. We went to dinner and laughed. It was a fun night. We both felt so carefree and light. We laughed and snuggled with each other all evening. It was like he knew something big had happened for us, even before I told him.

"Edward, take me home. I have a surprise for you and then I want you to make love to me." His eyes darkened and he pressed the button to unlock the doors to our car. Our ride back to the house was quiet but not suffocating, it was pleasant. We both listened to the jazz that flowed out of the speakers of the stereo and held hands. I couldn't stop touching him. His skin felt so warm, and I felt protected by him as we drove through the dark streets together. I also couldn't wait to tell him.

When we stepped foot in the house, he spun on me and asked, "So, what's this great surprise?" I backed away from him and up the stairs.

"Nuh uh, music boy, you have to guess, no getting out of it this time." I pulled his hand up the stairs behind me.

"Did you buy me a dog?" he asked, his eyes were so full of hope.


"Did you buy me a Vanquish?" he asked again.


"Did you win the lottery?" His last attempt at a guess. When our feet hit the upstairs landing, he had started pulling my clothes off to distract me. He had no idea he played right into my hands with his evasion tactics.

"Nope." I moaned this time because he had begun to kiss along my shoulders and neck from behind. I took his large hand and placed it across my flat stomach so he could feel the paint I wore for him. His finger brushed across it a few times before he tried to look down over me in order to see it.

"What's this, baby?" He turned my body as he spoke. I held my breath. This was it, he would know in a few seconds. I focused on his face as he took in the words on my stomach.

His eyes bugged out, his mouth fell open and tears formed at the corners of his eyes immediately. There was never a question as to whether Edward would be happy about this baby. I knew he would be ecstatic; it was a question of how much pampering I could take for nine months.

"Really, Bella, really?" I nodded my head and felt the tears that now swam in my eyes as well. "Really, you and me, we're gonna have a … baby?" The word rolled off his tongue so easily, but it sounded so worshipful and sacred as he spoke it. I was blown away by the depth of his love for our child already. "Oh, Bella, I can't … I mean … I'm a dad?" The tears ran from his eyes and he made no attempt to wipe them away. Instead he dropped to his knees and kissed my stomach. He talked to our baby and held me so close. It was a tight grip but not one that even came close to hurting me or our baby.

I was right about the pampering and overprotective part. It made me snicker out loud and of course, Riley and Melody heard me.

"Whas so funny, Momma?" Riley had given her chocolate, so her mouth had a dark ring around it when I looked back at her.

"Nothing, baby, just remembering how anxious daddy was for you to arrive and be with us," I replied.

My first contraction hit me at exactly midnight and the next one happened seven minutes later. His face was wide-eyed and scared to death. He grabbed the pregnancy book and paced as he looked back and forth across the chapter about labor. His lips moved as he read and muttered over and over, 'too fast, this is not like the book at all'. I just chuckled and waddled around getting my things together. Finally, he abandoned the book and rushed around the house as he grabbed crazy things to take with us to the hospital. He also called his mom … three times in the time it took her to get her robe and slippers on and walk over to our house. He was a wreck. It was probably a good thing he was so frantic as it kept me focused on what I had to do and not on how totally terrified I was.

Elizabeth drove us to the hospital and nurses met us right beside the ER entrance. The night was a blur to me, a blur of activity, as soon as one person would leave my room another would enter and do something else to me. Edward was the picture of perfection as soon as we got to the hospital. He did everything he was told. He held my hand, he kissed my cheek, he counted and he cried when our daughter was born. From that day forward, he was attached to her. And she attached to him.

I drove to the studio and listened to Riley and Mel talking to each other. I was more than touched by their bond as well. Riley, of course, knew Mel was his sister. Mel did not know a single thing about it all. She just knew her 'Wiwe' was important to her. It meant more to both Edward and I that they were close.

And I can't lie and say when I found out I was pregnant again I didn't hope with all my heart we would have a boy this time around. I just wanted this for Edward, not that it mattered to him, he would love our baby no matter what its sex was. I knew this.

I pulled in to the studio and laughed at Melody and Riley tease me about musical terms. Edward came to the door to greet us. As a group, the three of them drifted back in and I watched their interaction. It was perfection. I thought about the elaborate plan for tonight, how I would tell Edward the sex of our child. I decided that it was not us. We were sweet and to the point, nothing elaborate would do. So, I changed my mind and marched into the studio behind them with a smile on my face.

Edward and Riley played Melody's song and she danced. Riley, Edward and Melody all sang together as the music played. I danced around and watched the three of them. I stopped when I saw Edward's eyes on me through the reflection of the mirrors along the wall.

I mouthed, "Always, Knight."

And he replied as he continued to play, "Forever, Princess."

I sauntered over to the piano and stood beside Edward. I placed on hand on his shoulder and the other on my stomach, when he looked up at me, I mouthed, "It's a boy." His hands stopped on the keys. Riley continued, but Edward stood and took me in his arms. We danced gently to the music Riley played and Melody joined us.

At one point in time, I would describe our life as a metal pointe, but now I would say the pointe had melted and slowly morphed into a gentle slope that allowed us to dance off into the sunset together.

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