This is my first fan-fic. hope you like. R&R plz! (criticism is very appreciated)

This is just the prologue so i know it's pretty short.

'Why not?' I yell at Jeremy.

'It's too dangerous and I'm not risking any of your lives to help someone who doesn't want our assistance,' Jeremy replies back calmly and evenly.

'So you're willing to just sit back and watch innocent people die because our help hasn't been asked for?'

'Lia, I have made up my mind. We are not going anywhere to help and that's final.' Jeremy snaps. 'You won't go and try to help either. That's an order.'

'You are not the boss of me,' I say.

'No I'm not, I'm your Alpha.' Jeremy turns to leave the study.

'Not if I leave,' I whisper.

Jeremy spins round to face me, shock on his face. Ever since I had left the Coven to join the Pack I had never even thought of leaving. But this was different, innocent people were dying and we could do something, if only Jeremy would let us.

'Do you want to leave?' asks Jeremy, his expression composed again and his voice steady.

I shrug. 'Let me go, please.'

'I won't let you risk your life, you are not going.'

'Then I guess I no longer belong here,' I meet Jeremy's gaze before brushing past him.

'Walk out that door now and you won't be welcome back,' Jeremy's voice warns me as I reach for the front door handle.

'Fine, I'll go pack first.'

A low growl comes from Jeremy's study. Did he just growl? Jeremy doesn't do that, not now not ever. I shake my head and go upstairs to pack my stuff.

Half an hour later and I'm gone. Stonehaven has disappeared behind me. It's over, I'm no longer Pack. I take a deep breath as I board my plane to Orlando, to my new home.