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About the Fic : Its an AU , and not following the storyline at all. Its a Snarry so if it bothers you then turn away. There will be other Slash pair like Sirius/Remus , and i'm debating if i should pair Ron with Draco or Harmione. Its 7th year and Harry is attending school, again its an AU , and sorry for the OOCness.

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Chapter 1: Harry Potter the boy who ... turned wolf?

Harry leaned up against the large trunk of the tree gasping for air. He gripped his wand tightly and closed his eyes for a few seconds.

This can`t be happening to me! I should have stayed. I should have stayed and eaten at the thanksgiving feast but no!

He looked around trying to see something that might be able to tell him how far away Hogwarts was from where he was. He was tempted to cast a lumos to see just where he was but feared they might see.
I can feel them close by but just what are they?

He took a few steps forward, leaving the support of the tree behind him. His hand, which clutched the wand tightly, moved in front of him in a defensive stance. He slowly turned around in a circle and a light caught his attention. It was faint and silvery, but it was there.

His mind moved through many scenarios explaining the light but none of them made sense.

Unless Ron or Hermione decided to check up on me and realized am not in bed and told someone? But I haven`t been gone long enough... Snape! If anyone has noticed that I`m missing it would be him!

Harry rushed towards the light with the hope that someone was actually searching for him. He stopped immediately. There was nothing but more trees and a lake. Harry licked his lips realizing how thirsty he was. He moved taking slow steps toward the lake.

Maybe my luck is changing. This has to be a good sign.

A howl echoed through the forest.

Harry froze as he heard another howl, this one seemingly closer then the last. Harry cursed softly under his breath and looked up at the sky. The moon shined beautifully under the clear dark sky above him almost mocking him. He stared at it and cursed at it again. A twig snapped and he pointed his wand at the direction. His heart raced as he first noticed a pair of glowing yellow eyes, then emerging from the shadows a grey and black haired wolf stepped out and growled.

The wolf walked slowly out but Harry focused his wand at it and it stopped. A snarl crossed its face and Harry noticed its fur was tainted in blood. The wolf took a step forward and Harry took one back shifting the wand slightly.

Don`t panic just cast the spell… Don`t panic.

Harry opened his mouth ready to cast a spell when the wolf growled in warning.

All those hours training with Snape and I get eaten by a wolf... Training with Snape...

He took a deep breath; he wasn`t going down without a fight. The wolf launched itself towards Harry.


The spell hit the wolf while it was in midair and slammed him against a tree.


Harry turned around and saw Professor Snape followed by a wolf with brown fur and a black dog leading the run towards Harry. Harry couldn`t help the frown the fell on his face.

I rather face that wolf again then face those 3... No doubt that I'm getting detention for the rest of the year.

He watched as the black dog took form of his godfather, Sirius Black.

"What the hell were you thinking? Leaving Hogwarts on the night of a full moon is a stupid stunt to pull!"

Harry was surprised at how serious his godfather sounded and he almost looked scary ... Almost.

"I stopped the wolf ... I don`t need to be watched over 24/7 I can handle myself quite well"

The stern look on his godfather face vanished and in its place was a grin. Snape, however, didn`t look very pleased.

"You got lucky Potter, the wolf here and your dogfather were fighting it before it caught your scent. This was a stupid move even for a Gryffindor. Are you really that stupid or didn`t you notice the full moon?"

Harry didn`t have time to answer the question since Sirius turned around and stood in front of the Potion Master poking his chest .

"Dogfather? Look you greasy bastard -"

"I rather be greasy then a mangy mutt!"

"Take that back you snarky Slytherin!"

"In your dreams you pathetic Gryffindor"

Remus stepped in between the two and let out a long growl. It seemed to go unnoticed by the two rivals as they continued to taunt each other. Harry just stood back and shook his head.

Those two will never get along.

There was a change in the air that caused the hair on Harry`s neck to stand on its ends. They all seem to notice it as they fell silent and looked at Harry`s direction.

The next moments happened so fast that Harry blinked, turned and came face to face with the wolf everyone seemed to have forgotten. Harry`s arm moved itself in a defensive stance once again but the wolf was faster and snapped at it latching on to his arm. Remus was the first to move as he leapt up in his wolf form and tackled the wolf down and away from Harry before causing any more harm.

The last thing Harry saw before the darkness swept over him was Remus biting quickly into the other wolf`s neck.


"Was Harry turned?" Snape looked at the ground as the Headmaster asked the question. Not knowing how to answer he straightened himself in the chair and stared at Fawkes, who was perched on the Headmaster shoulder. Albus looked at the two men sitting in front of him, both obviously avoiding his question. Sirius was pale and shaking, whether it was from anger or fear, Albus wasn't sure.

"Is there a chance that Harry was – "

Sirius stood up from his seat interrupting Albus.

"He was bitten Headmaster, Harry was bitten!"

Albus nodded and looked at Snape as Sirius took to pacing the office. He reached up and ruffled Fawkes feathers.

"You boys need to relax, things could always be worse. We should be thankful that Harry is alive and well".

Sirius stopped his pacing and looked at the Headmaster. He nodded and smiled at the Headmaster.

"Your right, besides its Harry I'm sure he's fine. Knowing him, he won't even change. Remus mentioned something like that once… He said not all those who are bitten turn ".

Snape frowned.

Not all who are bitten turn?

"Are you honestly that stupid? It's Potter we're talking about. He's the poster boy for "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" You honestly think that he's going to walk out of this unaffected? Potter isn't some god, He's a boy".

He stood up and walked out of the office.